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Paula Tiberius is an author, editor, screenwriter, filmmaker, musician and mom living in North Hollywood, California with her husband, daughter and big German Shepherd. Paula is the editor of, and wrote and directed the award-winning feature film Goldirocks, distributed by R Squared Films. Visit, and find out about her romance novel The Cowboy Singer, and her upcoming kids' album, Be Who You Are.

IFC’s Queer/Art/Film Presents ‘Black Summer Nights’ in NYC

If you’re not outraged by recent events in Ferguson and Staten Island, then you’re not paying attention. #Icantbreathe and #blacklivesmatter are vital movements that are changing the conversation about the oppression of African-American people in America.

That’s one reason why it’s important that Queer/Art/Film at the Independent Film Center in New York City Center is announcing their second annual summer-themed film series, “BLACK SUMMER NIGHTS,” a celebration of gay artists of color that truly dazzles.

Monday, May 11 is the official kick-off, with musician and performance artist M. Lamar presenting Isaac Julien’s classic Looking for Langston. I am so jealous of the New Yorkers who get to see this film on a big screen with all the pomp and circumstance it deserves. Looking for Langston is an artful, dreamy documentary about the gay poet Langston Hughes and his experiences during the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s and 30s – it’s unforgettable, and definitely one of the highlights of my film school experience! If you live in NYC, don’t miss it.

IFC - Black Summer NIghts - Looking for Langston

Monday, June 8, actor Colman Domingo introduces the 1970’s hit film Mahogany starring Diana Ross, and July 20th will feature the very cool children’s writer Jacqueline Woodson presenting  James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket, a documentary about the man who wrote famously and wonderfully about the Civil Rights Movement in America.  August 17 will wrap things up with the hilarious smash Friday, presented by poet Angel Nafis. For the full schedule and all the details, visit the IFC website.

IFC Black Summer Nights - James Baldwin

“The black influence upon every aspect of LGBTQ life is as pervasive as breathing air,” said co-curator Pamela Sneed, sharing her duties with Stephen Winter. “We’re pleased this series will further recognize and celebrate some of the myriad ways African-American life and culture has represented and infused itself within queer filmmaking, and are thrilled to honor our guests’ vitally important position in the cultural and political landscape of New York City and beyond.”

I can’t think of a cooler thing to do on a hot summer night.

IFC Black Summer Nights - Friday

Cupcakes For Human Rights Raising Awareness About LGBT Discrimination In Denver Bakeries

Marjorie Silva of the Azucar Bakery in Denver Colorado was accused of ‘religious discrimination’ when she refused to decorate two bible shaped cakes with the words, “God Hates Gays” and an X through a gay male couple. Local businesses like bakeries and florist shops have become battlegrounds for the struggle for equal rights for LGBT people, as dramas like this one play out.

Thank goodness for the right side of history that the Colorado Civil Rights Division deemed the baker did nothing wrong, and that the homophobic customer’s seething hatred was not considered sacred in any way. Whew!

However, another Denver bakery called Masterpiece Cakeshop has stopped making wedding cakes altogether after being cited for discrimination again a gay couple who wanted to buy their wedding cake there. These bigots seem to have lost the big picture that hate is bad and love is good. But one thing is certain: the conversation is ongoing.

And this conversation is precisely why The Abbey Food & Bar in the neighborhood of West Hollywood in Los Angeles has announced that it will be selling Religious Freedom Cakes benefiting the Human Rights Campaign and their efforts to fight LGBT discrimination nationwide.

“If small-minded homophobes can use their bakeries to further a cycle of hate under the guise of religious freedom, The Abbey can use its bakery to help fund HRC’s efforts to spread equality,” said David Cooley, Founder and President of The Abbey. “This is a culture war over cakes, pizzerias and flowers. The oven mitts are off and everybody needs to do their part.”

The Religious Freedom Cakes will be a rotating selection of cupcakes featuring the Human Rights Campaign logo.  They will be sold for $5 to benefit Human Rights Campaign.

The Abbey Food and Bar is located at 692 N. Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood, California, 90069.  For more details on The Abbey Food & Bar, visit and buy a cupcake!

