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Anka Radakovich is a legendary Sex Columnist, Certified Sexologist, Sex Therapist, Sex Educator, Screenwriter, and Author of the new book THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, PART 2, Tales from New York to Hollywood. THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, Part 2 is her third book. Her first two books, The Wild Girls Club; Tales from below the Belt, and Sexplorations; Journeys to the Erogenous Frontier were both published by Crown/Random House. She was the Sex Columnist for DETAILS Magazine for 9 years and is currently a Sex Columnist for BRITISH GQ and writes the weekly "Ask Anka"/"Sexual Healing" column for Her writing has appeared in dozens of magazines including Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Men's Journal, Seventeen, Glamour, and Maxim. She has appeared on numerous television shows including 8 appearances with Conan O’Brien. She was a Jeopardy question under the category “Men’s Mags.” As a Sex Educator and Sexologist, she is a college lecturer at Universities throughout the country who offers her unique brand of sex education. Follow her on Twitter @ankarad.

Woman Gets Stuck In Chimney Sneaking Into Man’s House She Met On Dating Site

Here’s a lesson in never giving your home address to anyone you meet through an online dating site. A woman in Thousand Oaks, California was arrested after she attempted to break into the house of a man she met online — and got stuck in his chimney. Neighbors called police after they heard someone screaming for help.

The homeowner told KABC news in Los Angeles “She seemed totally cool until the first red flag was her actually being on my roof two weeks ago.”  (You know it’s time to break up when she is breaking into your house.)

Red flag #2 went up when he came home and saw the LAPD yanking her out of his chimney. Firefighters pulled the sooty jilted dater out by lubing up the chimney with dish soap. The police did not ask what dating site they met on.

Women Want “Goddess” Over “Slutty” Costumes This Halloween


Looking slutty for Halloween is so last year. This year women want to look like goddesses — either Greek or Roman, or romantic Renaissance women.  According to Ricky’s Halloween, the largest costume shop in NYC,  “A lot of people are going to themed parties such as toga parties,” and they would rather go as the beautiful Aphrodite, Goddess of Love & Sex, rather than as the sex object French Maid or slutty nurse.

Ricky’s also told us that their bestselling costumes for men this year are superheros. “Iron Man, especially” they said, followed by the sexy Captain America. Last year Ricky’s told us their Pimp and Caveman costumes were best sellers, so maybe man is evolving after all.

Butt Plug Sculpture in Paris Pulled Out By Vandals

Is it a Christmas tree, a Brancusi sculpture, or a gigantic butt plug? A giant 24-foot inflatable sculpture by Los Angeles  artist Paul McCarthy was installed at Place Vendome in Paris to instant controversy. According to Le Monde, while the American artist was installing it, an uptight French guy puched him in the face three times.

Since it’s installation, it has become the new hot spot for tourist photos and selfies.

But Saturday, while people wondered if someone would deflate the inflatable X-rated “Christmas Tree,” vandals pulled the plug.

The conceptual piece was part of the FIAC International Art Fair in Paris.

Paris Major Anne Hildago said in a statement “Paris will not succumb to the threats of those who attack an artist or a work who are attacking artistic freedom.”

You’ve Got Male; Tom Of Finland Homoerotic Postage Stamps Achieve Worldwide Popularity

Tom of Finland stamps

God bless the Finns. In addition to a country filled with gorgeous, tall, strapping men — (I’ve been there. And I’m going back), they have to be one of the few countries not uptight about sex. In any form. In fact, nudity and saunas are part of the Finnish culture.

The Finnish postal service released their sheet of 33 Tom of Finland stamps back in September in honor of gay icon and erotic artist Tom of Finland, real name Touko Laaksonens  (1920-1991) and have since sold them in 178 countries around the world. This would never happen in America; naked male butt cheeks on a postage stamp with the face of another guy peering between his legs? Never. In America we had one postal stamp in October, 2013 honoring Harvey Milk for his gay activism. Attention out-of-it postal workers deciding who gets on a stamp; can we have more gays?

The late 1970’s/early80’s fetish fashions he drew were super masculine with leather Daddy jackets, boots, and military hats, moustaches, macho uniforms, tight jeans, and boners.  Freddy Mercury of Queen and the Village People were good examples of “the look.” According to the Finnish postal service “His emphatically masculine homoeteric drawings have attained iconic status. Tom Of Finland utilized the self-irony and humor typical of subcultures.”


