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Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, a born and raised California girl, specializes in Intimacy Communication, Sensual Movement and Exotic ~ Erotic Lifestyle Coaching.  Her background as a registered nurse, health educator, sex & relationship author, radio talk show host, and yoga therapist all enhance her passion as an International speaker and sensuality educator.

Nancy lives in Northern California with the love of her life and husband of 22 years, Mark Pierce.  Together they have raised three children into adulthood and now bask in what she refers to as “the dessert of parenting”, their three precious granddaughters.  

Nancy earned her Doctorate Degree in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.   You can experience a sampling of her Conscious Living Sexuality course on the Kendra On Top Show (Season 4, Episode 12).  You can also find Nancy’s contributions on as well as www.NancySuttonPierce, and

Nearly Naked Yoga – Triangle

Nearly Naked Yoga is about uncovering and discovering our authentic nature – stripping away our egos, clothing, fears and judgments. Finding a momentary freedom to simple BE and Breathe.

Triangle Pose opens and heals the first and second Chakras – when have to do with feeling safe and accessing our sexual/creative energy. Sexual Healing With Triangle (Uttita Trikonasana) Pose.

About Nearly Naked Yoga

The Nearly Naked yoga series is about testing the waters of our experience and expression. Whether it’s through nudity or almost nudity, you shed some of the old ways of being in the world.

Through yoga we find our breath and consciousness and get back to our sexy selves and appreciate all that is around us, creating better sex lives, better relationships and more.

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Nearly Naked Yoga – Warrior I Pose

Warrior I pose is a great way to strengthen the foundation of the body – the legs,  power up the core – and then folding forward offers space for the heart and freedom for the mind.

Conscious Living Yoga is about awakening to your authentic self.  Adding the Nearly Naked part is about peeling away our ego, letting go of our fears, and opening to the Sexual Life Force that is our true nature.

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Nearly Naked Yoga Warrior

Nearly Naked Yoga is more than just being scantily clad – it’s about finding your naked truth – your authentic self, all through the practice of Conscious Living Yoga.

The Nearly Naked Warrior helps your build your strength, stamina & stability – all perfectly delicious ways in which to enhance all aspects of your life, including your sex life.
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Nearly Naked Yoga – Gaining A New Perspective

Inversions are a great way to shift our energy and gain a new perspective.  Please do not proceed with this advanced pose if you have any neck or spine injuries.  If there is any discomfort putting weight on your head and neck stop immediately.

This is an energizing, core strengthening and sexy fun pose.  If you are really adventurous you might be tempted to try this during your next sexual experience!

Nearly Naked Yoga – Calming Energy

Calm, Sexy Energy with Halasana. This pose is an inversion so please be cautious & protect your spine. You can also walk your legs up a wall or put your feet on the edge of a chair to more gently lift your hips.

The other option is to simply place a folded blanket of yoga block beneath your sacrum to get a gentle lift and inversion.

Nearly Naked Yoga – Heart Opener

When we open the heart by strengthening the back we are able to sustain the open space of the Heart Chakra – this means more love and joy. When the heart is open we are receptive to all the sensual delights life has to offer – including more sexual gratification. It’s a Win~Win for everyone!
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Nearly Naked Yoga – Bridge Pose

The Sexy Bridge Pose Awakens your Sexual Energy Center, as well as relieves fatigue & low back pain.  A wonderful way to prepare for some life-affirming sexual time or a more lively & productive day!
Enjoy each Nearly Naked Yoga Pose slowly and please remember to BREATHE!  Find out about even more about Dr. Nancy at

Nearly Naked Yoga – Hip Openers

Namaste and welcome to my first Nearly Naked Yoga post on!

The Sexual Health Expo: Getting ‘Hi’ In NYC

It was a full weekend of nothing but SEXY SEX!

I was thrilled to be joining Drs. Ava Cadell and Hernando Chaves for the first sexual health expo of my new career as a Doctor of Sexology. This expo is redefining the rules of the road for Sex In The City and I loved being a part of this positive change.

The speakers were classy & inspiring; the vendors creative with a plethora of sexy products in hand; and the crowd curious and wildly enthusiastic. Who wouldn’t be having fun with stimulating views like this!

My agenda was multifactorial (I’m a big fan of multiples). As the newest budding sex doctor I was thrilled to also be the sex educator for the newest personal massager ready for launch, the Hi.

HiIn the midst of earning my doctorate I was introduced to Steve McGough, the creative brilliance behind the newest technology in a personal massager called the “Hi”.

My personal experience with the Hi was rather funny. I had to shoo Steve out of my room because I’m a bit shy about public orgasming (I’m working on that). Once alone with my weekend roommate I was curious (as I am with any new toy) about how it would feel through my clothing, as it’s intended to be used. So I sat in a chair, I sat on the floor, all the while wondering if Steve was waiting at my door to see if I liked it or not. (Not in a “pervy” way, but the “scientist/creator and his art” way).

