Tinder Stock Surges Due To Two New Features

Tinder stock had a surge in price this week, apparently due to two new features. “Tinder Select” and the new “Super Like” features have created more interest in the dating app than ever before.

It seems that people are willing to pay a little bit more for “Super Liking” someone and getting Super Liked back, and are willing to shell out for the chance to meet celebrities and people who are actually employed, successful, and interesting. (In contrast to the dating site “Plenty of Fish” which has been nicknamed “Plenty of Losers.”)

According to Wall Street’s Barron’s Next, “The chance to find love on Tinder is also stimulating interest in its parent company’s stock Match Group.” Match’s stock was up 5.5% this week.

“Tinder’s improved standing in iOS “grossing” app rankings suggests that the company added significantly more paying members in the past quarter than Wall Street has been expecting,” says Barron’s. (Placement in app Annie’s rankings tend to correlate with growth in paid-member additions.) Wall Street analyst Samuel Kemp, of the firm Piper Jaffray, doubled his estimates to 340,000 for the quarter, ahead of Wall Street’s projections.”

The idea of Tinder Select seems pretty great. Users report that they’ve suddenly been getting super liked by people they can’t believe are super liking them. “I’ve been getting a whole new level of person interested in me,” wrote one Tinder Select user. The only problem is getting selected to become a Tinder Select user. You have to either be personally selected and invited by Tinder itself, or a current Tinder Select member has to invite you. Good luck with that. (We promise if we get invited we’ll invite you.)

There doesn’t seem to be a way to “apply” to get on Tinder Select, so getting into Tinder’s VIP room with the velvet ropes remains a mystery. According to Business Insider,”It could have something to do with your “Elo score,” or a secret rating of desirability, based on the number of people who swipe right on you and other metrics.” The reporter who tried it said it didn’t look much different from Tinder, except that he woke up to 20 Super Likes. So who wouldn’t want to pay a little extra for super likeability?

“Adding to Kemp’s optimism is the fact that Tinder appears to doing a good job of adding paid members even before it begins rolling out a new interface and new features for its paid members, which is expected to happen later this year,” adds Barron’s. “He raised his price target to $23, 23% higher than current levels.”

And if all else fails and you don’t get an invite, at least you got a good stock tip.

The coveted Tinder Select invite.

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