Book Review: A Bra Anthologie

No Lumps, Thank You: A Bra Anthologie by Meg Spielman Peldo (2012, Schiffer Publishing)

What do fishing reels, oranges, and antlers have in common? How about teacups, maracas, and pears? Find out in no lumps, thank you: a bra anthologie – an uplifting and entertaining photographic collection of playful brassieres created from a wide and wild variety of common objects.

From “Nest Enhancement,” two bird nests adorned with delicate flowers and string, to “Hot Ta-tas,” colorful Mexican bowls filled with peppers sporting braided green onion straps, artist Meg Spielman Peldo creates remarkably clever images that appeal to both sexes and virtually all age groups.

No matter what your relationship is with breasts and bras, this book will bring a smile to your spirit and a chuckle to your heart, with its quirky interpretations of the silly terms for them.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the fight against breast cancer.

WARNING: There is no way to capture the beauty of this book on this page!

Review by Sophie Sansregret


5 out of 5 Stars

A beautiful book for a beautiful project.

This exquisite 70-page photo-essay is the brainchild of fine art photographer Meg Spielman Peldo. Touchingly dedicated to Spielman Peldo’s mother, a designer for Hollywood Vassarette Lingerie in the 1950s, this book is a lighthearted but by no means frivolous photo compendium of found object brassieres, the sales proceeds from which are directed towards breast cancer research.

Ranging from techno to natural, poly- to monochromatic, inanimate to animate (puppies, awww), these found object bras are at once humorous and thoughtful. Poised and playful. This book is exactly what it supposes to be: fine art with a purpose, mercifully lacking in pedantic exposition.

This isn’t ponderous. It isn’t flighty. The arrangements show thought, a sense of humour, wonderment, and ingenuity.

This is the perfect “gift” book which you end up keeping for yourself and buy another.

As we approach the middle of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the beauty and necessity of this book should not be overlooked.

This book is not simply a romp: an excuse to list euphemisms for breasts (melons, ta-tas, etc) in the epilogue or to make visual puns (headlights, tomatoes), it is an opportunity to reclaim the power taken by cancer from its many victims. An opportunity to laugh, to create, to rebuild. An accessible means by which the message that breast cancer CAN be beaten can and should be shared.

Please visit Meg Spielman Peldo’s site for this book: to read more about the project.

And while you’re there, pick up not one but two copies, at the very least.

The artwork (in no way does a web page do this book justice, by the way) showcased in this book is available for purchase and gallery exhibitions. A portion of the sales proceeds go to breast cancer charities.

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