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Domina Doll is a sex writer, sexpert, and sex toy diva at as well as an aspiring Passion & Pleasure Coach. She has dabbled as a fetish photographer, sex toy peddler, and jill of all trades, but her passion is teaching others about positive sexuality, intimacy and how to have passion-filled relationships. Her work has been published in several sex related magazines including Women's Health, Lover Magazine, Whiplash!, SMUT, Good Vibes, Carnal Nation, SexLifeCanada and Blog Her (Sex). She is also the go to sexpert gal at, where she answers questions about sex toys and sexuality in general. Domina has also ghostwritten sexpert e-books as well as her own sex guides including: "Jillin' Off: A Girl's Guide to Solo Sex". Her favorite quote: "Sex is emotion in motion." by Mae West.  Happy Orgasms xxx Domina

Top 5 Sex Toys for Women Holiday Gift Guide

Hate boring gifts? We do too!

That’s why we’ve put together’s series of sexy (not boring at ALL!) gift guides for Him, for Her, for Couples and for Everyone Else! Yippee!

Okay, let’s get started with the Top 5 Sex Toys for Women Holiday Gift Guide!  If you missed the Top 5 Sex Toys for Men it is here.  Check out our full Sex Toy Holiday Guide here in our store.

The Magic Wand Original and Magic Wand Rechargeable

The Magic Wand has strength, speed, durability, and longevity.  It has stood the test of time, giving women amazing orgasms since the 1970s when it first appeared on the market and was then championed by Betty Dodson during her BodySex Workshops for women.

The new and improved Magic Wand Original (formerly the Hitachi Magic Wand) is still the “Cadillac of Vibrators.” It has two speeds: Intense and Ultra Intense.  It is the most powerful intimate massager I have ever tried (except for its rechargeable sister).  I have used several other plug-in massagers as well as rechargeable ones, none of which can match the Magic Wand (don’t be fooled by look-a-likes!). For some women, it may be the only vibrator that will get them off at all.

Yes, it is heavy, it plugs-in, it is loud and not too pretty.  But, for the ultimate in vibrating intensity and dependability, the Magic Wand is the Queen of female orgasms. That is why after 40 years, it is still the best selling plug-in sexual massager in the world.

While the Magic Wand Original was and is amazing, it does have a few drawbacks:

It is heavy, it plugs in, and only has 2 speeds.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable

magic wand rechargeableSo, the savvy peeps at Vibratex who took over the Magic Wand label from Hitachi came out with the new Magic Wand Rechargeable which fixes many of the issues the “Original” had.

It is cordless, rechargeable, has 2 extra speeds of power, (4 in all), and 4 vibrating patterns, plus new smooth silicone head.  Read my full review of these toys here on

Get the Magic Wand Original or Magic Wand Rechargeable HERE.

The Womanizer

When I first reviewed the Womanizer, I called it the “crack cocaine of sex toys” because it is “seriously addictive.”

In fact, I think they should add this to the label: “Warning: The Womanizer is highly addictive.”

A lot has changed since that first review (Womanizer has come out with several new improved models, including this cool little Lipstick Vibe).  But, one thing is for sure, The Womanizer, in whatever form, is still highly addictive.

It’s a vibrator? It’s a clitoral sucker? No… It’s the Womanizer! Shazam!

I don’t know what the heck it is, or care what it is called. All I know it is the most effective orgasmic clit-blasting pleasure toy ever made.

The first time I used it I came in under 5 seconds. I was like OMG! Then I tried it again within a minute afterwards and had an uncontrollable explosive squirting orgasm within 5 seconds. I lay there mystified, quaking and unable to move I was so weak. “This thing is freaking amazing!!!”

It is a small hand held sex toy with a funnel shaped clitoral sucker on the end that also vibrates. The funnel/sucker fits around the entire clitoris and provides mild vacuum suction to suck the clitoral head inside. Then it also applies ‘pulsating pressure waves’ (vibrations) all around it and causes out-of-control spontaneous orgasms.

I don’t know what to say about this toy, other than it is utterly amazing and is the crack cocaine of sex toys. Still, seriously addictive…

Get The Womanizer HERE.

The Original Pocket Rocket

The Original Pocket Rocket was one of the first sex toys I ever bought and was my favorite clitoral vibe and go-to sex toy for a very long time. Hailed as the “best selling mini massager in the world”, the Pocket Rocket was, and still is, very powerful, for something so small and discreet.

Created from hard plastic (which is an excellent transmitter of vibrations!), the Pocket Rocket is super durable: my first one lasted me 6 years with lots of use. It has a simple design, shaped like a small travel size flashlight that takes one AA battery. So, cute if not sexy, and also discreet.

The vibe’s head has a removable cap that features three metallic beads that are designed to stimulate the clitoris from all sides. This is what makes the Pocket Rocket super-awesome, because it circles the clitoris, buzzing and tickling the sides and top of the clitoris (the clit’s sweet spot), or can be applied using direct contact.

Get The Original Pocket Rocket HERE.