Transsexual Operations To ‘Cure’ Homosexuality In Iran – Must-see Vice Episode This Friday

VICE Correspondent Thomas Morton investigates the plight of homosexual and transsexual individuals in Iran in Friday night’s episode of HBO’s VICE, airing at 11pm EST. This clip above shows hope for gay Iranians who are able to flee the country’s brutal anti-homosexual laws, but for those staying in the country, surgery has become a frighteningly popular option.

Homosexuality has been illegal and punishable by death since 1979 in Iran, but ironically transsexuals are embraced, in some cases with the state even providing funding for medical procedures. Why? Because surgery is considered to be an acceptable measure to take in order to ‘fit in’ to society and be ‘normal’ (read: heterosexual).

One doctor interviewed estimates that about 25% of transsexual operations are performed on people who aren’t actually trans-identified. They just want “social acceptance.” in fact, Iran is now one of the world’s leading countries for these procedures, despite their hideous anti-gay laws.

Obviously treating homosexuality as an ‘illness’ that requires surgery has terrifying repercussions for the individuals who face the choice of permanently changing their gender or being brutally prosecuted for being who they are. Find out more in tomorrow night’s VICE episode, and get involved by supporting the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees.

Gwyneth Paltrow To Raze Hustler Hollywood

Gwyneth Paltrow and her business partner are building a new private club called The Arts Club (think Soho House) in West Hollywood. So why does care? Well….they’re razing the iconic sex shop Hustler Hollywood to do it.

Most people likely won’t wax poetic about the loss of Hustler Hollywood in that location, but I have some great memories there. Sexy fun visits with my husband to buy adult toys, book launches, pointing out the Porn Walk of Fame to delighted tourist friends – and last but not least, finding hard copies of the adult movie DVDs that I wrote box copy for – and feeling proud to see them in a glamorous, celebrated space rather than a filthy, windowless hole-in-the-wall in a bad neighborhood.

Now all those glorious moments will be a distant memory as bulldozers make way for The Arts Club (yes, the one from London), complete with annual dues in the three grand range and a dress code. Sigh.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Gwyneth hater. When people were admonishing her for starting GOOP, I protected her fiercely at the water cooler. I couldn’t understand why she was being attacked for doing something other than acting? As a several-hyphenate person myself, I thought it was damn cool that she was branching out, (not to mention she featured my friend’s pepper jelly company).

But tearing down the Hustler store bums me out. And I’m not alone. Adam Lewis from the sex toy company Hot Octopuss is quite hot and bothered about it, starting a #MakeLoveNotClub hashtag, and going so far as to send the Oscar-winning star sex toys to get her to change her mind! Perhaps he hopes that she’ll do an about face after a mind-blowing orgasm with the Pulse Duo? Maybe it will be her next pick for the ‘BE’ section on Goop which is all about mindfulness and self-discovery?

Okay, probably not.

TMZ is reporting that the Hustler store is moving to another location, which makes me wonder if they will also move their Walk of Fame sidewalk. But either way, it just won’t be the same.

The Funniest Sex Book! The Wild Girls Club, Part 2, Tales From New York to Hollywood

I’ve always been a fan of Anka Radakovich, since she wrote her groundbreaking sex column for Details magazine. (She was doing Carrie Bradshaw’s job before there was even a Carrie Bradshaw!) Her new (and third) book The Wild Girls Club, part 2, Tales from New York to Hollywood, doesn’t dissapoint and is as funny as her first. Each chapter provides a number of laugh out louds–rare in any book.
She is one of the few writers who bravely goes where not many people would think of going to; a sex convention, a porn awards ceremony, and a weekend crashing a “for men only” Pick-Up Artists seminar. With an entertaining writing style, she takes the reader with her as she enrolls in “sex school,” explores married cheaters who cheat with other married cheaters,  goes to a “G-spot party” and investigates “vaginal rejuvenation” and penis enlargement. The book is very entertaining and a fun read. I can’t wait to see the movie!


“Inside Her Sex” – A Documentary By Sheona McDonald

Canadian filmmaker Sheona McDonald‘s new documentary Inside Her Sex digs deep into the subject of female desire and sexuality, uncovering a hungry need for honesty, openness, conversation and subtlety. Girls growing up in our highly sexualized yet shaming society may wonder, ‘Am I a prude or a slut?’ Either way, there is shame, and reason to feel like you’re not doing it ‘right.’ If you’re a slut, then you don’t deserve respect or decency. If you’re a prude, then you’re no fun, or a ‘tease.’

