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FREE tickets to Sexual Health Expo LA plus a chance to win a free yoga swing from Pipedream Products!

Need something different to do on Superbowl weekend?! Grab your FREE TICKETS, thanks to @Wevibe HERE and come play at the Sexual Health Expo in Los Angeles February 4-5th!  Dr. Ava Cadell, Sexpert of the year 2015 will be presenting her long awaited Sexycises program at the show on Saturday morning, accompanied by Dr. Cat Meyers and Ask Miyoko to teach partner yoga poses to adventurous attendees!  We will be raffling off a Yoga Swing from Pipedream products and giving away sensuous goodies from Uberlube!

Plus Dr. Ruth Westheimer will be giving a rare public appearance at the show! What more could you want?  Sexual health information, sex toys, lectures by top sex educators Tristan Taormino, Dr. Hernando Chaves, Reid Mihalko, Allison Moon, Elle Chase, Ducky Doolittle, and more!

For a complete list of speakers and topics, click here:

See you at the show!

Fifty Shades of Inverted Play, free workshop this Sunday at The Pleasure Chest!

**Free workshop** at the Pleasure Chest LA this weekend with Inverted Play!

Why is sex upside down is so much better?!  Come experience Inverted Play… Fifty Shades darker.  Miyoko and Eric will explain what happens to the body during inversions and how you can apply the products featured in the best-selling novels by E.L. James. Understand the human response to inversion, how creating weightlessness and suspension can calm the body, enhance trust, and encourage open communication.

Learn how to safely invert your partner to give them a weightless and sensual experience.  We’ll cover fundamental acroyoga moves and combine them with exciting sensory stimulation, sensory deprivation, and light impact play.

No partner?  No problem!  You can either bring a friend or make a new one when you arrive!  Acroyoga is a safe and consensual practice that builds communication skills, and increase awareness whether you’re single, or in a relationship.

This class will be interactive: wear comfortable, form-fitting clothes, bring a yoga mat and a partner, or come solo and make new friends! No fitness or flexibility required. Just bring your sense of adventure!

The Pleasure Chest is located in West Los Angeles at 7733 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046  323.650.1022

They do not offer advance registration or reserved seating for free workshops or events. Attendance is on a first come, first served basis. Early arrival is recommended to secure your spot!


What Being A Stripper Taught Me About Consent

After hearing of the letter to Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, convicted of sexually assaulting a woman, I was conflicted.  Posts on Facebook and Twitter swamped my feed with tidbits of details… drunken girl, college party, dumpster, acclaimed athlete…

Then I began reading the commentary on what was being shared.  I was struck by the word consent over and over again.  I was shocked by the sentence that had been issued.  I couldn’t help but feel that we as a society had failed to protect the victim of this crime.  As someone who shares intimacy advice and speaks about safe and consensual sex, I was at a loss as to how to speak up for this woman.  We know that consent is necessary, we advocate for education that encourages our youth to guard themselves from potential harm.  But when our legal system doesn’t impose appropriate punishments for convicted criminals, what message are we truly sending?  I desperately needed to piece together my own reaction about what had happened, what was happening.  I saw that the letter had been read aloud publicly on CNN. I sought out the letter that Buzz Feed originally posted on Friday.  I wasn’t sure that I wanted to read it, but was compelled to seek it out and read it in it’s entirety.

As a former stripper, I am reminded of the stigma that surrounds women.  Whether we are conservative or provocative, we are “asking for it.”  If we are too opposed to the attention of men, we are at risk of being considered a “bitch,” and therefore, are “asking for it.”   If we are dressed too provocatively, drink too much, are too free with our bodies or our laughs and smiles, we are “asking for it.”  What isn’t being upheld by our judicial system is the blatantly obvious definition of “asking for it.”  Literally, using our words to ask for, or consent, to sex.

As a nude performer, I suggested sex on a daily basis.  I used my body to entice and tease men.  I used my smiles, laughs, actions, and body language to make men want me, want to have sex with me.  I never had sex with those men.  Those men never assumed I would have sex with them.  So why do we continue to question a person’s actions, clothing, or sexual interest when there is a case of rape or sexual assault.  If that mentality actually was applicable, then any stripper, sex worker, scantily clad club goer, sun bather, nudist, and dancer deserves to be assaulted. Why do we continually ask the victim if maybe they perhaps might have subliminally “asked” to be assaulted?  Why aren’t we asking the criminals what they heard as consent… period.

