“Tempt The Ocean” by Agnès de Savigny – FREE Book Excerpt

This spicy page-turner from new author Angnès de Savigny has it all. Spine-tingling adventure, fun to follow characters, heart-racing romantic suspense – and let’s not beat around the bush here – incredibly hot sex.

Books usually sit on my nightstand for weeks on end, but I finished this juicy romp in just a few sittings because I had to know whether this rogue French sailor was a good guy or a bad guy and whether my heroine was going to make it out alive! And okay, the steamy scenes in between the political intrigue are also truly irresistible.

Imagine my delight when Ms. de Savigny said yes to posting an excerpt! Sneak this onto your lover’s kindle for Christmas and let the fireworks begin.


Tempt the Ocean‘s reluctant heroine is plucked from the self-isolation of her apartment and thrown into a harrowing sailing adventure down the west coast of Africa. She puts her life in the hands of Xavier, a handsome sailor with a mysterious past who battles his own demons. The heroine begins to question her trust of Xavier and the wisdom of her decision in the face of high seas pirates, slave traders, corrupt island magnates, jealous lovers, Canadian bureaucracy, and an evil nemesis with a hideous scar. Ultimately she must learn to trust her own wits and will to survive.

Excerpt from “Tempt The Ocean,” Courtesy of the Author

Tempt the OceanI could hear Xavier’s muffled voice coming from the cockpit above me. He was speaking rapid French. He was much more animated when speaking his native language than when he spoke English to me. I assumed he was talking on his mobile—he spoke on his phone whenever he had the time. I was surprised he could still get a signal even though we were only a hundred or so miles off the coast of Africa. But maybe it wasn’t a great signal, given that he was shouting, and saying ‘pardon?’ a lot. I heard him swear in exasperation and slam the phone down. Then it was quiet.

I never did get to sleep, and when Xavier came to get me for my watch I was already dressed in the rain gear. He had made the offer to sit with me in the cockpit for a bit at the start of all my shifts, since the night the radio traffic had spooked me. I looked forward to those moments when our duties overlapped, and we could let our minds wander in lackadaisical conversation. Xavier had other ideas this time. He was more tired than I was, and kept the talk sweet but brisk. I invited him into some easy exchange but he was more interested in finding a pillow. I let it go.

There were no mysterious voices during either of my watches that night. The excitement emerged instead as a drop-dead gorgeous sunrise at the end. The sky lightened and glowed pink as the stars faded. The early morning hue covered the distant clouds with a candy coating. As the sun itself began to poke up on the horizon, Xavier appeared at the doorway, hair disheveled like it was when I first met him. He rubbed his eyes and stubbly cheeks with his slender fingers. He was no longer wearing his rain gear—he stood completely nude. He leaned against the doorframe with his arms crossed, skeptical about the sight of me curled up on my side along the ivory bench seat, half asleep.

Through semi-closed eyes I watched his effortless steps cross the cockpit lounge, where he tucked himself into the space at the crook of my waist.

“You’re naked,” I mumbled, stating the obvious.

“And you are not,” he replied, playing with the voluminous fabric of my borrowed rain pants. “How’s the sailing?”

I could tell he was goading me. I twisted my shoulders flat to get a better look at him.

“Everything’s fine,” I promised, reaching to touch his naked leg in a gesture of assurance. I knew there were no boats anywhere around us—I’d just looked.

He sat back against me, surveying the horizon. He stretched one arm out across my legs as if they were the back of the bench seat. Without looking he picked up my assuring hand with his other one and kissed it warmly.

“Aren’t you hot in all this rain gear?” he challenged, his attention now on the heavy sleeve of my jacket.

“No,” I said, tightening the jacket around me. It was still early and the light morning wind had a chill to it. Never mind I was too sleepy to move much. I was also self-conscious about having nothing on underneath, despite the events of the previous afternoon.

Our eyes locked in an unspoken stand-off. He still had my hand in his and, as if not to startle me with any unexpected moves, lowered it slowly to the seat. He shifted his leg to pin my hand underneath his thigh. He took advantage of my dismay as a distraction and caught me completely off guard for his follow-up move. He grabbed my free hand, which had been casually resting across my waist, and held it against the back of the seat with a firm grip while his resting arm appeared from nowhere to pull down the zipper of my rain gear.

“No!” I shouted in surprise, although I was laughing. I easily slipped my pinned hand out from under his bare leg and grabbed at his wrist to stop him from completely unzipping me. He was already half way down by the time I got a good hold and though I made the unzipping more difficult for him, his strength made my effort virtually futile. By the time he had reached the buckle near the bottom of the inflatable life-jacket, I was merely holding on to enjoy the sensation of his muscles flexing under my fingers. I didn’t even notice him let go of my other hand when he needed both of his to undo the harness.

“Success!” he giggled at me, pushing back the lifejacket to get through the last of the jacket’s zipper. He folded back the front of the rain gear, peeling me like the soft ripening fruit I was.

“You are naked!” He imitated me. His hand generously caressed my freshly exposed belly. He grinned at me as his hand moved to warm each breast with a gentle knead. I returned his smile, allowing him his small victory.

He relaxed against my middle, stretching his arm back out across my hips. I rested my hand back on his bare leg, enjoying the sensation of his muscles working to counterbalance the boat’s constant motion.

“I must get to the business of sailing my boat,” he teased with a shrug, abandoning his initiation of my arousal. I could see when he stood up that he was abandoning his own as well. He indicated the console at the end of the cockpit. “I will be over there, if you care to get up and join me.”

I cursed his tight ass as he moved away from me.

I struggled upright with great difficulty, letting the jacket and harness slip off behind me. Goose bumps rose from my naked skin at the cool ocean breeze, pinching my bare nipples into upright perkiness. I knew, even though I did not look to confirm it, that he was watching my every move.

I attempted a graceful stagger to the console, bracing myself along the bench seat for balance. Xavier reached out to me with one hand when I came close enough, and pulled me into a tight embrace. The cold console wheel grazed the skin of my back, sending light shivers up my spine. I snuggled closer to Xav.

I wrapped myself around him, drawing heat against the morning breezes that caressed us from the sea. I tilted my head up and met his lips—warm, wet, and salty. We let our tongues play together in a pretense of devouring each other. I slid my hands down the hard lines of his back to the muscles of his ass and squeezed. His own hand caressed the small of my back before continuing across the dimple at the base of my spine. He paused a moment to snap the elastic waistband of the rain pants with a chuckle before sliding his hand under to curve over the arc of my bare ass beneath.

“What about those pants?” he taunted. He slipped his fingers between my legs and slid them up the middle as far as they would go.

“Stop it!” I squealed with a grin. My fingers dug into his taut butt cheeks. He eased his teasing and slid his hand out. I relaxed in the lull, fully aware of the wet heat that was left between my legs where his hand had been.

He pulled back, gazing at me with those ocean-deep eyes. He had a hard time breaking away to scan the horizon.

About The Author


Agnès de Savigny has lived and worked in England, Canada, France, and Mexico.

She has travelled to every continent except Antarctica, and dipped her toes in every ocean except the Arctic.

Her casual adventures have taken her sailing across both the Atlantic and Indian oceans, horseback riding on the beach in New Zealand with a hot cowboy, salsa dancing in Granada with a hot Venezuelan instructor, and playing drums in Zanzibar with a group of hot musicians.

She has flirted around the globe.

When not gallivanting around the world or making up stories about tortured romantic souls, she can be found at home cuddling with kittens and/or her sweetheart.

Buy her book Tempt The Ocean on Amazon here.

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