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Anka Radakovich is a legendary Sex Columnist, Certified Sexologist, Sex Therapist, Sex Educator, Screenwriter, and Author of the new book THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, PART 2, Tales from New York to Hollywood. THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, Part 2 is her third book. Her first two books, The Wild Girls Club; Tales from below the Belt, and Sexplorations; Journeys to the Erogenous Frontier were both published by Crown/Random House. She was the Sex Columnist for DETAILS Magazine for 9 years and is currently a Sex Columnist for BRITISH GQ and writes the weekly "Ask Anka"/"Sexual Healing" column for Her writing has appeared in dozens of magazines including Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Men's Journal, Seventeen, Glamour, and Maxim. She has appeared on numerous television shows including 8 appearances with Conan O’Brien. She was a Jeopardy question under the category “Men’s Mags.” As a Sex Educator and Sexologist, she is a college lecturer at Universities throughout the country who offers her unique brand of sex education. Follow her on Twitter @ankarad.

New “Bioscience” Products for The Lady Down There

Its important to take care of your lady business. You want to keep “it” fresh, fierce, and fluffy. A new line of products called Elle by Nelly De  Vuyst Biofemme is “intended for the care of the intimate feminine areas”, also known as your hoo-ha.

Now available online, Nelly De Vuyst products were previously offered only through spas and medical spas. Since the Nelly De Vuyst products are sold in 25+ countries in over 4,000 locations world-wide, you don’t have to worry about their products harming your private parts. Their specialty skin care line is known for using a science-based approach to make your skin down there soft, silky, and sexy.

Their “Ingrown Hair Complex” is perfect for post pube shaving or laser hair removal. Ideal to use after do it yourself or professional hair removal. This serum really does keep ingrown hairs from appearing, and includes several essential oils such as tea tree, tiger, and lavender, as well as Vitamin E.

If you are pre or post menopausal, “Lubielle” will hep with vaginal dryness of the “intimate mucosa.” To reduce the discomfort associated with dryness, it moisturizes and softens vaginal skin with immediate hydration. Ingredients include Irish Moss and Aloe Vera.

If you are prone to yeast infections, “PH Balance Elle Gel” “prevents the effects related to the “imbalance of the intimate flora, such as recurrent infections. Help to re-balance the physiological PH and the ecosystem while protecting from external aggressions.” Although we’re not quite sure what “external aggressions” they are talking about, we’ll go with wet bathing suits and sweaty yoga pants. This stuff is a great idea.

The “Zone Control Elle” is a “3-day cure that targets vaginal yeast infections. Its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory organic ingredients assist in re-balancing the intimate flora while relieving itching, redness, burning and feelings of discomfort.” Nice. The main ingredient here is Hawthorne extract.

The “Regenerating Serum Elle”  is “super moisturizing and regenerating”, using oils such as evening primose to help relieve dryness. It is both “purifying and moisturizing, and prevents the disequilibrium of the skin flora during menopause.”

“The well-being and balance of intimate feminine areas are important throughout all stages of a woman’s life,” says the company. Elle by Nelly De Vuyst BioFemme offers a complete range of products for the “lady down there.” Check out their entire 10 product line here at It also makes a unique (and thoughtful!) gift for your own, or someone else’s lady bits.

Study Says Men Exaggerate Number Of Sex Partners

While most women downplay the number of sexual partners they’ve had, men do the opposite. A recent study from the University of Glasgow found that men totally exaggerated how many people they stuck their manhood into.

From a psychological and sociological standpoint, the massive study reinforces the prevalent fact that men who sleep with lots of women are seen as studs and heroes, while women who do the exact same thing are seen as ho’s.

The survey involved 15,162 men & women aged 16-74 and was called “Why do men report more opposite sex sexual partners than women? Analysis of the gender discrepancy.” Interestingly, oral sex was not counted as “having sex” so b.j.’s don’t add to one’s “number.”

The study found that “In a closed population and defined time period, the mean number of opposite-sex partners reported by men and women should be equal. However, in all surveys, men report more partners.” Data was taken from Britain’s “National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles.” Men reported a mean of 14.14 lifetime partners; women reported 7.12. Why doesn’t the math add up?