America The Beautiful 3 Documentary Looks At Effects of Sexual Explicitness on America’s Youth

America The Beautiful 3 is a serious yet surprisingly sweet investigation into the sexualization of our youth and its unfortunate consequences. This is the conversation every parent of teenage kids should be having but aren’t.

While America The Beautiful 1 and 2 dealt with celebrity, body image, and eating disorders, the third installment by writer/director Darryl Roberts explores sexual imagery.  Sexual saturation in advertising and its confusing effects on young women, beauty pageants and how creepy they are are both investigated. But most interesting is how pornography viewed by boys as young as 11 and 12 shapes their view and treatment of girls. And it is not good.

While informed and interesting experts discuss the unformed adolescent brain and how it seeks immediate gratification, the most compelling subject in the doc is a teenage boy and confessed “porn addict” whose misguided attitudes contribute to the rape culture. He admits that he is “disrespectful” to girls and looks down on them– because his brain is fried from watching too much porn.

But America The Beautiful 3, The Sexualization of our Youth has a happy ending. The film’s female teenage intern convinces Abercrombie & Fitch that their advertising is exploitative and non- empowering to young girls. And there is a take away here; that awareness and more social sex education from peers and parents can result in boys becoming better men, and treating women with more respect.

Walgreens Sells Strap-ons and Butt Plugs

Walgreens is not exactly known for being sexy, but it happily sells dildos, penis pumps, butt plugs, and other “sexual wellness” products in their stores and online. Attention shoppers, giant dildos on aisle four.

Here you’ll find the “gal pal” double dong, the “Mighty Man Trigger” penis pump, and the “Head Honcho” masturbation sleeve.

Walgreen’s advertising slogan is “At the corner of happy and healthy.” Then you turn left and go right up someone’s butt.

TATER TWAT: Woman Has Sprouting Potato Removed From Her Vagina

Here is a great example of why we need more sex education in the world. When a 22-year-old girl in Colombia, South America showed up at the emergency room complaining of pain, doctors discovered a potato growing in her vagina. It had been sprouting in there for over two weeks and had giant roots growing out of it.  Doctors noticed the roots sticking out when they went to examine her. “My Mom told me that if I didn’t want to get pregnant, I should put a potato up there, and I believed her,” the girl explained to the local news media about her failed contraception attempt.

The potato was successfully extracted and removed, hopefully along with the guy she was having sex with who refused to wear a condom.


An excerpt from THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, Part 2, Tales from New York to Hollywood by Anka Radakovich


Road Trip to the Sex Convention

By Anka Radakovich

In search of modern inventions for better living, I was off to the sex convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center, or as the promoters of the event called it “An Entertainment Extravaganza!”

“Erotica LA” is billed as the “premier adult marketplace” that attracts over 20,000 people and lasts for three days. Throbbing with anticipation, I entered the convention center and was greeted by a sign that read “FLASHING IS PROHIBITED. Anyone who exposes themselves will be ejected from his event,” which made me wonder what kind of pervs attended last year.

I liked the science fair aspect of the convention, and t the “Andromate” booth, featuring “Cyborgasmatrix Androids,” the conventioneers — mostly male, looked fascinated by a hauntingly life-like sex doll hanging from a hook in its back. Made of silicone rubber, it is a “technically advanced durable ultra-realisticflesh-like elastometric gel” That looks amazingly like a real woman. The “Pandora Peaks” doll is modeled after a 44DD porn star and is available in with or without pubic hair, and a removable tongue. According to its inventors “Andromate is for you” if:

–“You are a techo-sexual.” (a people objectifier or robo sexualizer)

–“You are seeking a sexual partner who is always there for you, never gets tired, and is always pretty.”

–“You are seeking immediate sexual gratification without the substantial cost associated with dating.”

–“You don’t want heavy conversations about the direction of the relationship.”

The conventioneers shuffled past the doll like they were curious to see what she felt like and longed to touch her. In a Candid Camera moment, one guy stood in front of “Pandora” and twanged her realistic rubber coochie like a banjo, shook her gigantic boobies like they were water balloons, stretched her nipples out four inches, slapped her face as her plumped-up lips flopped up and down, then stuck his entire fist down her throat. Next time a man does this to me, I’ll know he’s been with an Andromate.

At the “Lil’ Mynx” display, the “worlds’ only portable stripper pole” was on display.
“Bring the fantasy home,” said the booth’s sign. “Permanently installing a dance pole in the middle of your room can be a big commitment” it noted. “You lose the use of the middle of the room when you’re not using the pole. What a hassle! We have the solution. Lightweight and small enough to fit into a car, the pole is for “dance professionals, “bachelor parties, dorm rooms, and tour buses.”

