Speed Dating For The “Well Hung” Pops Up in NYC

Ladies: Looking for a guy with a monster penis? “Hung Speed Dating” is a new speed dating night in New York City for women looking for “larger than average” dates. I mean dongs.

The organizers are looking for daters who are “7 inches and above” and the size queens who love them. “Male attendees are packing 7 INCHES AND BIGGER and are anything but average,” say the venue’s organizers. “What are the key indicators?” They ask. “Height? Big hands? Big feet? There’s no sure-fire formula and unfortunately, we can’t just straight up ask on a first date without coming across as only wanting one thing. We therefore “date”, hoping, anticipating, and unfortunately, more unfortunately, more often than not, end up finding out with weeks or even months invested that the guy comes up WAY short.” Don’t even think about going to this thing if your thing is a teenie weenie.

On Speed Dating was created for “socially confident, city-dwelling singles” with events “themed around people’s dating “dealbreakers” including heights, political views, lifestyles, hair color, body types, professions, interests, and hobbies,” they say. The speed dating events are now held in New York City and Austin, Texas, and will be coming soon to Los Angeles. Other events included “Silver Fox Gay Dating,” where guys can find “sexy, older men who tend to be more mature, worldly, and experienced.” A “Rescue Me” event featured hot firefighters and EMS workers. “Mix and mingle with New York’s bravest” read the flyer.

There is also “Geek Dating,” “Short Dating”, “Tall Dating,” and “Younger Men/Older Women,” where the women are over 35 and the men are 28-34. My “over 75-year-old” Mom wants to go to that one.

In 2008 founders Amber Soletti and Carmen Di Re were “living the single life in NYC” and after experiencing a “first-hand a major gap in services for successful, single professionals,” they decided to introduce their own “unique singles’s events.” “Having spent our careers as executives in the business world (he in tech, she in beauty marketing) they “created a way for singles to find exactly what they are looking for, on their terms.”

Co-founder Amber got lucky and ended up meeting her man on a “Size Matters” speed dating event for tall people. He is 6″6. There is someone for everyone.

The next “Hung” event is Saturday, July 28th at the Watering Hole, 106 E 19th Street, New York, New York, 10003. Men are charge $40.00 and women $30.00. It’s going to be huge.

Photo: WikipediaCommons

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