We are teaching consensual sex education.  We know drinking alcohol has an effect on our decision making abilities.  We know people make mistakes, and we know that there are consequences for our actions.  What we don’t seem to agree on, is what consent means.  Did you consent to “sex?”  What is sex?  Is it sex if it’s just a blow job?  Is it sex if it’s digital penetration?  Is it sex if there’s vaginal penetration with a penis?

These seem like silly questions.  (Of course it’s sex if there’s vaginal penetration with a penis!) Yet we don’t have these conversations in real life encounters.  When we hook up in bars and at parties we don’t discuss the details of what type of sex to which we are consenting.  That wouldn’t be sexy…. or would it?

Occasionally when a strip club patron ordered a lap dance, they’d asked what they’d get with it.  While I didn’t “like” hearing men ask those questions, I wasn’t personally offended.  I appreciated their honesty.   I knew right away that I wasn’t a good fit for them.  I would rather not waste my time dodging their groping hands and darting tongues for a $20 bill. They wanted a dancer that would let them touch their boobs, finger them, lick their gentials… and yes, those things do happen at strip clubs. But the undeniable appeal of that conversation is consent.  They verbally asked for permission, and it was either granted or not.  Men do understand this concept.  It’s proven over and over again in strip clubs all over the world.

While we may not be able to change the malicious intent or evil in the world, we can change how we talk about, and ask for sex.  We as women can be very specific about what we want, and don’t want from an intimate encounter.  We can tell someone what we want from them whether we are sober, or even intoxicated.  It takes practice.  It requires us to risk sounding prude, demanding, or like a “bitch.”  Men can use language to be clear about what they want from a hook-up.  They too can use their words to be specific about how they want to be with a woman.  It also takes practice and they too risk coming across as creepy, or too nice, or like a jerk.  But the more we all begin to use our words to be more clear about what sex is, and what specifically we are consenting to, the less we will be confused by what constitutes consent.  It will be very clear when someone says they want to make out with you, they aren’t saying yes to sex.  That if they are on board for a mutual masturbation session that they aren’t asking for vaginal penetration.  It won’t be confusing when you meet that girl at a party who is attracted to you, but is drunk and unconscious, that she is not consenting. There will be no question as to whether or not someone is committing a crime.  They will have “consented” or not. We can’t assume when someone doesn’t say “No,” that they are saying “Yes.”  Only “Yes” means “Yes.”

We are not just protecting ourselves from being a victim or being potentially wrongfully accused of assault.  We are protecting each other.  We must get better at being clear.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.  Talk about sex.  All kinds of sex.  Teach your children to talk about sex.  Teach them about consent.  Teach them that words equal consent.  Telling them to be specific is just as important as telling them to wear a condom.  Tell the person you meet at the bar what is on the menu should you go home with them.  Make sure the person you take home from the bar is giving verbal consent to what you’re offering.  It’s such an easy conversation over a twenty dollar bill in a strip club, why can’t it be just a simple over a cocktail.  Make it a regular part of your repertoire, teach it to others.  Together we can protect each other from the dangerous ambiguity of “consent.”

Sexy Ways to Celebrate 4/20!

Whether you are 420 friendly or not, there’s always a reason to get sexy!  And even if you’re not a recreational smoker, or habitual smoker, you just might want to try getting your vagina high.

There are a couple of companies offering THC infused products that are sexual enhancement topicals. Products that are designed to add pleasure, heightened arousal, and increased sensation to your lovemaking.  We know that cannabis can provide relaxation and stress relief, but if you don’t want to get high, you can still enjoy the benefits without being stoned.  Here are two that I have personally tried and recommend.

foria-productForia Pleasure is a liquid coconut and laboratory tested cannabis oil blend.  They thoughtfully designed this product to offer women natural health benefits and sexual enhancement.  Foria can help promote natural lubrication, reduce pain and tension and create the relaxation necessary for a sensual experience or restorative rest.

I put Foria to the test and was delighted by the results.  Not only did my vulva swell to a juicy plump, but the tingly sensation during foreplay and sex was delicious.