Mona Wave

The top sex toys for women are usually clitoral stimulators. But, we hate to leave out the lonely old G-spot, which can give women lots of juicy pleasure.

So, our top G-spot Toy this season is Lelo’s Mona Wave.

The idea behind this toy is WaveMotion™. Such a simple idea, I don’t know why someone hasn’t come up with it before. Basically, Mona Wave, and her dual-purpose friend Ina Wave, have a pivot point inside of them that allows them to curl up and down in a “come hither” fashion much like your fingers when used for G-spot stimulation.

When I first turned it on and saw it in action, I was like, “Holy G-spot orgasm, Batman!” How cool is that thing! Mona was doing sit-ups in the palm of my hand.

I found straight vibration without the wave movement great for my clitoris and vulva to get warmed up. Then, I switched to the thuddy deeper vibrations upon insertion as I massaged my G-spot. When I was ready, I let her go full throttle with that “come hither” wave and deep zoomy, boomy rhythms. Of course, you can experiment and find which settings work best for you.

I love the firm, bulbous head and how it is large and dense enough to massage the entire G-spot area. The undulating wave is amazing. It doesn’t exactly replicate the “feel” of come hither fingers. Rather, it feels just as good, but different. The Wave action works like a press-and-release rubbing pressure that lushly strokes the G-spot. Combined with the vibrations is it wildly stimulating.

The G-spot, once aroused, enjoys firm, deep pressure, as if you are gently pressing into the flesh of a peach and bruising it. I used to use G-spot massagers with a rocking, up and down motion, but there is no need for that with the Mona Wave as she does all the work for you. Rather, you can slide her slightly in and out to rub the G-spot while she does all the sexy pumping action for you.

Some people also enjoy vibration with G-spot massage, while others do not. Up until the Mona Wave, I was not one to get off on internal vibration. However, the deep throbbing type of vibrations that Mona creates is more thuddy, rather than buzzy, and it helped move the increasing ecstatic wave of pleasure through my body. Plus, it felt really freaking good.

There is no other sex toy that uses this wave motion technology (except Lelo’s Ina Wave ), and it is delicious. It is my number 1 recommendation for G-spot pleasure and squirting orgasms.

Get The Mona Wave HERE.

Check out our Holiday Sex Toy Guide for Him, Her and Couples at our sex toy shop –!

Top 5 Sex Toys for Men Holiday Gift Guide

Top 5 Sex Toys for Men Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to’s Holiday Gift Guide.  For the next few weeks we will be showcasing the top gifts when it comes to adult products to help you with your sexy holiday shopping.

Today we are featuring the Top 5 Sex Toys for Men so you can get him what he really wants this holiday season.  Check out our full Sex Toy Holiday Guide here.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit STU Value Pack

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is designed for men who want to increase stamina in the bedroom with their partner.  The sleeve inside this unit features speedbumps, which helps with performance anxiety and premature ejaculation, so you can teach yourself how to edge off of climax and last longer.  It has an insertable length of 8 ½”, so plenty of room for most guys to play with.

Comes with durable Fleshlight masturbation toy featuring Superskin sleeve, Fleshwash toy cleaner to clean your toy looking and feeling like new, Fleshlube water based lubricant, Fleshlight Renewing Powder, and a shower mount that allows you to stick the Fleshlight to any smooth, flat surface and use it hands free.

Tenga Flip 0 Zero Stroker White

Tenga toys are innovative, high quality sex toys for men, designed and made in Japan.  The Tenga Flip 0 Zero Stroker uses the latest technology and features a strong vacuum that you can control by squeezing the pressure panels in three different points for varied types of pressure and intense stimulation.  Inside, the interior is rippled for extra sensation, and the “end orb” stimulates the head of the penis from all angles.

The Flip 0 easily flips a part for internal cleaning of the Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) sleeve, to keep it hygienic for multiple uses.  The outer case is made of hard ABS plastic and is sterile white, so very discreet.  This toy is perfect for men who want something more sophisticated than the usual stroker, with the highest quality materials and design.

Watch Video to see its unique design and how it works!

Hugo Black Prostate Massager

Hugo Black Prostate Massager make by the high end pleasure product company, Lelo, says it is “the most powerful orgasm known to man… with the potential to increase the size and intensity of the male climax by 33%…”

What exactly is it?  The Hugo is a remote control prostate massager, featuring two powerful motors at the tip and base of toy, to massage the anus opening and perineum, as well as pin-point stimulation to the prostate itself.

It is designed to be used hands-free once inserted, so it perfect for solo play and can be worn during partnered sex.  It features more power, for bigger, more explosive orgasms, is waterproof, rechargeable, and can be controlled remotely.

Hugo comes in a sleek black gift box and includes the Hugo massager, Wireless Remote Controller, USB Charging Cord, Satin Storage Pouch, 2 Year Warranty Registration Card and Instruction Manual. Vibrator requires 2 AAA batteries, not included for remote. Hugo is made of body-safe materials: silicone and ABS plastic.

