January Is The Year’s Most Throbbing Month For Online Dating

Its that time again; the first of the year when people realize they aren’t getting laid nearly enough. For single people, January is going to be the biggest day in dating according to industry experts, with many predicting a 70% increase in users.

Melissa Hobley, CMO/Chief Marketing Officer/Sexy Boss Lady of OKcupid told us that the dating site now has over 60 million users, so out of all those people there has to be one person you can stand.

So what make OKcupid different from the other dating sites? Having things in common, she says. “We believe in matching on what matters, whether its politics, or Game of Thrones.” The questions on the site “help determine deal breakers and deal makers,” allowing you to find better dates,” she says. “January is truly the best time. We see a huge surge in great people looking for love this time of year–people who care about what you care about.” And its true, the more stuff you have in common with someone, the more time you spend getting along with them, then getting it on with them.

Here are some dating tips from OKCupid, based on their user’s statistics and feedback:

  • Saying “hey” in a first message is almost equivalent to saying nothing — this greeting has an 84% chance of being completely ignored.

  • Photos that include animals are 3x more likely to get attention.

  • Women are 2.5x more likely to get a response than men if they initiate the conversation.

  • 5pm is the the time of day most users are on.

  • Increase your likes by up to 3x when you log in everyday.

  • Sunday is the most successful day to plan dates for the week.

  • Many apps make your profile dormant if you don’t go on for more than two weeks, meaning they stop showing you people.

Dating Profile Tips:

  • Update, Update, Update!

    • An estimated 1 in 3 dating app users don’t update their dating app profile once they put it up — but if you add a new photo or a new story, most dating apps treat you like a new person and the algorithm kicks into gear, showing you to MORE people.

  • Upload a variety of photos (more than just selfies.)

    • Share photos that show what makes you, you- whether that’s volunteering, running marathons or hanging out with friends.

    • Here’s the secret — you want to make it easy for that other person out there to reach out about the photo and say “I went to New Zealand last month too and loved it! Did you go to Wellington?”

  • Show don’t tell.

    • Instead of describing yourself with a long list of adjectives, talk about the things you love and enjoy doing. If you love dogs; show a picture with you and Fido in the park; if you’re an adrenaline junkie, mention the time you went skydiving; if you’re funny describe the time you made everyone laugh with your maid of honor toast.

    • OkCupid’s essays are a perfect place to show potential matches these aspects of yourself.

  • Answer questions.

    • The more OkCupid questions you answer, the more accurate your matches will be.

    • Plus, you’ll learn a lot more about yourself and what you’re looking for in the process.

  • Put time and energy into it.

    • We hear from thousands of people — “oh it’s so hard, I never find anyone!” And then when asked how much time and effort they put into it their profiles, it’s 5 minutes a week! Dating is FUN! But don’t forget you get out of it what you put into it, so put some love into finding love.

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Anka Radakovich is a legendary Sex Columnist, Certified Sexologist, Sex Therapist, Sex Educator, Screenwriter, and Author of the new book THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, PART 2, Tales from New York to Hollywood. THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, Part 2 is her third book. Her first two books, The Wild Girls Club; Tales from below the Belt, and Sexplorations; Journeys to the Erogenous Frontier were both published by Crown/Random House. She was the Sex Columnist for DETAILS Magazine for 9 years and is currently a Sex Columnist for BRITISH GQ and writes the weekly "Ask Anka"/"Sexual Healing" column for Brides.com. Her writing has appeared in dozens of magazines including Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Men's Journal, Seventeen, Glamour, and Maxim. She has appeared on numerous television shows including 8 appearances with Conan O’Brien. She was a Jeopardy question under the category “Men’s Mags.” As a Sex Educator and Sexologist, she is a college lecturer at Universities throughout the country who offers her unique brand of sex education. Follow her on Twitter @ankarad.


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