Still feeling a little stage fright, I retreated to my bedroom area with more privacy. Once I was able to relax and enjoy all the magical sensations I was mesmerized by the array of thrills. The percussion balls tapping at various speeds against my clitoris and my low abdomen and the vibration wand sending jolts of delight through my pelvis and spine. The impending orgasm was happening in so many places my mind couldn’t find them all. So using my yoga breathing I simply surrendered and experienced a very new and deeply pleasurable orgasm. I sent my husband a selfie right after – not for public use – but let’s just say he asked if he’d been replaced.

The interesting thing is, while it is a great and releasing experience, it is still not the human connection. I stand strong that no machine, on any level, can ever replace human touch. However, I’m anxious to try using the Hi with my husband at the same time – now that’s the best of both worlds.

The SHE Expo also opened the door to meeting some of the top Sex Positive Professionals in the field. Spending quality time my mentor and dear friend, Dr. Ava Cadell (who is also the SHE Sexpert Of the Year 2015) & Dr. Hernando Chaves was more than enough to fill my dance card, and yet I was double blessed with being able to see old and new friends Dr. Jess O’Reilly & Dr. Emily Morse in action during their presentations and spend time catching up after hours.  They are all such inspirations in the field of sex positive education. Here is an entertaining excerpt from Dr. Ava Cadell’s seminar called “Sex & Disabilities or Limitations” where she persuades four participants to describe a sexual fantasy!

One of the other reasons for being in NYC was to meet with the amazing Dr. Debra Ottenheimer (Gynecology Practice ) and Stacey Futterman, PT MPT who are involved with the Clitoraid Foundation. This foundation helps young women whom are victims of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) receive education, therapy, and reconstructive surgery if desired.

To better educate us, Dr. Ottenheimer showed us photos of FGM and the repairs done; Many women are cut during infancy – some in early childhood and some in their teens. The tip of the Clitoris is removed and often the procedure includes removal of inner and outer labia, and the labia are then sewn together. As a prior OB/GYN Nurse myself, this got my attention and I have no doubt my work will gravitate towards this area in the near future. The World Health Organization estimates that between 100 and 140 million girls and women worldwide have been subjected to on of the first three types of FGM. We have work to do.

Steve McGough, (the creative mastermind behind the Hi) and I were there to show the Hi Massager and discuss it’s use with the women who had FGM, and who, up until now, had not been able to experience sexual pleasure, let alone orgasm.

Dr. OttenheimerDr. Ottenheimer trying the Hi out on her abdomen (which for women who have ever expereinced any abdominal surgery can feel wonderful and offer a deep relaxation as well as pleasure.

Betty DodsonStacey Futterman, PT MPT has a busy practice in Pelvic Floor Healing and found the Hi to be quite amazing and can’t wait to use it in her practice.

Leaving Dr. Ottenheimer and taking a quick Uber ride up to Madison Ave, we made it in time for our meeting with the Iconic American Sex Educator of our time, Betty Dodson, an American sex educator, author, and artist.

Betty Dodson 2

Betty greeted us with the door ajar and a note stuck on the door, which read, “Come in and Holler”! The shoe rack in the entryway made it obvious to remove our shoes before entering her Madison Ave apartment. We were soon greeted by the small vibrant woman with a sassy hair style (we admired each other’s Do) who easily passed out hugs like long lost friends. She instantly put us at ease and welcomed us into her spacious and beautiful home (of 52 years).

Our original meeting was to last 20 minutes – but we were having such fun we were welcomed for over two hours of chatting, story telling and of course Betty trying out the new Hi massager herself. She tried it standing, sitting and lying on the floor. She asked that I not show those photos publically. All in all she loved the device for many reasons, and mostly when I used it on her shoulders and neck for her. She stated it would be a perfect device for partner play – and wanted a holder to be used for those with “aging hands”. (Betty just turned 87)

Nancy SHE blogIt was such fun to hear her stories about the sexual revolution(s) and how people are now calling her “an over night success”. Betty’s energy is impressive and she claims to be in her prime and is now fully enjoying the career she has fought so long to achieve. She is being recognized now for the powerful work she has done for over 50 years with interviews and speaking engagements around the world.  In fact, Betty has been asked to deliver the Keynote Speech for the Sex Educators Conference in Iceland – she continues to change the world.

What did I learn from my two hours with the infamous Betty Dodson? Never stop having orgasms and at least one orgasm (or two) a day has to be the best-undocumented fountain of youth! Her mind is sharp as a tack – but also look at her skin! Amazing!

Nancy SHE blog Betty

Wendy Fowler McGough, Betty Dodson, Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce. (And Wendy & Steve’s young daughter, Daniela at the bottom left)

Nancy Sutton PierceDr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

International Speaker, Author & Intimacy Educator

Creator of “Conscious Living Sexuality

Specializing in Intimacy, Sensuality and Exotic/Erotic Lifestyles