Hydromax Xtreme X40 Hydropump Clear

I reviewed the Hydromax Xtreme X40 Hydropump before here on

Bathmate was the first product of its kind to use water instead of air to pump with. A very novel idea, and one that makes the Hydromax pumps very comfortable to use and allows for more powerful suction.

The Xtreme X40 comes in a gorgeous case is gorgeous, which is discreet, sturdy and very manly. It looks like something you could bring to a locker room, or like a large posh shaving kit. The kit has a hard shell covered by a matt, silky feeling material, all black with a large sturdy zipper. Inside there are several storage pockets and then the main case for your pump and other accessories. The carrying case is also perfect for storage, and is so discreet you could leave it out in plain sight.

The X40 Xtreme is the 2nd largest pump in the Xtreme Collection with a total length of 13.5” and an insertable length of 10.5”. The chamber’s circumference was between 9.25” at the base and narrowing to 8.25” nearest the top. It is designed for big boys (7”-9”) who want to get even bigger.

The clear chamber is made out of very sturdy, strong plastic and features a measuring gauge up the length of it. The base features a bellows pump made of elastomer and an insertable comfort pad made from plastic with softer elastomer that goes against the pelvis. The bellows allows you to position the pump against the body and pull it closer for better suction.

The pump also has a tube attachment and squeeze ball which is used to suction the water from the pump once in place and creates the vacuum effect. The squeeze ball is again very sturdy, yet flexible enough that a woman can squeeze it, so you don’t have to be Hercules to use this pump. Which is great for men who may have less hand strength, or arthritis. The hand pump is detachable and comes with a 15.5” hose.

Hydromax X40 Xtreme Kit includes Xtreme Hydropump, carry case, measuring gauge, cleaning sponge, handball pump, comfort insert pad, hose attachment, pump lube, security lock and shower strap.

Optimale Rechargeable Vibrating C Ring

There are thousands of vibrating cock rings on the market, but the Optimale is in a class all of its own, which is why it has been featured in Cosmo, Bustle and Refinery29 as “best couple’s sex toy”.

The Optimale Rechargeable Vibrating C-Ring features 7 powerful settings (3 speeds and 4 patterns) and multiple design features to optimize partnered sex.  Instead of having the vibration at the base, like most cock rings, the Optimale has the vibration positioned perfectly on a small rounded shaft (like a mini-penis) that massages and vibrates the clitoris and stays in contact during penetration.  The two vibrating nubs at the other end of the toy titillate his perineum and testicles.

The soft silicone ring stretches to comfortably squeeze around the base of his shaft for a stronger, harder erection to increase stamina and help him last longer.

This c-ring is also rechargeable, via a USB cord, so will last a long time and is always ready for action.

Watch Video to see how this design is superior to other C-Rings

Stay tuned to for more sexy holiday gift guides for Her, for Couples and some interesting surprise stocking stuffers, coming within the next few weeks.

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‘Eye of Love’ – Pheromone Review

Pheromones—The Scent of Sex

Have you ever been aroused by someone’s scent?  I remember this guy I was going out with who left his t-shirt at my house, and every night I slept with it and drank in his essence.

It was intoxicating.

Was it his pheromones that enticed me to snuggle his t-shirt, or his unique manly odor?  Likely it was a bit of both.

But, do pheromones actually work to attract potential partners?  Find out in this review of Eye of Love Pheromone products.

What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are a type of hormone, from the Greek words: pherein (to transfer), and hormon (to excite).

Sexual pheromones are airborne volatile chemical hormones that are released from the body via the skin: through eccrine (sweat), sebaceous (oil), and apocrine glands (armpits and genitals).  Pheromones are said to arouse and stimulate our senses and signal to the opposite sex our desirability, or readiness to mate.  While pheromones don’t have a discernible scent, they are sensed by an organ in the nasal passage known as a Vomeronasal Organ (VNO) and subconsciously they can trigger a sexual response in the opposite sex.

Pheromones can also give us lots of other information as well.  For men, they can sense whether a female fertile or ovulating, and for women, they can detect the genetic make-up (genotype) of a certain male to see whether his genes are compatible with hers.  This sense of knowing is not conscious, and we sense it in whether we find that person sexually attractive or not.

The Sexual Science of Scents

Our sense of smell is our most evocatively powerful emotional sense and can trigger emotions, mood, behavior and even our physiology.  For example, a scent can trigger a feeling of desire, which in turn can increase your heart rate, so even your body responds to the scent or pheromone physically through involuntary chemical reaction.

Sexual pheromones are called “releaser” type pheromones and elicit an immediate sexual response in those who respond to them.  Male pheromones include Androstenone associated with alpha male social dominance. Female pheromones include Androstenedione associated with female desire and Copulines, which is secreted when a woman is ovulating which triggers an increase in testosterone in men.

In various studies, it was determined that the way a man smells or his pheromones, is a significant factor to how much a woman will desire him sexually.  In another study, men wearing a scent felt more attractive and confident than men without it, which has been called the “Axe” affect.  So, for men, when you smell good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you are more attractive to women.  For women, if a man smells good, she feels romantic emotions towards him.