I have no idea how many poles they sell, but ya know you’re a ho when you have one of those things in your trunk.

As I crossed the convention floor, I discovered the “Do Me chair, whose creator said it was “a multi-positional sexual intercourse chair designed to assist and enhance the sexual gratification of adventure consenting adults engaged in various sexual positions.” According to the inventor, he came up with this one when “after breaking several kitchen tables,” he “thought there was a better way.”

At the “I Love Vagina” tee shirt booth manned by two cute rock guys who “used to” play in a band, they reported that “It’s paid off for them to love vaginas.” When I ask one of them if he knows what to do with one, he assures me he “knows what he’s doing” while his buddy admits he “lets his girlfriend do most of the stuff” and is “an early finisher.”

Over at the “Intimate Area Shaver” booth, I was hypnotized by a red neon L.E.D sign
that announced the product’s benefits. “SMOOTH BALLS ARE SEXY” it beamed. “A SHAVED PUSSY IS A PRINCESS. A CLASS PUSSY!”

Stayin’ classy, the shaver is endorsed by such luminaries as “Miss Erotic Big Bust” and porn star Savanna Staxx who says “Thanks for the great shave!” The product-in-use is documented on video tape with porn star Nina Hartley getting shaved at a swinger’s convention.   Made by swingers for swingers, its’ inventor reported that he made his big discovery when his wife “picked up a close-shave razor in Japan and said, “I wonder if I can use this on my wuss?”

The set includes two battery-operated shavers– the first one trims down the hedge fro’ and the second one gives the close “bikini” shave. It has a triple blade that rotates, “with the inner blade and the outer screen forming a triangle that captures the hair and shaves it smoothly, like hundreds of micro scissors,” says its inventor, who looks like someone’s Grampa, and notes that it’s a hit at swinger’s conventions. “Go ahead, touch! Feel how smooth my balls are!” he says pulling his zipper down and stuffing my hand down his pants–as his wife watches. Grossed out, I pulled my hand out of his pants as he told me I was the 27th woman he convinced that day to touch his balls.

Sex furniture is a big trend this year and the “G-Ring Chair” is designed to hit the woman’s G-spot. A round hanging chair that swings from a hook in the ceiling, the
chair is ergonomically designed for “better sex” and is endorsed as “The best SUV.”
(“Sex Utility Vehicle.”)

Next to the G-Ring chair was a booth promoting a line of “Slut” wear which was next to a Booth promoting the “Cum Kleen Personal Wipe.” According to the wipe’s brochure, it’s “The original wipe that kleens love’s messy moments!” And for off off Madison Avenue advertising copywriting that can’t be beat, it’s slogan is “GET IT OFF AFTER GETTING OFF” and it’s motto is “Beats ruining another towel!”

The “Penis Enlargement booth” manned by Dr. Joel Kaplan, who has Ph.D. in clinical
psychology and human sexuality. Dr. Kaplan claims that his “medical vacuum pump” will enlarge a man’s penis 1-3 inches and improve girth 25%.” He calls himself the “number one inventor and pioneer of erection enhancement therapy.” His penile products include “The Penis Head Enlarger” which “works great with the electric pump and can be used for masturbation and self-pleasuring” and the “Foreskin Suction Unit,” “designed to strengthen and lengthen the existing foreskin.”

Dr. Kaplan also sells books including “Sex for One-The Art Of Male Masturbation,”
which deals with “mechanical masturbators and includes list of worldwide masturbation clubs.” He also promotes “The Art of Auto-Fellatio”/”Oral Sex for One.” This book includes “step by step exercises for Auto Fellatio including actual photographs of the 10 most popular self-sucking positions.” (Someone needs to get out more and has spent way too much time thinking about his penis.)

The last stop was a booth loaded with the world’s stupidest sex toys including “The
Accomodator,” a rubber strap-on dildo that the man straps on his chin to “assist with oral pleasure.” The idea of this device is for the guy to lick the girl while the dildo goes in, increasing the chances for an orgasm. A nice idea in theory, but this thing makes the guy look like he has a penis growing from his chin. I don’t think I could stop laughing enough to continue using it. As soon as he strapped it on, I would immediately want to point and laugh and call him “Dildo Face.”

An excerpt from THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, Part 2, Tales from New York to Hollywood. by Anka Radakovich. The e-book is out now, the paperback coming soon!
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