The reason why men report more partners, according to the study, is that women can count pretty much the exact number of sex partners they’ve had. (Women never forget.) “A female tendency to enumerate (count instances) leads to lower estimates,” said the study,”while a male tendency to approximate, which leads to overestimates.”

And although participants were asked not to include the oral “polishing of the pole” in the number of people they counted, the study said that “a higher propensity among men was to include non-penetrative sex partners in their total count.” (“Let’s see, that’s 15 girls I did the deed with and another 20 who orally pleasured my big boy.”)

“Participants were included regardless of sexual orientation,” notes the researchers, “because people identifying as gay or lesbian may also report at least one opposite-sex partner. As long as men and women with no opposite-sex partners are included in the count, the total number of partnerships (and therefore the mean number of lifetime partners) should be equal, regardless of how people identify.” In other words, people with penises exaggerate the number of sexy time partners.

Another reason for the exaggeration, suggested the study, had to do with how  participants “perceived gendered norms and expectations.” The study concluded that “fear of social disapproval for transgressing gender norms may lead men to over report and women to under report their lifetime partners.” From now on, don’t even ask.

2019 Pirelli Calendar Celebrates Women’s Dreams And Goals

The 2019 Pirelli Calendar “Dreaming” is a photographic tale of four women and their determination to achieve their goals, pursuing their own dreams in different ways. Legendary fashion photographer Albert Watson, who has shot over 100 Vogue covers, created characters to show that success is no longer defined by societal standards. The photographs are in the cinematic 16:9 format, and look like film stills.

The Pirelli Calendar debuted in 1964 as a pin-up calendar to promote the Italian tire company. The calendar was often controversial; included nudity, and prided itself in presenting provocative images. In 2016, comic Amy Schumer posed unapologetically naked with a coffee cup. This year the theme is female empowerment, in the form of women’s aspirations and dreams.

“To make a dream come true, you have to work hard,” says Watson. “I’ve always taken it step by step, reaching one goal at a time, without wanting to get immediately to the top of the ladder. Even though I sometimes think this ladder could go on up forever, with the top rung ever-further away, I think it’s always worth giving yourself increasingly ambitious goals and dreams.”

Each of the four women focuses on the future and “has her own individuality, her own particular purpose in life, and her own way of doing things. So the underlying theme is that of ‘dreams’, but the basic idea behind the whole project is that of telling a story in four ‘little movies’. What I wanted to convey were the protagonists’ hopes and their way of thinking about the future, in a way that would bring with it the aspect of dreaming”, says Watson.

“An example of this is the character played by Gigi Hadid”, he explains. “She has recently separated from her partner, lives alone in a glass tower and has Alexander Wang as her only friend and confidant: “I think there’s a degree of angst in these images. With Hadid’s character, I wanted to convey the sense of a woman thinking about her future, but also showing her in a situation of loneliness. We see her thinking about where she is going to go in life, what she will be doing tomorrow. I wanted it to be much more minimalistic than the other women and settings I photographed.”

Misty Copeland, whose partner in the Calendar is Calvin Royal III, also looks to the future, fantasising about making a name for herself in the world of dance. “Trying to be successful is her driving force,” says Watson. “Copeland’s character earns her living by dancing in a club, but at the same time she has also put up a little stage in her garden, where she practices dancing in order to become a star, sometimes with her boyfriend, played by Calvin Royal III.” In real life, Copeland was the first African American woman to be promoted to principal dancer in the 75 year-old history The American Ballet Theater. And speaking of goals: her muscular legs are dreamy!

Lastly, Laetitia Casta is a painter who lives in a studio apartment with her partner, played by Sergei Polunin. They both dream of success: she as an artist, he as a dancer. “What’s interesting”, says Watson, “is that, in real life, Laetitia really does sculpt and create artwork in her spare time. This worked out very well and helped her get into character.”

“I wanted people looking at the Calendar to see that my aim was photography in its purest form,”said Watson, “exploring the women I was photographing and creating a situation that would convey a positive vision of women today.”

All Albert Watson photos published with permission from Pirelli.