According to another study, “On the nature of mammalian and human pheromones,”[i] pheromones can provoke pleasurable emotions, including:

  • A heightened state of relaxation and ease especially in social situations
  • Less anxiety
  • Increased confidence
  • Decrease of social butterflies
  • Feeling more attractive
  • Happier; more optimistic outlook
  • Enhanced working relationships
  • Revved-up sex life
  • More romantic relationships
  • Empowered
  • Increased sense of well-being

Review of Eye of Love Pheromone Products

Eye of Love creates pheromone based perfumes and colognes designed to attract the opposite sex.  These products combine both pheromones and scents: the pheromones arouse a sexual response, while the fragrance enhances that specific mood.

The pheromones used in their products are Estratetraenol (to attract men), and Androstenol (to attract men).

I received four different products to review: Love on the Run: Seduce Spray (for women) and Rebel Spray (for men), After Dark Pheromone Parfum (for women) and Romantic Pheromone Cologne (for men).

I tested these products on myself, my partner, and another couple I know who were interested in trying pheromones out on themselves.

All the scents were amazing, each one unique and evoking a different mood.  They are high quality scents designed in France and last a long time.  Cheap scents tend to fade quickly, and these scents lasted all day (or night!) long.  When they first go on, they are very powerful, (a tiny amount, like one spray, goes a long way), but within an hour or so, they melt into a soft, subtle fragrance that mixes with your own unique body aroma.

Love on the Run – Seduce

Seduce and Rebel came packaged together in a box labelled “Love on the Run”, containing 5ml each of the roll-on “arousing pheromone parfum”.

Seduce is used by women, and has a distinct rose scent, especially when it first goes on.  Then, the other more subtle woodsy undertones of jasmine (considered an aphrodisiac which has a calming effect) and citrusy scent of bergamot can be detected.  Jasmine has been admired in some cultures as “the perfume of love” and Karma, the Indian God of Love was said to tip his arrows with jasmine blossoms in order “to pierce the heart through the senses”.[ii]

I liked this scent, and found it had a fresh, yet floral bouquet.  My partner said it smelled clean and womanly, and was arousing.

Love on the Run – Rebel

Rebel—used by men—reminds me a bit of Polo, one of my favorite male colognes. It has a fresh, clean scent with the underlying sensual hint of musk.  Musk has a very primal, animalistic, earthy aroma, and has been used for centuries as a sensual aphrodisiac, and reportedly women are 1000 times more sensitive to its essence.

I loved this scent, and found it very stimulating.  My partner liked the scent and said it was something he would wear, and he is very particular about wearing scents, preferring his “manly, Yes!” Irish Spring soap and natural essence.

I tried this one on my male friend and told him to go home, but not tell his girlfriend he was wearing it.  Apparently he got lucky, LOL!


Romantic—used by guys—also has a very clean fragrance, but becomes more sensual as it absorbs into the skin, with sandalwood, vanilla and musky undertones.  It also contains a subtle blend of lemongrass, fresh mint, and fresh smelling herbs.  The combination is sensual, yet herbal.

I really loved this scent, and found it very erotic and arousing.  Again, my partner liked the scent as well, and he got lucky too! Wink, wink!

After Dark Pheromone Parfum

After Dark—worn by women—has a warm, sensual, rich ambiance with accents of chocolate and vanilla, and the underlying floral tones of jasmine and lily.

This had a deep, full-bodied, rich redolence, like incense, and was dark and moody.  My partner liked this scent the best, and said it was erotic and sexy.

My girlfriend tried this scent on her boyfriend, and they were both very aroused.

This size comes in a refillable golden spray container, with a refill, and is beautifully packaged.

Do Pheromones Work?

Whether pheromones work or not is still up for debate.  Because they can’t be “sensed” in the usual ways (the have no scent) some scientists are not sure humans can have any reaction to them.  However, many studies have proved they do produce a response.

In my pseudo s-experiment, the scents did evoke a sensual/sexual response and seemed to arouse the senses.  Whether it was the pheromones, or the actual aroma, I’m not sure.  But, either way it doesn’t seem to matter, as they appear to work well to set the mood for lovemaking.

At any rate, I would highly recommend them if you are into scents, as they are evocative, sensual and provoke a desirable ambiance.  I feel sexy just wearing them!

Shop Eye of Love Products in our Sexpert Store + + + Visit the Eye of Love Website

[i] McClintock MK, “On the nature of mammalian and human pheromones.” Ann N Y Acad Sci, Nov. 1998 30; 855: 390-2.

[ii] Jasmine: its Story in Aromatherapy:

Sexy 50 Shades of Grey Inspired Masks for Halloween Masquerade

Masquerade and Mardi Gras masks inspired by Fifty Shades Darker are all the rage now and are especially perfect for this time of year, Halloween.

Start off with a sexy mask and then build the rest of your costume around it. Phantom of the Opera, Caped Crusader, 50 Shades or Eyes Wide Shut are just a few themes you could play with.

50 Shades Masquerade Masks for Couples

The Fifty Shades of Grey the Official Pleasure Collection Masks are a great costume accessory for couples (or for fantasy role playing).  This Fifty Shades Masquerade Mask set comes with two beautiful Mardi Gras style masks in silver and gray. One size fits most. Unisex.

