Pheromone Jewelry by Eye of Love & Dr. Ava Cadell

As a sexologist, I get asked all the time if it’s possible to create chemistry. Whether it’s a long term couple craving that initial attraction that brought them together, or a single person who’s wondering how to get more dates, everyone is searching for that magic feeling of fascination that feels like love.

To get a new person attracted to you, we all know that eye contact is a potent trigger, as it activates the brain’s reward center and releases oxytocin, the feel-good chemical that’s discharged when you feel bonded with someone physically and emotionally. And visuals in general let you know if you like the person’s face, body or sense of style. But to get this new person hooked on you (or hooked all over again), you need to trigger desire through the strongest of senses – smell. A heady fragrance mixed with attention-attracting pheromones is the ideal combination.

With these needs in mind, I teamed up with pheromone experts Eye of Love, to create visually stunning jewelry sprayed with pheromone perfume that comes in a variety of fragrances. The After Dark fragrance blends jasmine, lily and white chocolate for a sweet, intense mood while Morning Glow is more fruity-floral with citrusy apple blossom, freesia and violets.

Pheromones themselves are odorless chemicals released by our bodies that trigger a social response in others. They are scientifically proven to make us more approachable and appealing. I’ve been talking about them for decades, and included them years ago in my Aphrodisiacs course.

One of my Loveology University® graduates, Tamara Bell (founder of the Home Pleasure Party Plan Association), told me I had to try Eye of Love pheromones since I was finally starting to date again since my husband passed away three years ago. They sent me some samples of all their fragrances and I chose one called Seduce, which I sprayed behind my ears, on the inside of my wrists and my clavicle. Then I went out to a party and definitely got results. I found I was approached more often than ever before by men, young and old, good looking and not-so good looking. In fact I thought maybe I put on too much!

I reached out to Eye of Love to let them know about the success I had wearing their pheromones. Our conversation was so inspiring that we decided to meet and work together to develop a line of pheromone induced jewelry.

The jewelry is for men and women and comes in silver or gold, with seven pieces to choose from including a pear-shaped pendant necklace, a two-tiered chain necklace with two lava spheres, dog tag necklace and fully beaded bracelets that come in both men’s and women’s sizes. The men’s size beaded bracelet also works perfectly as an anklet for women.

Dogtag Necklace

They all feature lava rock, a black on black ultra cool-looking stone that’s porous, so it soaks in the pheromone-infused perfume well. Lava rock is one of the oldest and most abundant stones that possesses energetic qualities. When sprayed with the pheromones, it acts as a fragrance diffuser that becomes a powerful attracting force. They’re also vegan and never tested on animals!

Independent studies have been conducted at leading universities worldwide, such as Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Chicago and the Karolinska Institute, one of Sweden’s oldest medical schools have shown that pheromones do have a profound effect on human behavior.

Consequently, pheromones can help others to see you as more open, attractive, charismatic, and easy to talk to. They can facilitate conversations, interest and create enhanced friendly feelings. So, give yourself the gift of powerful attracting jewelry whether it’s a bracelet or necklace and get an unfair advantage, drawing people to you like bees to honey!

Pheromone Bead Bracelet can be worn as an anklet too.

Learn more here and enjoy your new attraction!

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Dr. Ava Cadell is America’s #1 Sexpert as a Clinical Sexologist, Sex Counselor, Founder of Loveology University & President of the American College of Sexologists International. Author of 9 books including the upcoming Sexycises by Sexperts: Intimacy Through Yoga, Dr. Ava is also a sought after media therapist & global speaker; her mission is to empower people to overcome sexual guilt & shame so they can enjoy the benefits of healthy, sexual relationships.