Men Are Getting Their Penises Zapped To Keep It Up

The more men have a hard time getting it up, the more science finds ways to help them keep it up. Yay! By the time men are 40, 40% of them experience ED, or Erectile Dysfunction, with 50% by age 50, 60% by age 60 and 10% by each decade, so basically, by the time a guy reaches 90, his dick is done.

Even men under 40 can experience performance problems due to stress, anti-depressants, and yes, watching way too much porn that by the time they get with a real woman they can’t get it up. But wait! To the rescue is medical science, now known as “sexual medicine,” with a new device that zaps the deadened dong and brings it back to life. Now even a 90-year-old can have the dick of a 19-year-old.

The shocking new treatment uses low acoustic sound waves that stimulate the tissues and red blood cells in the peen. The treatments, of which a series of 6-12 are needed, cost around $3,000 and are not covered by insurance. And the good news; the treatments are painless. I mean, who wants to hurt their money maker; the idea is to help the thing do its job.

According to urologists, for some men, the effects of Viagra are not effective after using it for a few years, and this an alternative that improves circulation “in all the right places.” The treatment, called GainsWave is being used by a growing number of urologists and MD’s across the country to treat men of all ages. Most men who get their “dick done” report greater sensitivity, better erections, and bigger, better orgasms.

Currently GAINSWave therapy is now offered by over 250 physicians. The sound waves reduce micro-plaque in tiny blood vessels. The protocol was developed by doctors to ensure that trained doctors are providing treatment under uniform guidelines for safety and consistent results. Each procedure takes about 25 minutes and is non-invasive. To find an MD or urologist who does the procedure in your area, check out the GainsWave site.

How it’s done:
• A numbing cream is applied and a hand-held applicator is used to apply sound waves to the targeted areas in a specific pattern. 
• The pulsating waves improve blood flow and help to clear plaque in the vessels. 
• The GAINSWave procedure has little or no known side effects and is an in-office treatment taking 20 – 30 minutes. Most men will receive a series of  six to 12 treatments over a period of several weeks. 

A satisfied patient gives the thumbs up to keepin’ it up.

Photos courtesy of gainswave.

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