Fifty Shades Darker Leather Mask for Him

Become the Secret Prince with the official Fifty Shades Darker Masquerade Mask. Exuding suave sophistication and strong masculine detailing, this molded leather eye mask oozes Christian Grey style for authentic Fifty Shades Darker role play. From Lovehoney.

Satin Mask for Her

Midnight Collection from Sportsheets. Traditional shaped satin eye mask ties around the head with a supple ribbon. Disguises your identity yet leaves just enough of your eyes exposed allowing your partner to guess your innocent or evil intent. Mask length is 9.25 inches and height is 3.5 inches. Straps are 15.25 inches in length. Materials polyurethane, polyester, nickel free metal. Includes:1 Satin Mask. Part of the Midnight Collection by Sportsheets. Keeping couples connected. One size fits most. Color Black,

Sex & Mischief Masquerade Mask

This sexy Masquerade Mask lets you live any masked ball fantasy in the comfort of your own castle. Spend an evening of glamour and romance the way the Venetians used to play!

Lace Masks

Lace Masks are can be simple and sexy, to elaborate and seductive. Let your dark goddess out to play with these sensual lace masks.

Masquerade Masks with Feathers and Beads

These masks with definitely get you into the Masquerade or Mardi Gras mood.  They comes in assorted colors and styles.

Anastasia Style Masks Inspired by Fifty Shades Darker

The Silver Mask in the middle is the official Anastasia Masquerade Mask. Live your fantasy and create your very own Fifty Shades Darker masquerade ball. Made from ornate lace and embellished with light reflecting stones and silver ribbons, all you need now is that silver dress. One size fits most. From Lovehoney.

The Two black lacy masks are from the Rianne S collection in Venetian style and are made for women with class. The masques come in five different styles. They are made of soft material making them match perfectly with the contours of the face for the perfect fit. Stylish, sexy and graceful they are meant to be worn for special occasions. They inspire to awaken the sexy goddess within.

Get Your Masquerade and Mardi Gras Masks for Halloween at!






Top Ten Sex Toys for Creating Your Own Fifty Shades of Grey Fantasy—Part One

Fifty shades of greay pleasure collection sex toys review

Creating Your Fifty Shades Fantasy with Sex Toys

Inspired by the popular erotic trilogy by E.L. James, women everywhere are looking for ways to bring the fantasies in the books into their own bedrooms. Read on to discover the top five Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys you can use to spice up your sex life, as used by Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, as well as ideas on what to do with them and how to use them safely. (The other top 5 coming next week!)

Edible Sensation Products

“I pull him deeper into my mouth so I can feel him at the back of my throat and then to the front again. My tongue swirls around the end. He’s my very own Christian Grey-flavored popsicle. I suck harder and harder . . . Hmm . . . My inner goddess is doing the merengue with some salsa moves.” – Anastasia Steele

Edible Sensation Products are tasty treats used during oral play to turn your lover into a delectable feast.  They come in many forms from liquids to gels, to dusting powders, body soufflés, creams, body paints and flavored lubes.  There are also a variety of flavors to suit anyone’s palate.  Chocolate body paints are fun to play with and taste delicious.  There are also many “lover’s kits” on the market that provide an assortment of edible products to try out at once.  Aside from being tasty, many of these edible delights produce cooling, heating, or tingling sensations when blown or licked upon, appealing to your sense of touch as well as taste. (Shown left: Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel on “Oooh Cotton Candy”… YUMMERS!)

Ben Wa Balls

“I flush from the constant movement of the silver balls. They weigh down inside me, massaging me internally and make me needy, needy for sex. Oh, the sensation is exquisite.” – Anastasia Steele

Ben Wa Balls have become very popular since the launch of Fifty Shades.  What exactly are Ben Wa Balls and how do you use them?  Ben Wa Balls (also called Oriental or Geisha balls, kegel balls, orgasm balls, love balls and silver balls, in the books) are insertable vaginal balls used for strengthening the pelvic floor muscle (PC) and for enhancing sexual stimulation.  Ben Wa Balls come in singles or pairs which are often attached by a string. Some are also weighted.  They are best used during foreplay to warm you up, as you squeeze your PC muscle around them while they jiggle and dance inside of you.  They are considered a foreplay toy and are not usually used during penetration. (Shown right: Beyond Aroused Kegel Balls Set… Pump it Up!)


“He plants soft wet kisses on my shoulder as he withdraws his fingers from me, and moves the wand down. It oscillates over my stomach, my belly, onto my sex, against my clitoris … it’s intense.” – Anastasia Steele

Vibrators are an exciting way to add stimulation to your sexy time and foreplay.  While many vibrators are used solo, wireless ones can be used in couple’s play.  Imagine your guy with the controls of your vibrator while you sit at a fancy restaurant for dinner, your vibrating bullet nestled and tingling between your thighs.  No one but you and your guy is in on your little secret as you smile your pleasure when dessert arrives.  Giving up control during sex play can be thrilling, and wireless vibes offer a fun way for your partner to take part in your pleasure.  The longer he teases you and denies your climax the more powerful your orgasm will be.  And, if you are not into a public “When Harry Met Sally” scene, wireless vibes can be used for private play as well. (Shown left: Fifty Shades Relentless Vibe Remote Egg… Mmmm! I’ll have what she is having, PLEASE!)