Women who aren’t getting enough foreplay, experiencing decreased lubrication due to anxiety, stress, or menopause, may find the easy-to-use spray a tremendous gift.  Not only is the oil safe to use, all natural, and safe to ingest, it also provides an immediate result.

Two Hot ChixScreen Shot 2016-04-20 at 3.36.53 PM offers an organic coconut oil and cannabis infused cream that smells and tastes like chocolate orange.  It’s scent is intoxicating and begs to be generously applied to your entire body.  You can easily give a sensual massage, genital massage, and engage in oral play without ever having to wash off.  Your lips can kiss, lick, and suck anywhere this massage cream has been, and trust me, you will easily be so inclined.

I didn’t find the cream to be as potent as the spray, but the experience was relaxing and pleasurable.  Both men and women will experience heightened arousal and sensation, so use the cream all over and find new erogenous zones!

Wanna hear more about how cannabis can help you have better sex?  Is weed good for your sex life?  Does pot help or hurt your erection?  Listen to the sound cloud teaser below!


Listen to this clip of Foria Pleasure on my show, Play With Me on PlayboyRadio.

To listen to the entire show, you can subscribe to Playboy Radio here and download all of my past episodes.

Sexual Health Expo is bringing the sexy back to LA this weekend!


The Sexual Health Expo returned to Los Angeles, California to celebrate sexuality with style and flair!  The event is hosted by the celebrity Sexpert Emily Morse (Sex with Emily) and kicked off this morning at the Hilton Universal in Universal City with an impressive speaker line-up. Today’s lecture and workshops series included sex enthusiasts, relationships experts, and sexperts Elle Chase, Charlie Glickman, Mollena Williams, Jessica O’Reilly, Tristan Taormino, Lynn Brown Rosenberg, Jennie Steinberg, Koko, Dr. Tamara Griffin, Psalm Isadora, Amy Jo Goddard, Sex Nerd Sandra, Erin Tillman, and Dirty Lola!

Don’t miss the chance to MEET THE SEXPERTS tonight at 6pm PST!

Tomorrow the sexy fun continues with another full day of ways to enhance your love life, and kink up your relationships!  Explore sex toys, sex writing, dating advice workshops, better sex tips, with Reid Mahalko, Dr. Hernando Chaves, Allison Moon, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Dr. Patti Britton, Dr. Chris Donohue, Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, and Stephanie Berman, plus live podcasts with Sex With Emily’s Emily Morse, and even a sensual partner yoga workshop with yours truly! 😉

**Drop by my workshop to learn ways to increase communication, build trust, and enhance intimacy through touch, partner yoga, and Inverted Play!  Free Uberlube while supplies last, plus a chance to win a free Yoga Sex Swing from Pipedream Products!**



10 sexy gifts, that won’t blow your wad…

Gift giving at holiday time can be stressful!  But letting the people you love and lust know that you care, doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are my top pics this season for naughty stocking stuffers, sexy Hanukkah gifts, and not-so-silent nights.

1. Suck this: A candy cane glass dildo from Pipedream Icicles collection!

41pJq+j5bML._SX466_Not only will this provide a cool and tingly sensation to their naughty bits, but it will warm up during play! You can change the temperature of the toy by putting it in cold or warm water for temperature sensory play. Use it for vaginal or anal pleasure, or simply suck on it for the sake of satisfying your oral fixation. (also makes a great prop for sexy santa selfies!)

2. Make these: Sex position gingerbread cookies
cookiecutters.previewNothing says “I love you” like homemade gifts of sugary lust. Make sure to add delicious powdered sugar frosting to decorate these sex inspiring shapes and adorable “O” faces! Make all the positions and give one to your lover each night and tell them what position you want to try out! Have multiple lovers? Give each one the position that shows their favorite finishing pose! (you know which one gets them off ;))

3. Wear this: Sexy lingerie that will not only show off your amazing body, but has a secret stimulating response for them!
Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.23.56 PMNot only does lingerie create visual stimulation for a night of sexy times, (men generally have a need for visual stimulus) but the color red also has a more profound effect on the person viewing it. Seeing the color red has been know to increase heart rate and quicken breathing. Psychologists at the University of Rochester determined that men perceived women wearing red as more attractive and sexually desirable. There was a study done in France that found that women wearing red lipstick were approached more than women wearing other shades of lipstick. And there are several examples of mammals who are stimulated by the reddened color of genitalia to encourage mating.

