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Shay Greer is pure GRITS—a Girl Raised In The South–but nowhere near a demure  southern belle. She’s looking for a way out of her broken down marriage when she lands an unexpected job offer she really should refuse. Position?Mistress. Fringe Benefits? Of course. Fraternization with sexy CEO Reardon Boone?Required.

Shay signs on, lured by the promise of intimacy missing from her failed marriage. She’s barely survived a hellish year of heartbreak and needs a fresh start. Little does she know a clean break is the last thing she’ll get with the mysterious millionaire.

Reardon sticks to his tried and true rules: no-strings-attached seduction, no messy emotions, absolutely nothing resembling a real relationship. This sassy, sultry woman fits the bill precisely…until she arouses more than his erotic appetite.

A shark in the boardroom and a lady killer in the bedroom, Reardon is as irresistible as he is unattainable. Shay falls hard, but his inability to love could tear them apart. She finds out that beneath Reardon’s seductive mask lies a man as tortured as she is.

Praise for Sugar Daddy


“Steamier than an August night, Sugar Daddy is packed full of quick wit, sizzling hot love scenes and some heart-wrenching moments of pure emotion.” –Romance author, Margaret Ethridge

Strictly Romance Reviews

“Yes, this is a very emotional story, spiked up with sensual scenes and intimacy of the kind that makes your heart thump harder in your chest. The happy and fun moments go hand in hand with trepidation and tears, making for a roller coaster of emotions that assault you with the force of a tsunami.” –Reviewer Thommie


I wanted to slap him, grab him, have at him.


Desperate for space, I plunked back to my chair. I sat on my hands, fists tight beneath my legs, trying not to touch magnificent Mr. Boone. The stormy black clouds of his hair teased me with their wayward curls over his ears. Ears I’d like to tug until his wet mouth skittered against mine, sucking and tasting. The last shreds of the smarts my momma gave me saved me when I was one inch away from turning my lips to his.

I shuttled the chair back with an almighty screech. “I ain’t that hard up.”

Liar. I hadn’t been caressed or kissed or made love to for so long.

“Really? Why haven’t you left yet, Miss Greer?”

A few steps and I’d be clear of him. I didn’t move. “A mistress?”

“Yes.” I examined him, quickly working through his tough businessman terms. “And the return on my investment?”

“You’ll be fully compensated financially, and in kind.” His devastating smile was completely at odds with the company words.

My mouth parted but no words came out. He closed in for the kill, holding his lips a hairsbreadth from mine. “I wouldn’t want you in it just for the money.”

Rat Bastard.

Sexy Rat Bastard Reardon Boone with money coming out of his ears. He probably ejaculated thick streams of liquid gold.

I shot to my feet. “But…but…I’m married!”

“I know.” He played two fingers along the skin of my inner arm.

I jerked away from the brush fire of his touch. “Are you screwin’ with me?”

“Not yet.” Moving behind the barricade of his desk, he reclined in his chair. He weighed one hand. “There’s business.” He held his other hand aloft. “There’s pleasure.” He clapped them together. “I prefer to conduct all my affairs in an orderly manner, on paper at least.”

Being with him in the bedroom would be a whole different matter. I pursed my lips, looked at the door, and shook my head.

“I see. Well then, Miss Greer, you’re free to go.” The fire extinguished from his downcast eyes. He pulled a thumb along the thin chain that hung around his throat and disappeared inside his shirt.

“I know that.” My anger flared, but I didn’t move.

Eyes clashing with mine, his cheeks flushed. He didn’t speak, he didn’t move.

Everything was on the line: my marriage, my future. Something new.

Something borrowed, something blue? My conscience niggled to no avail. I wanted him. Business transaction or not.

Slowly, he approached. His thumb swiped across my mouth, a mere whisper. “I want to be your lover.”

It’d been so long since I’d been touched. I sought his fingertips with my lips.

Pulling away before I made contact, his smile shaded into something more proprietary. “Why are you seeking employment, Shay?”

I’d married at the age of nineteen. Palmer had been my first and only. Now I was thirty-three, and he treated me like an unwelcome stranger barging in on his life. “So I can leave my husband.”


“You are not privy to my personal details, Mr. Boone.”

He rubbed a hand down his face, grunting something unintelligible. His next look was clean of all emotion except for toe-curling carnality.

“It appears we have something in common, Miss Greer. I want a lover with no strings attached, and you need…” His heated stare detoured over every curve of my body, pausing at my lips before settling on my startled eyes. “A sugar daddy.”

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About Rie Warren

Rie-Warren-Headshot-For-ANGSTY-150x150Rie is the badass, sassafras author of Sugar Daddy and the Don’t Tell series–a breakthrough trilogy that crosses traditional publishing boundaries beginning with In His Command. Her latest endeavor, the Carolina Bad Boys series, is fun, hot, and southern-sexy.

A Yankee transplant who has traveled the world, Rie started out a writer—causing her college professor to blush over her erotic poetry without one ounce of shame. Not much has changed. She swapped pen for paintbrushes and followed her other love during her twenties. From art school to marriage to children and many a wild and wonderful journey in between, Rie has come home to her calling.

Rie’s work has been called “edgy”, “daring”, and “some of the sexiest smut around”. Get in touch with her at www.riewarren.com.

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