Butt Plugs

His fingers trail between my buttocks spreading oil … Instantly the plug inside me starts to vibrate–down there! … It feels alien, full, forbidden … but oh … so … good … As my body explodes, I’m nothing but sensation–everywhere.” – Anastasia Steele

If you are interested in trying anal play, starting with a small, soft butt plug is ideal for exploration.  Silicone anal toys are highly recommended as they are easy to clean, supple, and can be disinfected.  Choose a small butt plug to begin with or a beginner’s kit that has several sizes.  Make sure to use a good thick anal lube and use lots of it as the anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina.  Go slow and gently insert the plug, allowing yourself to relax and accommodate the toy.  Your experience will be much better if you are already aroused by other means beforehand, since the more relaxed you are the easier it is for insertion.  Don’t use numbing creams for anal play.  This is about pleasure and not about trying to insert something that may be uncomfortable or painful.  If you don’t like the sensation, or if it hurts, take it out.  If you do like it, butt plugs can be inserted for an extended period of time, during foreplay or regular vaginal penetration to add a feeling of pleasurable fullness inside of you. (Shown right: Something Forbidden Butt Plug… Oh My!)

Nipple Clamps

“These are for both pleasure and pain.” Christian murmurs. Christian releases the first clamp and then the other, causing my nipples to sing with a surge of sweet, sweet pain… but it’s oh-so good. – Christian Grey and Ana Steele.

Many women enjoy nipple play during foreplay and sex.  Nipple clamps can add extra sensation hands-free and a naughty sense of excitement.  Adjustable nipple clamps, such as Bull Nose or Alligator clamps are the best ones to use, as they allow you to adjust the pressure and therefore the sensation.  In my guide “Nipple Clamps 101” I recommend, pinching “as much of the areola between [the clamps] that you can…  The areola can stand more pressure than the nipples themselves, so you can actually make them a bit tighter and leave them on longer.  The longer you can leave them, the more time to play [and] the more tolerable and pleasurable they become.”  Nipple clamps tend to numb the nipples a bit while they are on, so it is when they are removed and the nerve endings awaken that they can cause the most pain.  So be aware of that while you play.  Clamps should be tight enough to stay on when pulled, but not so tight as to cause considerable pain.  Remember, it is about pleasure pushing the boundaries into pain. (Shown above: At My Mercy Beaded Chain Nipple Clamps… So good, it hurts!)

As with any type of “BDSM” play, safe, sane and consensual is the creed.  So play safely and learn about the activities you want to try.  Discuss your desires with your partner and don’t forget to tell them your limits.  It is also good to have a safe word like “RED” that means stop in a scene, that you can communicate to your partner and they know to stop the play right away.  So, to get the most out of your erotic adventures, play safe and have fun!

Check Out All Fifty Shades & Fifty Shades Darker at our Store!

Stayed tuned for: “Top Ten Sex Toys for Creating Your Own Fifty Shades of Grey Fantasy—Part Two” and you can find out about the next five naughty toys to get for your playroom!

Sexy Skull Vibes for Halloween

tokidoki Official Pleasure Collection Series 3 bullet vibrators

New Skull Vibrators for Bone-Tingling Orgasms

New this week, just in time for Halloween, Lovehoney has come out with an assortment of sexy skull vibes to get your freak on.  The new tokidoki Official Pleasure Collection Series 3 features “Kawaii” style characters (like Hello Kitty) that are all the rage with the 18-25 year old crowd, especially for tattoos.

These collectable Halloween and Day of the Dead themed vibes featuring tokidoki artwork have 6 different characters in the collection including Dia de los Muertos, Blue Skull, Jolly Roger, Black Bonbon, Red Ace and Star.

tokidoki Official Pleasure Collection Series 3 features “Kawaii” style characters“We have had a great reaction to the latest series of bullets, everyone loves how different they look and how they are slightly darker compared to previous collections.” Says Lovehoney’s International Sales Manager Kate Hodgson-Egan.

Tokidoki, which means “sometimes” in Japanese, is an iconic lifestyle brand that has built a cult-like following since debuting in 2005, for its wickedly cute characters created by Italian artist Simone Legno.  In addition to teaming up with Lovehoney to create objects de pleasure, the popular brand offers an extensive range of charming character styled products including clothing, handbags, cosmetics, accessories, toys and more.

Lovehoney’s tokidoki Dia de los Muertos Bullet Vibrator

tokidoki Dia de los Muertos Bullet VibratorMy favorite in the collection is the Sugar Skull designed Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Bullet Vibrator. Forget the altars, candles and tasty offerings, celebrate the Dia de los Muertos with this bone-tingling single-speed bullet designed to give you orgasms that could wake the dead.