4. Eat this: Dark Chocolate
Unknown_2__33697.1420479210.1280.1280Yes, it melts on your tongue causing you to feel sexy as [email protected] already, but dark chocolate, with high levels of raw cacao have actual sexual health benefits! It contains magical stuff called phenylethylamine (PEA), which is what pumps all those amazing ednorphins into our bodies during sex that create feelings of attraction and intimacy. Eating cacao is also known to increase energy levels, increase libido, boosts your immune system, and reduces the risk of heart disease. Um, yea…win win…

5. Give these: Naughty condoms
Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 2.40.57 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-11 at 2.42.16 PMGive them to friends, lovers, or random people you meet at that obligatory holiday party! They’re sure to spice up conversation, melt the ice, and maybe even the get them into the sack. Say It with a Condom offers custom wrappers, or themed ones for gift giving needs.

6. Read This: Sexy holiday themed erotica!

coverYou can read tons of sexy short stories and erotic novels online for free, or a very small fee! No need to read the entire Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy to get her panties wet. Simply download a quick short story, put on your favorite Santa hat, and tell her the story of what happens to naughty little elves… Either you’ll find a hysterical bit of entertainment for the night, or she’ll be jingling your bells in no time!

7. Pour this: Sexy wines that come with the perfect pleasure product!
11147847_1026505477399636_6069379225686938488_oWe all know that a glass of wine can set the stage for a sexy night in. Add a crackling fire, a cozy wrap, some naked flesh, and the right sex toys, and you’re in for an epic night of passion. Vibe Wines has done all the ground work for you. Simply choose from their Sexy Pairings Menu for the perfect combination of sensual intoxication.

8. Burn this: Massage Oil candles
4e0f08c7a90c3d74c342fead7c2767b1.1500Who doesn’t love a great massage? Adding the warm scented massage oil will bring the extra aromatic pleasure they need to top off the experience. Scents that relax, inspire, and ignite desire are highly recommended. But if you’re going for straight science… the best combination of scents to bring the blood flow to the penis are a combination of lavender and pumpkin pie spice, while the scent that brings the most blood flow to the clitoris is cucumber, according to studies conducted in 2009.

9. Play this: 50 nights of Bondage
41+ZG2GpbVLWhether you’re into kink play or not, this is a great exercise in exploration and communication. Instead of considering it a game of checking things off the list, think of it as a game of “would you rather?” There will be things that come up that you or your partner may or may not be interested in, but ultimately you will know each other, and each other’s fantasies better. And most likely, you’ll find a card you both like and end the game a little early.

10. Remember this: Time together trumps any material gift you could ever give.
32cce989e307742b2fb6f53e452af84aIn this world of instant gratification and tangible abundance, make sure you give them the gift of presence. Look into their eyes, touch them, breathe them in, play with them, tease them, and make love to them as though it were for the last time, every single time.

Have a safe and sexy holiday.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 10.55.26 PM

For more naughty gift giving ideas, listen to Miyoko’s show Play With Me on Playboy Radio live every Tuesday at 12pm PST!

Listen to this free clip from her Naughty Stocking Stuffers show on Soundcloud!



Plugs, Beads, And Vibrators, Oh My! Which Anal Toy Is Right For You?

11222424_10206167789687188_6570333943662410734_n-1As Anal August comes to a close, it seems only fitting that we should end it with a bang! The question is, what kind of bang would your end like? Finding the right anal toy to fit your fantasies and desires doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Here are some basic ideas of what types of products and materials are available, and why you might want to pick one up this weekend.