Ad Agency Creates “Sexual Harassment” Dress For Schweppes Campaign

As part of an ad campaign by Schweppes, ad agency Ogilvy came up with a “sexual harassment” dress and sent three women to a nightclub to see if anyone touched them. The “touch sensitive/smart” dress recorded how many times they got groped or ass grabbed over a four hour period. That poor dress!

Their revealing “sexperiment”, which also involved videotaping young guys who were out clubbing, revealed that most of them didn’t think women were sexually harassed at all! Not.

According to Ogilvy, the Sao Paulo, Brazil branch of one of the oldest “Madison Avenue” ad agencies in existence, researchers told a different story. They analyzed the data from the dress and found out that between the four women, they were touched 157 times over 3 hours and 47 minutes. That’s about 40 times an hour per woman, which is a lot of unsolicited ass grabbing.

The dress, which was embedded with sensors that recorded the number of touches from pressure on the dress, was transferred to researchers through wifi. When the dress was groped, sensors responded and lit up in that spot.

Video revealed that women were touched everywhere on their bodies; including their shoulders, backs, arms, thighs, and booties. In one scene, a drunken club goer walks up to a girl and tries to kiss her.

The campaign, for beverage company Schweppes, used a clever stunt to bring awareness to the fact that women experience sexual harassment on a daily basis. The campaign called it the “dress for respect dress”, which pointed out the fact that women get no respect, especially at a nightclub filled with horny, obnoxious, drunken club guys.

No wonder girls who go out to clubs have to travel in a pack, in order to protect themselves from the “wolves.” Men need more than just a sex tip or two: they need a whole shift in thinking, one that respects women, rather than treating them like something to be hunted and conquered.

Until then, we thank the efforts of Ogilvy in pointing out the “every day sexism” that women endure every time they leave the house. Fortunately, ad agencies are now thinking its good advertising to bring up the subject and make guys aware of their date rapey behavior.

So next time I go to a nightclub, I’m going to have to wear a dress that says “Don’t touch the merchandise or I’ll punch you.” Which will at least cut down the sexual harassment down by 75%.

Photo of nightclub in Buenos Aires, Brazil by

Series Based on New York Times “Modern Love” Column To Debut On Amazon

A new web series based on the New York Times “Modern Love” column, is currently in production for Amazon Studios. The new series, filming now in New York City, “explores the joys and tribulations of love” in Gotham city.

The cast includes Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, John Slattery, Dev Patel, Catherine Keener, Andy Garcia, Cristin Milioti, Brandon Victor Dixon, Olivia Cooke, Andrew Scott, Julia Garner, Shea Whigham, Gary Carr, Sofia Boutella, and John Gallagher, Jr. The series will run for 8 episodes, debuting this spring.

Daniel Jones, editor of the New York Times’ “Modern Love” column, has read more than 80,000 essays on love over the past 14 years. His conclusion? “There are two types of people: those who give up on love after heartbreak and those who keep their hearts open.”

According to Variety, Todd Hoffman will executive produce with John Carney and Trish Hofmann as producer. Sam Dolnick and Choire Sicha of The New York Times will also serve as executive producers. Modern Love column editor Daniel Jones will be the show’s consulting producer.

And what did all those 80,000 essays have in common? “The big question that unified everyone who submitted essays, said Jones is “How happy do I have a right to be?”

During a recent debate by Intelligence Squared U.S. called “Dating Apps Have Killed Romance,” Jones said “Everyone is trying to determine if this person is right for me. What is happiness? Is this person enough for me? That is what people want to know. I adore people who have opened themselves up to love after they have been crushed,” he said. “Bitterness vs. openness. If you can be on that right side, you can have a chance for happiness.”

Over the years the column has addressed online dating, blind dating, dating someone older, dating someone younger, and dating someone you have no business dating. It has also talked about sleeping with an ex, finding a long lost love, and the complications of dating career-driven, complicated New Yorkers.

The Times column recently spawned a podcast, which will give the series even more candid material — both comedy and drama, and delve into not only romantic love issues, but loving relationships with brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and friends.

Amazon executive Jennifer Salke, who was formerly with NBC, greenlit the series and said “I was looking for the next show that women can’t stop talking about.”

Showrunner John Carney said “Now more than ever, love is the only certainty.”