Each 3.75” tokidoki styled vibe features:

  • Cool collectable tokidoki artwork
  • Fun display box
  • Powerful single speed vibration
  • Smooth ABS plastic with ‘velvet cote’ finish
  • Single-touch button for easy operation
  • Waterproof for fun in the tub or shower
  • Compact and ideal for travel
  • Body safe, phthalate free
  • Takes 1 AAA battery

Big Things Come in Small Packages!

While these little vibes may look small (because they are) they pack a powerful punch and are great in a pinch for a quick tension-release orgasm.  Use them for clitoral play, sensation play over the vulva, nipple stimulation, or in a cock ring to rev up his libido.

Plastic is a great material for small vibes because hard materials resonate vibrations well, giving you more impact.

These iconic vibes are super adorable and collectable as well.  They are the perfect gift for yourself or your significant other for a Halloween or Day of the Dead sexy celebration!

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Magic Wand Original Vs Magic Wand Rechargeable

If Wonder Woman was a Vibrator She’d be the Magic Wand

Wonder Woman with the magic wand vibratorLike Wonder Woman, the Magic Wand has strength, speed, durability, and longevity.  It is highly skilled at hand-to-vulva action, is virtually indestructible and KICKS ASS!

While the Magic Wand doesn’t sport a Lasso of Truth, boomerang tiara, and shiny bulletproof bracelets (called Aphrodite’s Bracelets of Submission), it has stood the test of time giving women amazing orgasms since the 1970s when it first appeared on the market and was then championed by Betty Dodson during her BodySex Workshops for women.


The Magic Wand Original—Still the Cadillac of Vibrators

magic wand original hitachiThe new and improved Magic Wand Original (formerly the Hitachi Magic Wand) is still the “Cadillac of Vibrators”.

While the Magic Wand Original was not the first vibrator to be invented, it is certainly the oldest one that is still being used today.  It first appeared on the market during in 1968 as the Hitachi Magic Wand, and like its predecessors, was promoted as a vibrating muscle relaxer, “for soothing and relaxing sore muscles and nerves, [and] relieving tension.”

Lovingly nicknamed the “Cadillac of Vibrators,” the Magic Wand remains the most powerful clitoral and vulva sexual massager on the market today.  And, while it could never be called sexy, and doesn’t sport cute bunny ears (or magic bracelets), what matters most to the women who swear by it, is that it works.

Since its launch in the North American market, 10s of thousands of women have been singing the praises of this modest looking sex toy, in loud orgasmic voices.

This is because, seventy percent of women orgasm via clitoral stimulation, and don’t get off on penetration.  An estimated twenty percent of women can’t reach climax at all.  Many sex counselors promote the use of the Magic Wand for women who have trouble reaching orgasm, or find it hard to get sexually aroused.

For the modern sex savvy girl, the Magic Wand is really where it’s at.  While all the innovative sex toys on the market are interesting—from pleasure objects to pocket rockets—none can truly compare to the Hitachi Magic Wand when it comes to power.

The Magic Wand has two speeds: Intense and Ultra Intense.  It is the most powerful intimate massager I have ever tried (except for it’s rechargeable sister).  I have used several other plug-in massagers as well as rechargeable ones, none of which can match the Magic Wand (don’t be fooled by look-a-likes!).  For some women, it may be the only vibrator that will get them off at all.

Yes, it is heavy, it plugs-in, it is loud and not too pretty.  But, for the ultimate in vibrating intensity and dependability, the Magic Wand is the Queen of female orgasms.  That is why after 40 years, it is still the best selling plug-in sexual massager in the world.

The Magic Wand—Unplugged!

While the Magic Wand Original was and is amazing, it does have a few drawbacks:

It is heavy, it plugs in, and only has 2 speeds.

So, the savvy peeps at Vibratex who took over the Magic Wand label from Hitachi came out with the new Magic Wand Rechargeable which fixes many of the issues the “Original” had.

Let’s compare, shall we?

Magic Wand Original
Magic Wand Rechargeable
Plastic body with Elastomer head
Length: 13.87 Inches
Powered by: Cord; A/C 110 Volt
Power: 2 Speeds (Low- 5000rpms ; High- 6000rpms)
Buttons: 1 Button (Low/Off/High; No Vibrating Functions)
Overheats: Tends to overheat after 20 minutes
Plastic body with Silicone Head
Length: 13.00 Inches
Powered by: Cordless; A/C Adapter
Power: 4 Speeds (1- 2,700rpms; 2- 3,800rpms; 3- 5,400rpms; 4- 6,300rpms)
Buttons: 3 Buttons (1- On/Off; 2- Speeds; 3- 4 Vibrating Functions)
Overheat Turn-off: Shuts off at 20 minutes to prevent overheating


magic wand rechargeableCorded or Cordless?

Okay, so the Magic Wand Rechargeable is super-fantastic and has better features than the Original. Not having to worry about plugging it in during use is a big plus, because cords get tangled and messy, sometimes are long enough and need extension cords, and just overall suck.