If you are new to anal play, one of the best types of toys you can try is an anal plug. It is available in a range of sizes, materials and shapes. If your goal is to insert something into the anus for the first time and experience the sensation of having something in your bum, then you may want to opt for something smaller and graduate to a larger plug once you know you like the feeling, or your goals change.

pd2944-20I really like the glass plug #44 from Pipedream’s Icicles collection. It’s only about 2 inches long and will slide in easily with a little lubrication. This plug could easily be worn during foreplay and intercourse and will add an extra sensation of fullness as well as excitement for you and your lover. Just the thought of knowing that something is in your tush is an erotic suggestion to fuel hot and sexy playdates.


pd2946-23The icicles # 46 is shaped for his pleasure. The slight bulbous tip is curved to stimulate the prostate gland and provide him with intense sensations and pressure. The smooth glass glides in easily with a little lubrication, and you can rotate the shaft to find his favorite spot. His prostate is located inside the anus and up toward his penis. He can lie on his back while you stroke his penis and rub his testicles. Or you can ride him reverse cowgirl and play with his prostate while you take care of your own pleasure.


pd4651-23If your desire is to create an anal journey of pleasure and exploration, anal beads are a perfect addition to your bedroom toybox. Beads are not a simple insert and leave in type of toy. Your lover will delicately communicate and insert each bead as your body accepts them. Then you can either leave them in during intercourse, and slide them out as you climax, or your lover can insert and withdraw randomly while they also play with your clitoris or add finger or penis penetration into the receiver’s vagina, or if the receiver is male, orally pleasure and manually stroke the shaft of the penis. The sensation of delicious surprise as each bead slides in or out is an intense and pleasurable experience in an intimate area of your body.

curvekit-velvet_shopify_largeWant to penetrate your partners booty, but don’t have a penis? No problem! You can strap on a dildo and experience the dominance and dynamic of giving someone else pleasure. Even though you don’t “feel” the actual sensation that they would, the visual of seeing yourself disappear inside your lover, and hearing the sounds of them moaning is a highly erotic way to experience of pleasure of giving. Have your lover “accept” you and take you in, while your hands are free to touch, massage, spank, or squeeze your lovers body. You can move slow, and lightly caress and squeeze them, kissing them deeply while they face you. Or try having them bent over on all fours, and enjoy the assertive touch of spanking them while you penetrate them deep and hard. Make sure you communicate the types of touch, play, and penetration they like, so you both can enjoy consensual and pleasurable intercourse. I recommend the gorgeous and comfortable harnesses and dildos by Tantus.

Or maybe you like the idea of penetrating, but don’t want to actually strap one on? There are several probes and vibrators designed to be inserted into the anus. I recommend hard plastic, glass, wood, metal, and silicone materials for safe and comfortable anal play. The size and shape of the probe or vibrator depends on the person receiving it. Ask them what appeals to them. Show them a few different styles and ask what they would prefer. Will this be used to prepare their anus for penile penetration later? If so, they might want a few different types of toys to slowly bring their muscles to a relaxed and stretched state before you penetrate them with your own man parts. Anal plugs tend to taper to a thinner girth at the base. While this is great for the feeling of fullness during play, it may not stretch the actual sphincter enough to accommodate your penis when the time comes. Adding a second toy that maintains it’s girth at the base might allow your lover’s muscles to stretch more to accept your average-to-large member.

And let’s not forget the lube! The anal canal does not self-lubricate for penetration. Always include a lubricant that provides some slip and slide for the receivers comfort and pleasure. I recently had the opportunity to try Uberlube…. and will be keeping it on my nightstand from now on. I am a fan of silicone lubes in general for anal play as they stay slick longer, don’t tend to get sticky, and provide enough lubrication for penetration to feel sexy. Uberlube kept it’s viscosity during play, and then was easily washed off, or just rubbed in afterward. I didn’t have to keep applying lube, or adding spit to make it stay slick, which was a huge plus. I could just focus on the pleasure at hand… and fingers…

A few tips from and were to also have towels, wipes for easy clean up, and latex or polyurethane gloves and condoms handy. Anal play does lend itself to bacterial exposure so take steps to keep the playtime clean and safe. Wearing gloves on hands and putting condoms on toys or penises keeps playtime continuous. You won’t have to jump up and wash off when you’re ready to move onto other things! And most importantly, COMMUNICATE!! Anal play can be a scary or uncomfortable prospect, but can also create intense pleasure and intimacy in your relationships. So discuss what each of your fantasies and desires are, as well as boundaries as you explore, and you’ll discover new erotic sensations together.