Future Sex: Study Says People Will Do It In Driver-less Cars

People already love having sex in their cars, but a new study says with driver-less cars looming in the future, “back seat driving” will take on a whole new meaning.

“Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, (CAV’s) have the potential to dramatically change the way people live, work, and travel in cities,” says a new study on the future of urban tourism. The study also predicted that “driver-less” cars will result in people having sex in them. “Allowing CAV’s to become cost comparable with non CAV’s will result in some degree of mass penetration and growth,” they say. Yeah, like growing boners and mass penetration in the back seat.

The study, conducted by the British research firm The Annals of Tourism research, which sounds like the name of an anal porn movie, said that “The deployment of CAV’s in cities will affect hotels, events, restaurants and bars in ways not yet meaningfully considered by the tourism and hospitality industries.”

“Tourism in the urban night is intricately connected to the hospitality industry,” the study continues. “This might include questions of how prostitution, and sex more generally, in moving CAV’s, becomes a growing phenomenon. For instance, hotels-by-the-hour are likely to be replaced by CAV’s, and this will have implications for urban tourism.” Do they mean someone is going to open up a drive-in blow job joint?

For ordinary people who are not prostitutes, the general population will be having more sex in cars once these things get on the road. “Road head” will live on! #roadtrip.

“Drunk driving will no longer be an issue,” they say, and instead the issue will be what sex position works the best without bumping your head into the side window.

A 2016 study in The Journal of Sex Research, who always publishes awesome sex studies, people love having sex in a parked car. “Despite discomfort, body bumps, and risk of being caught, sex while parked was primarily a positive sexual and romantic experience for both men and women,” says the author of the study, University of South Dakota’s Dr. Struckman-Johnson.

The anonymous study, called “Sexual Behavior In Parked Cars Reported By Midwestern College Men And Women”, studied 195 men and 511 women. 119 men (61%) and 303 women (59.5%) reported they did indeed do the deed while parked. The most common sexual acts were “penile-vaginal sex and genital touching” (“heavy petting”), reported by 84.6% and 57.5% of respondents.”

Sex in public is one of the top three sexual fantasies enjoyed by both sexes. The risk of getting caught makes getting your vulva rubbed in a Volvo more exciting.


Google car photo: 

How To Have Hot Make-Up Sex!

Although fighting with your honey is not the best, make-up sex makes up for it — and is the best! After an argument, which happens in even the best relationships, make-up sex is a tension reliever and often ends up being super steamy and surprising bonding at the same time.

To reconnect, start with a classic Tantra sex position, the Yab Yum. Have your partner sit cross-legged while you sit on their lap, wrapping your legs around their butt. Next, stare into each other’s eyes to show each other some love. The “eye gazing” helps you feel close to each other again. Then, try to synchronize your breathing. You can just sit there like that, or you can have sexy time in that very position. For more intimacy, run your fingers through each other’s hair and kiss each other’s necks. Sweet.

Depending on whose fault it is, oral sex is in order. The “fixer” position involves one person on their back, receiving pleasure, and the other on their knees “fixing” the problem. And you can take turns to make things even. You can also modify this position by having one person sit on a chair or a couch to relieve the strain on your neck, and make sexy eye contact while you’re giving or receiving pleasure.

If you want to try something non-sexual before sex, try some Sexycises by Sexperts, Yin Yang Yoga For Intimacy.  These fun “pre-sex” positions combine kundalini, vinyasa, tantra yoga for couples, and acroyoga, which combines yoga and acrobatics. The poses range from easy to porn star, so anyone at any level can do them. Each pose is scaled for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced sexyciser.

Dr. Ava Cadell, who created the video, along with 19 other PhD’s, MFT’s, sex therapists, sexologists, couple’s counselors, and yoga experts, found that “Couples get the quickest and most positive results when they connect physically.”

She came up with the idea for the video after realizing that couples are much happier when they use physical, non-sexual touch to become more emotionally connected. I love this “sexercise” video, and think it’s a great Christmas gift for your lover. I gave this download as a wedding gift and the couple thanked me, telling me they watched it together, and now have aspirations to achieve the “High Flying Whale” position. 

Dr. Jallen Rix, a clinical sexologist who appears on the video, encourages couples to “get out of their head space” and into more of a “physical space”. He compares doing this to slow dancing, which can be a slow build-up to make-up sex. Here is Dr. Jallen Rix performing the “High Flying Whale” with yoga partner Kayvon Afsarifard. You can also check out “The Bird” their recent YouTube post on the Sexycises channel – and subscribe for weekly free poses!

Designer Penis Jewelry Anyone?

For those who love jewelry as much as they do penis, designer brand Yves St. Laurent has created a matching set of penis earrings and a penis necklace. Priced at $345, the “penis dangle earring” in “patinatated golden brass”, is completely sold out online, but is available at YSL’s 29 stores across the county. For pierced ears only, the earrings are marketed to women.

Although we love penises, especially matching ones, the black stuff around the head of the mini peens looks kinda funky. Despite this, these things are flying off the shelves. Each penis is engraved with “Saint Laurent Paris” on each side so everyone knows its the real thing.


The “penis pendant”, also in “golden brass”, sells for $795.00 and sold out immediately online. The chain is adjustable so you can move the little weiner up and down on your neck, as your friends  point and laugh at it.

Legendary fashion designer Yves St. Laurent was at his height in the 1960’s and 70’s, and according the The Telegraph, was “the King of radical chic.”

According to his obituary in The New York Times, “During a career that ran from 1957 to 2002, he was largely responsible for changing the way modern women dress, putting them into pants both day and night, into peacoats and safari jackets, into “le smoking” (as the French call a man’s tuxedo jacket), and into leopard prints, trench coats and, for a time in the 1970’s, peasant-inspired clothing in rich fabrics.”

“Mr. Saint Laurent often sought inspiration on the streets, bringing the Parisian beatnik style to couture runways and adapting the sailors’ peacoats he found in Army-Navy stores in New York into jackets that found their way into fashionable women’s wardrobes around the world.”

For anyone who wants the designer “knock off” version of St. Laurent’s penis jewelry, Etsy has tons of jokey penis earrings, necklaces, and dangling jewelry for a guy to wear directly on his family jewels. There is one called a “Dick Thang”, to “adorn his penis” for only $14.99.

Someone else is selling a shiny penis brass keychain ” for only $9.90 and another penis lover offers a fancy mini “penis ring” for $11.72. Many of the descriptions of the jewelry say stuff like “Perfect for church on Sunday or brunch with Grandma.” And from the number of reviews on some of these phallic items–reviews in the hundreds and thousands, X-rated penis jewelry is apparently “in.” Who knew?

“Pleasure, Power, and Porn”; Girl Power Talk With Liz Goldwyn and Erica Lust Nov. 8th

On Thursday, November 8th, world renowned Barcelona based indie porn filmmaker Erika Lust, and L.A. based filmmaker and founder of The Sex Ed, Liz Goldwyn, will be in NYC for a conversation about sex, power, porn, and pleasure.
The two will address the responsibility of representing female sexuality across creative mediums, while re-framing the dialogue around pornography and gender equality. Liz and Erika will explore whether explicit film can be used as an educational tool to help us better understand our sexuality, and how we can leverage the intensity of the current political and cultural climate to lead a safer, sex-positive society.
Moderated by Dani Kawatek-Clark of Broadly, the current sexual discourse will include “How can we celebrate sex in ways that emancipate our desire from feelings of shame?” and “Can pleasure, power and porn be redefined as a means to teach us about sex and connection?”
It sounds like an interesting evening of girl (power) talk. And of course, guys are also invited to discuss.
Get tickets here.