Duration and Recharging

It says the Rechargeable will last for about 3 hours if you run it on full charge for that length of time and takes 3 hours to fully charge as well. A very cool feature is that you can run the Rechargeable while it is plugged in and recharging, which you can’t do with many rechargeable vibes.

Power and Extra Speeds

magic wand rechargeable buttonsThe first two speeds on the Rechargeable are lower than the Original, which gives you a place to warm up if so desired, and is more adaptable for women who found the Original too powerful. The 3rd speed is powerful enough to give you orgasms quickly. The 4th speed will knock your socks off. Seriously, 2-3 minute orgasms lickity split.

The new Rechargeable feels much more rumbly than the Original, which has a higher whirring sound. I don’t know why, maybe it is just in my head but the rumbly feels better.

The Rechargeable also has 4 different vibrating functions or patterns, plus the main steady vibration speed. These include slow and quick pulses, oscillations and low/high waves of vibrations. Personally, I’m not a fan of pulsating patterns in vibes (I find slow and steady is the best way to win the race). But, I didn’t actually mind these settings and may try them by themselves.

The 3 separate buttons make the toy much more user-friendly and are easier to navigate, even in the dark. And, if you press a pattern button by mistake, no worries, press the on/off button and the vibe goes back to steady vibration in a snap.

magic wand rechargeable headNew Silicone Head

The new silicone head is awesome.  Silicone is also the only soft type of sex toy material that is completely body friendly and can be sterilized. You can remove the head cover and clean/sterilize it separately, so it’s perfect if you are sharing toys. It is smooth, soft, and feels GRRREAT!



The Rechargeable is still a heavy toy, especially if you are holding it up to 20 minutes. But, I dare you to last that long on the highest setting. Still, even 5 minutes, and your wrist is going to feel the strain. A wand holder would come in handy to fix this, like the Liberator Pillow called the Axis Hitachi that allows you to position the wand, hands-free.

Is This the Toy for Me?

I think any woman who swears by the Magic Wand Original would LOVE the upgrades of the new Rechargeable. Yes, it is almost twice the price, but when compared to some higher priced luxury vibes, the Rechargeable blows them all away. Personally, I would never go back to the Original unless my new Rechargeable bit the dust.

And, for women who have a hard time achieving orgasms, the Magic Wand Rechargeable (and Original) are still the best vibes on the market that will get you there. Trusted for over 30 years for giving women amazing orgasms! Just sayin! 😉

wonder woman super powerIt may just be your secret Super Power!

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The Original Pocket Rocket Creates a New Buzz + Review

Pocket Rocket Wins Sex Toy Award

Glamour Magazine is featuring the Original Pocket Rocket by Doc Johnson in October’s issue “Sex Toy Awards”.

In the article, Glamour describes the vibe’s iconic appeal as “one of the best pleasure products in the world”, saying the “textured head and surprisingly robust motor on the travel-sized and affordable Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket has earned this vibrator a dedicated following.”

The Original Pocket Rocket, which debuted on the market in 1993 as a “clitoral stimulator”, is “one of the best-selling, best-performing pleasure products in Doc Johnson’s history” according to Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s COO/CCO.

The Original Rocket

The Original Pocket Rocket was one of the first sex toys I ever bought and was my favorite clitoral vibe and go-to sex toy for a very long time. Hailed as the “best selling mini massager in the world”, the Pocket Rocket was, and still is, very powerful, for something so small and discreet.

Created from hard plastic (which is an excellent transmitter of vibrations!), the Pocket Rocket is super durable: my first one lasted me 6 years with lots of use. It has a non-phallic, simple design that is shaped like a small travel size flashlight that takes one AA battery.  So cute, if not sexy, and also discreet.

The vibe’s head has a removable cap that features three metallic beads that are designed to stimulate the clitoris from all sides. This is what makes the Pocket Rocket super-awesome, because it circles the clitoris, buzzing and tickling the sides and top of the clitoris (the clit’s sweet spot), or can by applied using direct contact.

Many companies tried (and failed) to duplicate the Pocket Rocket and I reviewed several of them over the years.  Their power and vibration could not match the Original Pocket Rocket, and they often broke within a few weeks, or just stopped working all together.  Not so cool when on the edge of orgasm, so make sure the one you get is made by Doc Johnson.

The only drawback to the Original Pocket Rocket is that it only has one speed, which is good enough for beginners, but it is nice have a bit of variety and more power when wanted.

Pocket Rocket Plus

Doc Johnson responded to this by creating the Pocket Rocket Plus, a great advancement over the original Rocket, which has 3 speeds.  Setting one is about the same as the original, speed two will get you there faster, but speed three is the bomb, which is the most powerful vibration of any small toy of this size.

Both the Pocket Rocket Original & Plus are perfect clitoral vibes for beginners, as they are very affordable, simple to use, and produce powerful orgasms.

The Original Pocket Rocket by Doc Johnson is still creating a BUZZ even a quarter of a century after it first emerged on the market, and can still compete with the new, sophisticated vibes of today.

Shop for Pocket Rockets by Doc Johnson.