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What is Cuckolding?

People have been asking Sexpert.com for more information on cuckolding in relationships. Our article “Cuckold Relationships” by Dawn Michael is one of the most-read pieces on the site, because people hear about the practice and want to know what it is, and whether it’s right for their relationships. Most people know it has something to do with wanting to “watch” as your partner has sex with another person, but how does it work and what is the lingo? Who’s doing it and why? In this video, I explain the basics of cuckolding.

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How To Get A Woman To Touch You

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Human touch produces oxytocin, the bonding chemical in our brains that increases attraction and leads to intimacy. So how do you get to that first step? In this video, I give advice on how to get a woman to touch you, whether it’s a kiss on the cheek or feeling the fabric of your sweater. It’s not as hard as you think if you just use a few simple tricks and tips, but the rewards are definitely worth it because she’ll find herself more attracted to you, and let’s face it, more likely to touch you again! And definitely more likely to go on a second date.

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Erika Jordan’s “Advice for Men” – How to Use Touch on a Date

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In this video, I give valuable advice and insight into how women want to be touched on a date. Find out what they expect, what they crave and what they require to stay interested and find you very attractive. It’s a lot easier than you think if you just keep a few rules in mind, and learn how to go with the flow to keep the momentum going in a positive direction.

How can you read her body language? I’ve got tips for that. Make sure you’re not misreading signals and going in for a kiss when she’s not ready. There are sure-fire ways to know how to act and react, so get informed and get out there!

Erika Jordan’s “Advice for Men” – Why Nice Guys Don’t Get The Girl

In this video, I tackle the subject of “nice guys.” Are you a nice guy? When someone calls you a nice guy, does it feel like a put down, or an accusation?

What does it mean to be a “nice” guy? Does it mean that you have so little else going for your personality that people describe you as “nice” as your defining characteristic? That’s something you might want to evaluate, and I’ve got some tips and advice to overcome that perception. It doesn’t mean you have to transform into a bad boy, or give up basic manners – not at all. It just means that you can benefit from improving your game to transform “nice” into “sexy,” “interesting,” “in shape” or “exciting.”

Women are attracted to men who are charismatic and appear to have something going on besides an easy-going nature. Take the time to figure out what you’re bringing to the table, whether it’s a killer body or a great sense of humor, a sense of adventure or a searing intellect. Everyone’s different, so discover your strengths and play to them so that you can stand out in a crowd.

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Erika Jordan’s “Advice for Men” – 4 Ways to Get to the Second Date

Are you good at first dates, but can’t seem to get that second chance? It could be one of these four things that I outline in this video. You’ve got to show confidence and be positive, or else what’s in it for her? Make sure you’re leaving her with the impression that you’re a fun person to be around and you’ll be having fun with or without her. That’s the moment when she’ll be texting for a second time around.

People want to be involved with someone who makes them feel good, and someone who – perhaps ironically – doesn’t need them to be happy. No one wants to be responsible for making someone else happy, they’d rather be lifted up themselves! It just makes sense.

So take a look at these four tips and let me know in the comments what works for you to get to that second date.

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Erika Jordan’s “Advice For Men” – How To Get Her To Be More Adventurous In Bed!

Please enjoy this video with my advice to men on how to get their partners to be more adventurous in bed. It’s all about communication and consent.

Everyone has their dealbreakers – such as threesomes for example – and you have to respect that some things may not ever be okay. But for the activities that are ON the table, how can you make them happen? I’ll give some tips here on how to gently bring it up by encouraging conversation around exciting new sexual adventures, and discovering your partner’s deep desires.

Men ask me lots of questions, and one of the most common one is, How can I get her into bed? Then right after that comes How can I get her to be more adventurous in bed? Keeping things hot is very important to make relationships work, so take the time to find out what turns her on, and what she might be thinking about trying, but is nervous to bring up with you!

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Erika Jordan’s ‘Advice for Men’ – Should You Have Sex on the First Date?

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In this video, I share some questions you can ask yourself before you jump into bed on a first date. It’s not about what’s good or bad, right or wrong – it all depends on the individuals involved and how they feel.

Erika Jordan’s ‘Advice For Men’ – Get Her Off Her Phone & Into Bed

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I’m a licensed Loveologist and health coach and I’ve got some great advice for men on how to get a woman OFF THE PHONE and into bed.

We’re all distracted by our phones, but what is she looking at? Can you engage with her? Or better yet, can you create a no-phone day for some lusty romance instead? Let me know in the comments below how it works for you, because your sex life suffers when you can’t get her off the screen!

Erika Jordan’s “Advice for Men” – 3 Steps to a Better Erection

Boost your confidence with these 3 tips for getting a better, longer, stronger erection. You can learn more about my work at www.virtualsexpert.com where I have lots more advice for men on dating and sex.

‘Eye of Love’ Pheromone Jewelry Review by Erika Jordan

I invite you to watch my review of the new pheromone jewelry collection from Dr. Ava Cadell and Eye of Love!

Human pheromones are chemicals released by our bodies that send subconscious “scent signals” to prospective partners, and can trigger very powerful sexual responses. Your body naturally emits pheromones every day, but Eye of Love uses high quality pheromones to increase this attraction.

What I found wearing this jewelry was that I received more attention in general, socially, and I know there has also been a lot of research to show that pheromones can help you in business as well, by creating a charismatic pull toward you that makes people want to be in your orbit and agree with things you suggest.

In this video I’m showing my Eye of Love lava rock necklace, which is a sexy black pendant that gets spritzed with the pheromone-laced perfume that sinks into its porous surface. Lava rock is considered to be a ‘grounding’ stone that is useful in dissipating anger and gives us strength, courage and stability. When infused with pheromones it starts working its magic.

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