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Anka Radakovich is a legendary Sex Columnist, Sex Educator, Sexologist, Screenwriter, and Author of the new book THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, PART 2, Tales from New York to Hollywood. THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, Part 2 is her third book. Her first two books The Wild Girls Club; Tales from below the Belt, and Sexplorations; Journeys to the Erogenous Frontier were both published by Crown/Random House. She was the Sex Columnist for DETAILS Magazine for 9 years and is currently a Sex Columnist for BRITISH GQ and a writer for COSMOPOLITAN Magazine. Her writing has appeared in dozens of magazines including Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar, Redbook, Men's Journal, Seventeen, Glamour, and Maxim. She has appeared on numerous television shows including 8 appearances with Conan O’Brien. She was a Jeopardy question under the category “Men’s Mags.” As a Sex Educator and Sexologist, she is a college lecturer at Universities throughout the country who offers her unique brand of sex education. She lives in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @ankarad. @ankarad

Designer Penis Jewelry Anyone?

For those who love jewelry as much as they do penis, designer brand Yves St. Laurent has created a matching set of penis earrings and a penis necklace. Priced at $345, the “penis dangle earring” in “patinatated golden brass”, is completely sold out online, but is available at YSL’s 29 stores across the county. For pierced ears only, the earrings are marketed to women.

Although we love penises, especially matching ones, the black stuff around the head of the mini peens looks kinda funky. Despite this, these things are flying off the shelves. Each penis is engraved with “Saint Laurent Paris” on each side so everyone knows its the real thing.


The “penis pendant”, also in “golden brass”, sells for $795.00 and sold out immediately online. The chain is adjustable so you can move the little weiner up and down on your neck, as your friends  point and laugh at it.

Legendary fashion designer Yves St. Laurent was at his height in the 1960’s and 70’s, and according the The Telegraph, was “the King of radical chic.”

According to his obituary in The New York Times, “During a career that ran from 1957 to 2002, he was largely responsible for changing the way modern women dress, putting them into pants both day and night, into peacoats and safari jackets, into “le smoking” (as the French call a man’s tuxedo jacket), and into leopard prints, trench coats and, for a time in the 1970’s, peasant-inspired clothing in rich fabrics.”

“Mr. Saint Laurent often sought inspiration on the streets, bringing the Parisian beatnik style to couture runways and adapting the sailors’ peacoats he found in Army-Navy stores in New York into jackets that found their way into fashionable women’s wardrobes around the world.”

For anyone who wants the designer “knock off” version of St. Laurent’s penis jewelry, Etsy has tons of jokey penis earrings, necklaces, and dangling jewelry for a guy to wear directly on his family jewels. There is one called a “Dick Thang”, to “adorn his penis” for only $14.99.

Someone else is selling a shiny penis brass keychain ” for only $9.90 and another penis lover offers a fancy mini “penis ring” for $11.72. Many of the descriptions of the jewelry say stuff like “Perfect for church on Sunday or brunch with Grandma.” And from the number of reviews on some of these phallic items–reviews in the hundreds and thousands, X-rated penis jewelry is apparently “in.” Who knew?

“Pleasure, Power, and Porn”; Girl Power Talk With Liz Goldwyn and Erica Lust Nov. 8th

On Thursday, November 8th, world renowned Barcelona based indie porn filmmaker Erika Lust, and L.A. based filmmaker and founder of The Sex Ed, Liz Goldwyn, will be in NYC for a conversation about sex, power, porn, and pleasure.
The two will address the responsibility of representing female sexuality across creative mediums, while re-framing the dialogue around pornography and gender equality. Liz and Erika will explore whether explicit film can be used as an educational tool to help us better understand our sexuality, and how we can leverage the intensity of the current political and cultural climate to lead a safer, sex-positive society.
Moderated by Dani Kawatek-Clark of Broadly, the current sexual discourse will include “How can we celebrate sex in ways that emancipate our desire from feelings of shame?” and “Can pleasure, power and porn be redefined as a means to teach us about sex and connection?”
It sounds like an interesting evening of girl (power) talk. And of course, guys are also invited to discuss.
Get tickets here.

About Liz Goldwyn
Liz Goldwyn is an author, filmmaker and founder of The Sex Ed, working in Los Angeles. Goldwyn is the writer and director of the documentary Pretty Things which encompassed 8 years of research and first-person interviews showcasing 20th century burlesque queens. (Fun fact: her grandfather was Hollywood movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn, who founded Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios.) Following the documentary, her first book, Pretty Things: the Last Generation of American Burlesque Queens, was published worldwide. Goldwyn’s short films include Underwater Ballet, L.A. at Night, The Painted Lady, Dear Diary, Love Meditation and Cello Dream. She is also author of the novel Sporting Guide based on original historical research. Goldwyn’s new educational digital platform The Sex Ed, explores sex, health, and consciousness in the digital age.
About Erika Lust

Erika Lust is an indie adult filmmaker who creates sex-positive, indie adult cinema that portrays sexually intelligent narratives, relatable characters, and realistic hot sex. In 2015, Erika gave her essential TEDx talk It’s Time for Porn to Change. Erika’s groundbreaking XConfessions project is the first crowdsourced erotic film series in the history of adult cinema. Every month, she picks two anonymous fantasies shared on and turns them into captivating, explicit short films. Erika’s cinema reflects her views on sex as a healthy, natural part of life worth celebrating. With more than 150 short films, Erika also produces and finances female guest directors, supporting burgeoning talent across the globe. She defends the importance of having women behind the camera in all key positions.

  • Venue: The William Vale Ballroom, 111 North 12th Street, Brooklyn
  • Date: Thursday, November 8th
  • Time: 7:30 – 9PM
  • Headliners: Liz Goldwyn, author, filmmaker and Founder of The Sex Ed, Erika Lust, award-winning erotic film director (moderated by Dani Kwatek-Clark, Senior Culture Editor, Broadly.
  • Event Synopsis: Let’s talk about sex. How can women celebrate sex in ways that emancipate our desires from feelings of shame? Can porn be redefined as a resource for sex education.

Watch (For Free!) The History Of The Sexual Revolution in San Francisco Documentary

San Francisco was the city that started the sexual revolution. While other cities followed, such as Los Angeles, the “city by the bay” was the first “sexually radical” city. And it’s still a rad city that remains judgement free.

The local NBC affiliate recently ran a documentary just made available to watch for free here. The doc, called Bay Area Revelations, Sexual Revolutionaries, tells the story of San Francisco’s radical sexual past, from the gold rush days to today. It’s sextastic!

Narrated by actor Peter Coyote, who seems to narrate every cool documentary ever made, the city’s wild history starts with the 1895 gold rush, a “lawless, wild west town with no judgement”, says historian Amy Sueyoshi. “Some say that this might have been the beginning of what one might imagine San Francisco being today, a place of carefree sexuality.” The Downtown neighborhood was filled with saloons, brothels, music halls, and opium dens. Locals called the area “Terrific Street.”

One interesting question the doc answers is the reason why San Francisco became a gay mecca. During WWII there was a sudden purge of soldiers in the Navy and Army who were kicked out of the military once they were found out to be gay. Since San Francisco was the last port they were shipped out of, they were shipped back there. Many of them loved it so much they just stayed there.

And in the 1950’s, the “Daughters of Bilitis”, a secret lesbian organization formed and once word got around, many lesbians from around the country moved to SF.

In 1958, The Condor opened, a Las Vegas style nightclub where a waitress named Carol Doda injected her flat chest with silicone, for probably the world’s first boob job, and began dancing on a piano that lifted up and town. It became the first topless club in the country.

The beatnicks are also mentioned, as the original hipsters who pre-dated the hippies, who were part of the city’s counter-cultural history.

The “Summer of Love” in 1967 is also mentioned, the year thousands of hippies flocked to the Haight Ashbury neighborhood to experiment with sex, drugs and “free love.” Good times.

The porn industry in 1969 also gets a mention with Jim and Artie Mitchell’s O’Farrell Theatre, and the first porn movie Behind the Green Door, which ushered in “The Golden Age of Porn.”

On a more poignant note, the doc covers gay activist Harvey Milk’s election and assassination in 1978, and the city’s saddest era, in the early 1980’s, when AIDS suddenly ravaged the city. Sister Roma and her “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” who dressed up as nuns started out as entertainment, but during the AIDS crisis the “sisters” found their purpose and visited dying men in the hospital, hugging them when everyone else was afraid to.

The episode ends with a segment about the sexual revolution and women, and features our buddy, sexologist Dr. Carol Queen, who traces the radical way Good Vibrations opened the first sex shop. The store focused on women’s pleasure, which was a radical concept in itself.

Photo of the infamous hippie Haight Street by Arjun Sarup/ WikimediaCommons

(The legs remain to this day.)

Could We Have “The Return of the Gentleman” Please?

The other day my girlfriends collectively wished men would act more like gentlemen. During our candid girl-talk bitchin’ sesh, one friend reported: “Men seem more interested in “closing the deal” an hour after meeting for the first time.” (Its the side-effects of being hot, they all agreed.)

Another said, “It’s the Tinder mentality” of thinking everyone is disposable”. “Its all about getting right to the sex after a few text messages. Forget taking us out on a date or courting us. “That’s what I’m in it for,” said another, “the getting all dolled up for a date and the romance part. I’m down for sex, but not if he spends the whole time talking me into it like a drunken frat boy.”

Since when did acting like a gentleman become uncool? My Dad used to tell my brother that if he wanted a girl to sleep with him, he had to behave like a gentlemen. “You have to give the girl “the business” he once told my brother. “The business?” my brother smiled, “what’s that?” “That’s when you’re nice to the girl, you’re respectful, you’re charming, and you make her laugh. Do that and she’ll eventually want to have sex with you.” (My Mom told me my Dad sent her funny love letters in the mail when they first met.)

There are never enough gentlemen in this world, I say. And I am happy to see that someone is celebrating the “gentleman” as a male ideal that young men, all men, can aspire to. In my book, a “real man” is a gentleman. And I’m glad someone just wrote an inspiring book called Return of the Gentleman, Creating Nurturing Connections by Embracing the Authentic You. Dr. Dain Heer, an internationally renowned speaker, and co-creator of Access Consciousness, asks the question “Can a man be powerful and also kind?” Men need to read this book, and women need to buy it, read it, and then give it to men.

Dr. Heer says that men can be simultaneously “strong and kind,” as well as “potent, powerful, and vulnerable.” He encourages men to be “open to the infinite possibilities”, which means “being yourself.” One way to do this, he says is to stop “pretending to be something or someone you’re not.” To be more specific, men think they have to act a certain way, or feel pressured to act like the “Alpha Male”, which means constantly feeling the need to dominate women or see them as inferior. After reading the book, my take-away was that men could really take the pressure off themselves if they stopped trying to prove themselves. It’s a huge turn-on when a man has nothing to prove.

In the chapter about being sexuality vs. “sexualness”, he makes a distinction that “sexuality is all about judgement, whereas sexualness is about energy.” Stop judging yourself and others for inadequacies, he says, and you will become more sexually confident. We all exude sexy time confidence when we are “alive, engaged, and more present.”

New “AutoBlow” Sex Toy Feels (Almost) Like Someone’s Mouth

Scientists have been “hard at work” inventing a high-tech sex toy that feels like someone’s mouth. The “Autoblow Al” say the inventors, “was designed to “replicate human oral sex techniques.” For $129.00, the toy promises to mimic the sensations of another person’s mouth, and hopefully feel better than using your own hand, for a change.

Autoblow Al, the third generation after Autoblow 1 and 2, is “the first device ever that uses artificial intelligence to replicate human sexual techniques. “Experience the science of artificial intelligence applied to your penis,” they say. At least science is good for something.

The research team, which included robotics engineers and artificial intelligence scientists, spent hours and hours (6 days worth) watching porn. This was done in order to “analyze a large data set of oral sex videos to discover for the first time the actual movements occurring during blowjobs.” They then took their research into the “10 blowjob experiences.”

There are 10 strokes, including the “full stroke”, the “intense edge,” the “fast edge,” the “top stroke” which is “great for a small penis,” and a “bottom stroke” which is great for a monster penis.

“Virtually every other male sex toy that strokes,” says the company “strokes only in complete strokes from the top to the bottom of the penis. But full top to bottom stroking of the penis is only one of many possible oral sex techniques. The new Autoblow’s techniques are far more advanced.”

“We decided to focus on one particular act, the blowjob,” says the Autoblow team, “and to devote our company almost entirely to building devices that recreate the blowjob experience without a partner. We believe that psychologically, the sensation of our machine stimulating you without using your hands offers a deeper, more intense, and more satisfying masturbation experience.”

The new “Blow Job To Go”. Take it with you for some “road head.”


And for those who want to start with a blowjob, then move to sticking your Johnson into a vagina or an anus, there is a lady business sleeve and a butthole attachment now in production.

Check out their indiegogo page, which has already surpassed expectations, because as everyone knows, every man loves a b.j. “We’re the blowjob machine people,” they say. Our company holds the record for the highest amount of money raised in crowdfunding for any male sex toy. In 2014, on Indiegogo, we crowdfunded the Autoblow 2 which, over time, raised more than $381,000 from more than 3300 backers. During the last 4 years, we sold the Autoblow 2 and its improved versions (Autoblow 2+ and Autoblow 2+XT) to more than 200,000 men around the world.” Auto blow jobs are making someone rich. But we believe in donating to science.

Photos from Autoblow.

Cheating Site Reveals How Married People Cheat

Ashley Madison, the cheating site for married people who want to cheat with other married people, has released a new study on how people cheat. The good news is that “women take the lead in the extramarital affair.” The bad news is she could be “taking the lead” with your husband.

Of course we’re not advocating cheating, we’re just telling you how people cheat, in case you want to know how its done, like when you’re “asking for a friend”.

Since married guys on this dating site are “married but dating,” many of them don’t know how to act on their philandering first date. So Ashley Madison has come up with an “Extramarital Dating 101” guide they say is “first date etiquette for an affair.”

According to the company, “Ashley Madison surveyed more than 1,600 members to find out what happens on a first date when stepping out on their marriage with someone new. The results showed that women choose to meet a “new affair partner” one week earlier than men, and when the chemistry is there they are more willing to become intimate before men are.”

The survey also found that “Females predominantly meet with someone new within the first week of talking to them (42%), whereas only 29% of males say the same. Men actually hold off a little bit, with 35% meeting someone new within the first two to three weeks of connecting.” (That’s because men are terrified of getting caught and getting financially “taken to the cleaners” by their wives of 20 years). 

So do married ladies “put out” on the first date when dating someone else who is married? “Sometimes people are looking for more of an emotional connection, sometimes the focus is of a more sexual nature,” say the peeps at Ashley Madison. “But once that chemistry and connection has been established, nearly half of females (45%), say they would wait only one date before having sex with someone new. These women aren’t hesitant to get down to business as 28% say they waited only one date to have sex with their spouse too.”

According to the survey, more than a third (35%), say they would wait two dates before having sex with someone new for the first time. This is a lot faster than than the 5 dates 40% of men surveyed said they waited before having sex with their spouse. (Who has time for 5 dates when you have to “get in and out” then go home to your spouse?) 

Dr. Tammy Nelson, sex and relationship therapist and author of The New Monogamy: Redefining Your Relationship After Infidelity, says “People cheat for different reasons, and the factors that drive their decision to stray outside of their marriage may determine how their first date will go. The date could be initiated purely for sex, to compensate for a low sex or sexless marriage. Others are looking to find a deeper connection, one that they feel has been lost in their marriage.  For emotional intimacy seekers, the first date tends to be more conversation driven, which then eases them into the sexual affair.”

In my book, The Wild Girls Club, Part 2, (I know, so tacky of me to plug my own book), I devote a chapter to the “Married but Cheating” crowd and asked married men why they didn’t just get a divorce if they were banging other people? Or try moving into an open marriage/non monogamy situation? Their answers: 1.) “My wife will clean me out”/the money. 2.) “She will get the house.” 3.) “My kids will hate me.” 4.) “The dog.” 

So back to cheating behind your spouse’s back then, these are Ashley Madison’s “Most important factors to determine on a first date”:

“Finding out if there is chemistry between the two of us” – 45%

“Determining if we are looking for the same thing” – 31%

“Getting to know the person” – 17%

“Learning about why they are looking to have an affair” – 5%

“Learning about their extra-marital affair history” – 1% (TMI)

And where do cheaters like to meet? And when? 50% say early evening and the other 50% say in the middle of the day. (The married men I met researching my book told me they liked to meet on Sundays when they’re supposed to be playing golf.)

Here are the “Top places cheaters like to meet with their affair partners for the first time.”

Coffee shop – 42%

Restaurant – 25%

Bar – 19%

At a park -4%

In one of their vehicles – 5% (Good for “road head”.)



“Orgasm Face” Differs In Eastern And Western Cultures

The “orgasm face” you make depends on the culture you grew up in, according to a new study. Researchers studied 3,600 facial expressions and how people reacted to those expressions. The study, called “Distinct Facial Expressions Represent Pain and Pleasure Across Cultures”, found that every culture expresses pain on their faces in the same way, but depending on where you were raised, your “O-face” is different than someone from another country. The research study was published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and was conducted at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

According to researchers, “Observational studies report that people experiencing pain or orgasm produce facial expressions that are indistinguishable. Here, we investigate this counter intuitive finding using a new data-driven approach to model the mental representations of facial expressions of pain and orgasm in people from two different cultures. We show that representations of pain and orgasm are distinct in each culture. We also show that pain is represented with  similar face movements across cultures, whereas orgasm shows differences.” In other words, facial expressions made during an awesome, pleasurable orgasm look exactly the same as someone getting punched in the balls.

It also found that “O face” differed from culture to culture. “Painful face” expressions in all cultures included “brow lowering, cheek raising, nose wrinkling, and mouth stretching”, according to the researchers.

The study used advance computer animation technology to create the thousands of images of facial expression. Participants in the study were asked to rate on a five point scale of “very strong” to “very weak” how they thought each expression expressed pain or orgasm. In the end, pain looked the same and orgasms looked different.

For people from Western cultures analyzing the expressions, they thought a “wide open mouth and wide open eyes” looked like the big O. For East Asian participants in the study evaluating the expressions, they thought an orgasm was happening when they saw “closed eyes and a smile”. Researchers noted that “Cross-cultural comparisons  show differences in the facial expression models of orgasm, including wide-open eyes among Westerners and smiling in East Asians.”

Both Eastern and Western cultures saw pain as expressed by constriction of the facial muscles, while orgasms were expressed by a wider facial muscle movement. Researchers noted that “We anticipate that the development of new methods will allow better navigation of the complex social world and provide a richer, more accurate account of social communication.” You mean in the future we won’t have to ask the other person whether they had an orgasm or not?

Credit: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2018).

New Thriller Porn Movie From Axel Braun Shot In Black & White

Here’s a new movie for people who like film noir movies AND porn movies. Legendary adult film director Axel Braun has directed a new Hitchockian “thriller” porn, shot in black and white, called The Possession of Mrs. Hyde. In addition to all the b.j’s and threesomes, the porn version also has a plot!

Inspired by the classic 1941 Hollywood movie Dr. Jeckyll and  Mr. Hydethe movie addresses the theme of “good and evil” as the the gentleman doc invents a serum that turns him into a creep! (In the porn version, actor Seth Gamble’s pornstache is hilariously creepy.)

The screenplay was written by Axel Braun, his father, and his son. His father was legendary porn pioneer father Lasse Braun, and his third generation filmmaker son is 25-year-old Rikki Braun. Axel’s Italian father Lasse Braun has a totally interesting background, and was one of the first “pornographers” who directed and produced  porn movies as far back as 1961, in an attempt to elevate the art of the “stag” movie.

Amsterdam, 1977.

Photo: Wikimediacommons

“My grandfather and my dad worked on this off-and-on since 1988, that’s 30 years ago! It started out as a mainstream project set in Victorian-era London, then over the years slowly morphed into the modern-day version that the three of us penned together,” says Rikki.

Braun says his goal was to “go back to Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, and expand its narrative.” “In the book,” says Braun “Hyde was a man whose features were quite different from those of Jekyll, but they were not those of a monster, as always depicted in movies. In fact, when describing him, Stevenson wrote: “He’s an extraordinary-looking man.”

Wicked’s The Possession of Mrs. Hyde movie stars the handsome Seth Gamble, the sweet and sexy Avi Love, the forever hot Jessica Drake in a non-sex role, the always hot Charlotte Stokely, Reagan Foxx, Kenna James, and Dustin Daring. Old school porn star Tom Byron also makes an appearance. The movie is a great couple’s movie, featuring a hot two guy/ one girl threesome scene “for her” staring handsome Venezuelan Ramon Nomar and super hot Alex Legend.

You can watch the (naughty) trailer here for free and watch the whole movie for $6.99.

And if you’ve never watched an Axel Braun porn parody before, one of my favorites is Batman XXX from 2011, starring the guy with the best porn name ever, Dale Debone. And the sexy, costumey masks everyone wears will give you some bedroom attire ideas. (Batman keeps the whole costume on while going into the “batcave.”) The movie remains one of the “most rented” porn movies of all time.

It’s Official: Study Says 74% of Women Hate Dick Pics

To the guy I met on the Amtrak train who I gave my email to: Never, ever send a dick pic to a girl you just met, especially when it is smallish and majorly bent.

Like many women I know, I am not the only one who gets dick pics sent to me five minutes after I meet someone. Like what are these guys thinking? That their just okay looking member (that needs surrounding hedges trimmed) is going to send me into erotic ecstasy? What ever happened to courtship and men acting like gentlemen? Call me old fashioned, but I’d be much more turned on to a pic of a guy’s face instead of his dick in my face.

The “dick pic” convo ensued at my place the other night with two of my single, gay men friends who told me that they send dick pics to men they want to meet on Grindr all the time. And that “everyone” does it. As a heterosexual woman, I like the penis. I like a nice throbbing boner, Kielbasa, or Woodrow; they’re all good. But if I don’t know someone, I think its creepy for them to send a jpg of their Johnson. But that’s just me.

Am I the only one here? Apparently not. The married people who cheat with other married people over at Ashley Madison, the “affair” site, conducted a study of its members who send pics of their members. Like most dating sites such as Tinder and Bumble, the courtship ritual is ruined as soon as the guy sends over the dick & hairy balls pic to the nice ladies who are trying to date someone who is not a psycho.

“Since Ashley  Madison is committed to fostering a less prickly environment for women on its site, ” they announced, we’re rolling out a new PSA video this week calling for an end to the harassment.”

The YouTube public service announcement called “Phoner Boner PSA 2018” video advices men who are trying to sleep with married women on their site (or any woman) to “Keep the junk mail to yourself.” 

Artnet Auctions Off Sexy, Rare Helmut Newton Photographs

Artnet, the online auction house, is auctioning off two very rare — and very sexy Helmut Newton photographs. The first is called “Naked” from 1981, and the second, fetishy one is called “Saddle 1″ from 1976.” Interesting to note is that his wife, an accomplished photographer herself, was often present on his photo shoots, working as his stylist. She recruited some of the models on the streets of Paris.

Helmut Newton was ahead of his time, and one of the first fashion photographers to bring sexual charged and often fetishistic imagery into the mainstream.

According to the legendary Newton’s bio in the online catalog: “Renowned for his carefully composed, cinematic images, Helmut Newton was one of the 20th century’s most influential artists. He fundamentally changed the nature of fashion photography through his edgy, unabashed approach to sexuality and strong formal intuition. Photographed for Vogue Hommes, Newton created a seamless blend between high fashion and eroticism. The photoshoot took place at the luxurious Saint-Honoré hotel. Newton juxtaposed the elegant silks and décor with the playful nature of the leather saddle and riding boots. The model is perched on the lavish bed and looks suggestively off camera adding to the flirtatiousness of the work.”

For those too young to know of Helmut Newton (1920–2004), he “was born in Berlin, Germany, and had to abandon his home when the Nazi’s rose to power because of his Jewish heritage. The artist settled in Australia in the 1940’s, and later set up a commercial photography studio. From there, Newton built a prolific career shooting models including Cindy Crawford and Charlotte Rampling for well-known magazines including VogueHarper’s BazaarPlayboy, and Elle. Though he continued to work commercially throughout his life, he started to focus on personal projects from the 1970’s onward.”

“In 1999, his book SUMO was released by TASCHEN publishing house, chronicling decades of his most iconic work. The artist died in an automobile accident on January 23, 2004 at the age of 83 in West Hollywood, California. Today, his photographs can be found in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the International Center of Photography in New York.”

Check out the gorgeous “Paris” photo here. We will report back with the final prices when the sale is over on October 2nd.

50,000—70,000 USD
Opening Bid
40,000 USD


Check out the rockin’ “Saddle 1” photo here.

40,000—60,000 USD
Opening Bid
30,000 USD


Photos from the Helmut Newton museum and his work from Wikimedia Commons.