If you need more tips on types of anal play and techniques for how to please your lover during anal play, listen to the entire episodes of my Anal August shows on Play With Me on Playboy Radio! Ep. 43-45

Rough Sex for the Nice Guy with Reid Mihalko

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Reid Mihalko, The Sex Geek for my show on Rough Sex!  While almost every woman who replied to my query about whether or not they liked rough sex replied with an emphatic “YES!!!”  there seemed to be just as many men who don’t know how to pull it off.

Thankfully, The Sex Geek was on hand and ready to save the day!  With practical advice and words of encouragement and enlightenment, everyone will gain the confidence to give it a whirl…. or a smack, pull, or choke. *wink, wink*

Here’s a sample of our discussion, but if you want the full interview and Reid’s tips on how to spank, pull hair, and choke your lover the right way, check out the free information on his website, or listen to the entire episode on Playboy Radio, Ep #39.


Kick Off The Season With A Clean Toy Box!

I did an article back in 2009 entitled “What’s in your Toy?” Six years later, we have even more options, creating even more questions about whether or not your battery operated boyfriend is not just good to you, but good for you. So I’ve updated the list of sex toys materials to include more information about how to choose your toy, as well as the sexy types of things you can put on, and in your body. From hard plastic to polished wood, I’ll give you the reasons you might want to toss your old standby, or pick up something new this season.

Most of the original vibrators were made from hard plastic. Hard plastic vibes have been on the scene for a long time, are lubricant friendly, transfer vibrations well, are non-porous and can be cleaned and sanitized easily. What does this mean for you? It can be used with either water-based, or silicone lubes, will give you enough vibration to get you off, and are made from materials that are safe, i.e.: does not contain the controversial phthalates we have heard so much about.


Care and Feeding of your Hard Plastic Toys: Hard plastic can be cleaned with soap andwater, toy cleaner, and sanitized with a solution of rubbing alcohol and water. Because they are non-porous, they can be stored virtually anywhere. But why not keep them clean and ready for your next moment of inspiration?! Be careful not to get the battery compartment wet! And always remove your batteries to prolong the life of the battery and avoid corrosion.

Later, softer materials for toys were introduced.  Jelly toys come from a porous rubber material with chemical phthalates added.  While their have been no conclusive studies on phthalates in sex toys, the use of these materials in our children’s toys has been banned. These toys generally have a strong smell when you open the package, and can feel sticky or tacky. Conscientious retailers are proud to no longer carry jelly toys. Eco-friendly and health conscious consumers are avoiding purchasing products that are toxic. But does that mean you need to toss your favorite BOB? Nope, you can use a condom on your jelly toy if you are concerned about exposure to phthalates.


Care and Feeding of your Jelly Toys: Only water-based lubricant is recommend for jelly toys. Clean your jelly toys with mild soap and water, or toy cleaner, and store in a cool, dry place, rather than an airtight container. Be careful not to get the battery compartment wet! And always remove your batteries to prolong the life of the battery and avoid corrosion.

*Jelly toys will leach onto other things, so make sure you store them wrapper in a paper towel, or toy bag that is breathable so your jelly toys don’t melt and breakdown.

Silicone was introduced to sex toys in the 1980’s, and is widely used and popular today.While it is one of the most popular materials for toys, not all silicone is created equal. When choosing a silicone toy, stick to food or medical grade silicone for the safest in silicone toys. Medical grade silicone is hypoallergenic, hygienic, boilable, bleachable, and even dishwasher safe. Some resources suggest that silicone lubricants may not be used on silicone toys, but they can as long as the toy and the lubricant are both of a high quality. How can you tell? I recommend doing a patch test. Rub some on the base of the shaft of the toy, as far away from where you’ll want to insert it, just in case. Apply a small amount and check back later for any changes to the surface area.


Care and Feeding of your Silicone Toys: Silicone toys, like hard plastic, can be cleaned with soap and water, toy cleaner, and sanitized with a solution of rubbing alcohol and water. Because they are non-porous, they can be stored virtually anywhere. Be careful not to get the battery compartment wet! And always remove your batteries to prolong the life of the battery and avoid corrosion.

To read more about Silicone, Elastomers, glass, metal and polished wood toys, click here to read the rest of the article on or listen the “Toybox make-over” episode of Play With Me (Ep. 20) on Playboy Radio!