Excerpt: Erotica for the Slightly Adventurous Man by Mandi James

Excerpt: Erotica for the Slightly Adventurous Man by Mandi James

Roger suffers from Everyman’s problem: how do I come across as a good guy just wanting some female companionship, and not a creep?

Enter Mandi, the answer to that centuries’ old question: good-looking, experimental, non-judgmental. A woman who knows what she wants—but what she doesn’t want right now is a relationship.

Just some quality time with the right man.

This six short-story collection introduces Mandi and Roger, a not-friends-with-benefits couple who see each other on a needs-only basis.


Excerpt (from the short story THE MEETING)

“My name is Mandi and I am addicted to public sex,” I say quietly, brushing my red-blonde hair from my eyes. I’m looking down, trying to appear demure, but already I’m beginning to feel the urge.

grab-cover“Hello Mandi,” the group replies. They look uncomfortable sitting on those dreadful 70s collapsible folding chairs. Weighty grey things scraping the floor as people straggle in with their coffee and tea. Quiet choruses of “excuse me” and “not a problem” intersperse with the din of shifting chairs and padded thunks of bottoms on seats, bags on floor. I’m so bored. I just want to fuck. Is that so much to ask?

I am at a Nympho Anonymous meeting. I am kidding, of course. There’s a more genteel moniker. But here is where I am this evening, looking for you. I don’t know who you are yet, but I will know you when I see you. I confess I’m not quite ready to reach sexual sobriety and am counting on you to be right there with me.

“I’m not exactly an exhibitionist,” I continue having paused while the shuffling died down. The room is now mine.

“I don’t need to be seen. In fact, I prefer not to be seen. I guess that’s the allure for me.” A few heads nod. People stir their coffee. We’re all nymphos here so nothing under the sun is new. I know it’s all in the telling. Presentation is where I shine. My looks don’t hurt either: tall, naturally strawberry blonde, dark green eyes. I am purposely dressed modestly: ankle-length skirt and long-sleeved blouse hide the lack of panties and the peek-a-boo bra. I call it my missionary costume.

At this point, you enter the room; I can see in a moment I am just the person you’re seeking. We don’t need to speak to communicate. We lock eyes but a nanosecond and the sizzle tells me we both feel it. I see a flash of lightning. It’s going to be a good meeting.

About the Author: Mandi James

I write erotica and romance, including: light BDSM, spankings, public sex, and casual encounters.

In my spare time I suffer greatly as an actuary, but manage to find time to take long hot bubble baths with my sexy, nubile girlfriends. We giggle, kiss, paddle each other’s bums and then I write about it.

Alright, I made that part up.

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