This film asks what would happen if the veil of shame were lifted. What if we could nurture exploration, education and play? Could we change the paradigm to allow women to be sexual beings without any stigma attached – whether it’s virgin or whore?

McDonald chooses three fascinating women to interview whose diverse perspectives frame the big picture. Candida Royalle, a 1970’s adult star turned erotic filmmaker, Elle Chase, a renowned sex educator who was once a young bride who believed she was frigid, and a young transgender individual who freed themselves from the shackles of gender expectation after years of painful suppression.

These three stories of sexual liberation provoke a fascinating discussion about the role of sexuality in women’s lives, and how shame, repression and ignorance work against joy and fulfillment. What can we do to change this? You’ll have to watch and find out.

Inside Her Sex premieres on CBC’s documentary Channel on Sunday, December 14th 2014 at 9pm ET and 10pm PT. Watch the riveting trailer above!

Best Sexy Banned Commercials

These commercials were deemed too offensive for mainstream consumption. What do you think? The first one is my personal favorite. I’ve had that same fantasy at the drugstore.

Dr. Susan Block’s “The Bonobo Way” Launches

**Special offer to readers! Get a Kindle copy of The Bonobo Way FREE November 12-15, 2014. Click here for your free copy!**

Imagine a society run by women, with virtually no violence, but plenty of great sex. Sound like an impossible utopia? Well, Dr. Susan Block doesn’t think so. Her new book, The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace Through Pleasure, is not only a deeply researched discourse about the matriarchal culture of bonobo apes and their anomalous way of life that diffuses violence with sex, but it also wisely suggests we could learn a lot from these “kissing cousins” and apply it positively to human life and society.

“Dr. Suzy,” as she’s known to many, put on a unique, sexy, fun book launch party on Saturday night at her 1950’s motel-turned-production-studio in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of the book. Dr. Block is well known for her popular talk show, The Dr. Susan Block Show, and runs a successful sexologist empire which includes a wealth of educational information, sex therapy, not to mention everything you might need to know about bonobo apes!

Bonobo Way 2
Dr. Suzy’s partner Max introduces her to the crowd.

“These loving, sensuous apes have as many kinds of sex as humans do,” Dr. Block recounts at, “in a veritable Bonobo Sutra of positions, including face-to-face, with multiple partners and in all combinations. But it’s not just how they have sex that makes bonobos so important, especially to humans. It’s how they use sex: for barter, friendship, stress-relief, anger management, conflict resolution and even political positioning that allows the females to gently dominate the males, and to prevent murder and war in their communities. That’s right, no bonobo has ever been seen killing another bonobo in the wild or in captivity. Their uncanny ability to make “peace through pleasure” is intrinsically related to their sexuality.”

The charismatic Dr. Block was surrounded by like-minded friends and fans who created an impromptu film set (below) that allowed guests to learn more and more about these fascinating apes and their remarkable behavior, as well as more about how better love and sex in our own lives could change the world.

Among the glamorous stage dwellers were entertainer and socialite Amor Hilton, author and sexologist Dr. Shelley Hiestand, artist  Samantha Fairley and the owner of Electric SEX Enterprises, Catherine Imperio.

Bonobo Way 4
From left to right: Birthday Boy Capt’n Max, Catherine Imperio, Samantha Fairley, Dr. Susan Block, Amor Hilton and Dr. Shelley Hiestand.

I’ve got my hard copy, and will be posting a review here at in the Book Review section.

I would strongly suggest you get your kindle copy today before the promotion runs out november 15th and find your inner bonobo!

Bonobo Way 1

Thanks for a great party, Dr. Suzy!

Neuroloveology Book Trailer

Check out the bold new book from Dr. Ava Cadell that blends brain science with the science of love. Dr. John Gray endorses this breakthrough book that gives singles and couples ways to grow their love lives and their brain cells at the same time.

Beyond Dinner

Witness the unfolding of an erotic dinner party.

Searching to keep their relationship enticing, Anise includes sensual activities with her husband Kale. Their next erotic encounter is the Gaté (gaa-tay) Dinner. A place where erotic foods full of aphrodisiac powers heighten the awareness of sensuality found in each other and those who are participating in the dinner. The experience stirs an appetite that is beyond dinner.

Director: Michael Hawkes
Producers: Laurie Handlers, Michael Hawkes

Watch the trailer here: