Monday, September 23, 2019
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Jackie Watson, a native of France is the sexiest red carpet host as she asks celebrities questions about love, romance, intimacy and sex. She asks how they keep it sexy and who is their sexiest celebrity. You can watch Jackie's one-on-one interviews with Hollywood talents right here, follow her on Twitter and check out Jackie's other talents as an actress and producer at

Celebs Weigh In On Body Language

Body language is 80% of communication! What kind of body language do you respond to?

Dr. Ava Cadell poses the question and Jackie Watson asks these celebrities what they think about conveying their style and passion through physical communication.

How Do Men Like To Be Loved?

Dr. Ava Cadell asks, “How do men like to be loved?” And Jackie Watson the French Reporter gets the scoop on the red carpet.

Celebrities Answer, “How Do You Like To Be Loved?”

Celebrities answer Dr. Ava Cadell’s question, “How do you like to be loved?” Learning to receive love is very important and everyone has their own hopes, wants and desires….Jackie Watson gets the scoop!

Celebrities Answer, “What Would You Risk For Love?”

What would you risk for love? Celebrities answer this romantic question for Dr. Ava Cadell who poses the question! Jackie Watson the French Reporter gets the scoop.

Celebrities Share What Makes A Romantic Valentine’s Day

Celebrities share their ideas about what’s romantic on Valentine’s Day with Jackie Watson the French Reporter on the red carpet. Dolly Parton, Jane Seymour, Ernie Hudson and more chime in with their opinions, while Dr. Ava Cadell adds some sexy suggestions to the mix!

What Makes A Superman?

“The will of the warrior,” “creative,” “passionate,” “Gotta be hot….”

These celebrities tell all about what they think makes a Superman.


What Makes A Superwoman?

Find out how Tom Hanks, Jason Alexander, Martin Short, Eric Idle and many more celebrity men define a ‘superwoman.’ Reported by Jackie Watson the French Reporter for Dr. Ava Cadell.

Celebrities Answer, “How Do You Decompress?”

Jackie Watson the French Reporter gets the scoop for Dr. Ava Cadell on what celebrities do to decompress. Is it a warm bath? A delicious meal? Or making passionate love? Find out how Juliette Lewis, Dave Annable, Lauralee Bell and others relax!

Celebrity Advice To The Next Generation

Jackie Watson the French Reporter finds out what celebrities would say to the next generation….be more respectful? Be true to yourselves? See for yourself.

Celebrities Answer, “How Do You Know When You’re In Love?”

Jackie Watson gets some sincere and some hilarious responses to her saucy question, “How do you know when you’re in love?” for Dr. Ava Cadell.