About Liz Goldwyn
Liz Goldwyn is an author, filmmaker and founder of The Sex Ed, working in Los Angeles. Goldwyn is the writer and director of the documentary Pretty Things which encompassed 8 years of research and first-person interviews showcasing 20th century burlesque queens. (Fun fact: her grandfather was Hollywood movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn, who founded Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios.) Following the documentary, her first book, Pretty Things: the Last Generation of American Burlesque Queens, was published worldwide. Goldwyn’s short films include Underwater Ballet, L.A. at Night, The Painted Lady, Dear Diary, Love Meditation and Cello Dream. She is also author of the novel Sporting Guide based on original historical research. Goldwyn’s new educational digital platform The Sex Ed, explores sex, health, and consciousness in the digital age.
About Erika Lust

Erika Lust is an indie adult filmmaker who creates sex-positive, indie adult cinema that portrays sexually intelligent narratives, relatable characters, and realistic hot sex. In 2015, Erika gave her essential TEDx talk It’s Time for Porn to Change. Erika’s groundbreaking XConfessions project is the first crowdsourced erotic film series in the history of adult cinema. Every month, she picks two anonymous fantasies shared on and turns them into captivating, explicit short films. Erika’s cinema reflects her views on sex as a healthy, natural part of life worth celebrating. With more than 150 short films, Erika also produces and finances female guest directors, supporting burgeoning talent across the globe. She defends the importance of having women behind the camera in all key positions.

  • Venue: The William Vale Ballroom, 111 North 12th Street, Brooklyn
  • Date: Thursday, November 8th
  • Time: 7:30 – 9PM
  • Headliners: Liz Goldwyn, author, filmmaker and Founder of The Sex Ed, Erika Lust, award-winning erotic film director (moderated by Dani Kwatek-Clark, Senior Culture Editor, Broadly.
  • Event Synopsis: Let’s talk about sex. How can women celebrate sex in ways that emancipate our desires from feelings of shame? Can porn be redefined as a resource for sex education.

Watch (For Free!) The History Of The Sexual Revolution in San Francisco Documentary

San Francisco was the city that started the sexual revolution. While other cities followed, such as Los Angeles, the “city by the bay” was the first “sexually radical” city. And it’s still a rad city that remains judgement free.

The local NBC affiliate recently ran a documentary just made available to watch for free here. The doc, called Bay Area Revelations, Sexual Revolutionaries, tells the story of San Francisco’s radical sexual past, from the gold rush days to today. It’s sextastic!

Narrated by actor Peter Coyote, who seems to narrate every cool documentary ever made, the city’s wild history starts with the 1895 gold rush, a “lawless, wild west town with no judgement”, says historian Amy Sueyoshi. “Some say that this might have been the beginning of what one might imagine San Francisco being today, a place of carefree sexuality.” The Downtown neighborhood was filled with saloons, brothels, music halls, and opium dens. Locals called the area “Terrific Street.”

One interesting question the doc answers is the reason why San Francisco became a gay mecca. During WWII there was a sudden purge of soldiers in the Navy and Army who were kicked out of the military once they were found out to be gay. Since San Francisco was the last port they were shipped out of, they were shipped back there. Many of them loved it so much they just stayed there.

And in the 1950’s, the “Daughters of Bilitis”, a secret lesbian organization formed and once word got around, many lesbians from around the country moved to SF.

In 1958, The Condor opened, a Las Vegas style nightclub where a waitress named Carol Doda injected her flat chest with silicone, for probably the world’s first boob job, and began dancing on a piano that lifted up and town. It became the first topless club in the country.

The beatnicks are also mentioned, as the original hipsters who pre-dated the hippies, who were part of the city’s counter-cultural history.

The “Summer of Love” in 1967 is also mentioned, the year thousands of hippies flocked to the Haight Ashbury neighborhood to experiment with sex, drugs and “free love.” Good times.

The porn industry in 1969 also gets a mention with Jim and Artie Mitchell’s O’Farrell Theatre, and the first porn movie Behind the Green Door, which ushered in “The Golden Age of Porn.”

On a more poignant note, the doc covers gay activist Harvey Milk’s election and assassination in 1978, and the city’s saddest era, in the early 1980’s, when AIDS suddenly ravaged the city. Sister Roma and her “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” who dressed up as nuns started out as entertainment, but during the AIDS crisis the “sisters” found their purpose and visited dying men in the hospital, hugging them when everyone else was afraid to.

The episode ends with a segment about the sexual revolution and women, and features our buddy, sexologist Dr. Carol Queen, who traces the radical way Good Vibrations opened the first sex shop. The store focused on women’s pleasure, which was a radical concept in itself.

Photo of the infamous hippie Haight Street by Arjun Sarup/ WikimediaCommons

(The legs remain to this day.)