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Anka Radakovich is a legendary Sex Columnist, Sex Educator, Sexologist, Screenwriter, and Author of the new book THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, PART 2, Tales from New York to Hollywood. THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, Part 2 is her third book. Her first two books The Wild Girls Club; Tales from below the Belt, and Sexplorations; Journeys to the Erogenous Frontier were both published by Crown/Random House. She was the Sex Columnist for DETAILS Magazine for 9 years and is currently a Sex Columnist for BRITISH GQ and a writer for COSMOPOLITAN Magazine. Her writing has appeared in dozens of magazines including Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar, Redbook, Men's Journal, Seventeen, Glamour, and Maxim. She has appeared on numerous television shows including 8 appearances with Conan O’Brien. She was a Jeopardy question under the category “Men’s Mags.” As a Sex Educator and Sexologist, she is a college lecturer at Universities throughout the country who offers her unique brand of sex education. She lives in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @ankarad. @ankarad

Pornhub Announces $25,000 Sexual Research Grant

Pornhub is the porn clip site that millions and millions of people who are too cheap to pay for porn watch for free. Good thinking on their part, because Pornhub is now absolutely huge with not millions, but billions of viewers, and currently rules the porn world. Its perfect for cuing up “amateur couple blowjob” and instantly watching a lovely video clip with your date.

Pornhub conducts some pretty amazing studies on their user’s porn habits. One study summed up what porn watchers searched for most. Based on their user history, “Cougars” are big in France. “Step Sister” is big in England, and “Anal” is huge in Germany. Their data even records the average time people spend watching porn (13 minutes) and what sexual categories each country searches for the most (“lesbian” and “MILF” is popular in every country on the planet.)

So Pornhub just announced that they are handing out a $25,000 sexual research scholarship to be “awarded for a specific research project made to full-time faculty members to support research work carried out by university students under their direction.” We can’t wait to hear the results of this one.

According to the company “Since launching in early 2017, the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center has become home to hundreds of articles authored by dozens of doctors, counselors and community leaders, all specializing in different aspects of sexual health. Touching on everything from the biological to the social components of sexual life, under the direction of Dr. Laurie Betito, the PSWC prides itself in offering those consulting the site a truly holistic approach to informing themselves on becoming healthier, happier and more responsible when it comes to sex.” Better sex through science is super sexy, we say.

“With this grant, says Pornhub “We hope to help advance important work in the field, be it technological, medical, or sociologically rooted–so long as its end goal is to bring new information into the world that can help people lead happier and healthier sex lives.”

he Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center, founded in 2017, “proudly announces  Pornhub Grant for Sexual Wellness Research. With the goal of supporting crucial academic work, this $25,000 grant has been created with the intention to help find new solutions, answers and methods with which to approach current issues pertaining to human sexuality.” For anyone in college considering some sexual research projects to make the world a sexier place, applications must be received by May 1st 2018.

This same time last year, Pornhub awarded a $25,000 Scholarship scholarship to Natalie Nevarez, a doctoral student in microbiology at The University of Michigan. The scholarship “rewards someone working in STEM research who is trying to contribute something to make people’s lives better.”

In her awesome application video, posted on Youtube she says “I do research on Neurobiology and monogamy. “I look at brain structure and neurotransmitters involved in the development of social attachments. I look at chemical changes after pair bonding.” She’s a braniac and a beauty.

The research, which is to help people in relationships, “Has applications in drug addiction as well,” she says, ” And it could help people from relapsing while they’re in recovery.” We love it.

According to, a head hunter for brain researchers, a stem researcher is defined as “a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) researcher who carries out inquiry and research into one or more of the named fields. Through use of the scientific method, math, and technology, STEM researchers further human knowledge and develop products to improve the quality of human life. Positions varying greatly and may be found in traditional research roles in University, or in a vast array of industries where science and technology is applied.”

We applaud Pornhub for using its profits to fund sexual research and make the world a better, sexier, brainier place.


One Reason Why Men Hate Condoms: And What To Do About It

There is one thing most men agree on when it comes to sex: they hate condoms! But most women would love it if men wore them, so the “he hates/she loves” condom issue continues. But one condom maker, One Condoms, has it all figured out why men hate them: they don’t fit! There is a solution to every sexual problem!

One condom maker comes to the rescue. One Condoms makes “56 sizes, 10 lengths, and 9 widths.”

“Standard condoms can sometimes feel too tight, too loose, too short, too long,” they say. “Penises come in many different sizes.” Isn’t it about time condoms did too?” (Seriously, there is S, M, L, and “Omg that thing is huge.”)

On the other hand, men who are on the smallish side often buy “regular” sized condoms that are too small and hang off their willies. One condom offers their products online, so the guy who is shy to buy Kimono small sized “snugger” condoms at Walmart doesn’t have to fear the cashier thinking “Small penis on aisle four.”

In my own sex life, practically every man I’ve every had sex with has complained about condoms, and tried to convince me to go bareback. (My recommended line to a woman with a new lover is “Put this on your wang or we don’t bang.” Then say real jokey “At least you’re getting laid.”) That seems to do the trick and they can’t really argue with that.

Here are the main reasons condoms don’t fit:

–Condom is too tight.

Condoms that are too tight may be pulled off during sex.

“10-15% of condom uses report this problem.”

–Condom hangs off.

Condoms that are too long may be pulled off during sex.

“30-35% of users report this problem.”

–Foreskin drags.

Condom gets caught in the foresking and dragged up the shaft during sex, decreasing effectiveness.

“10-15% of condom users report this problem.”

–Condom is too short.

Condoms that are too short do not cover the entire shaft, decreasing effectiveness.

“5-10% of condom users report this problem.”

–Condom is too loose.

Condoms that are too loos may slip off and fall during sex.

“15-20% of condom users report this problem.”

–Condom “tourniquet.”

Condoms that are too long don’t unroll fully, leaving a thick band of latex at the base of the penis. May cause tightness, discomfort, loss of sensation, and loss of erection.

“60-77% of condoms users report this problem.”

–Condom bunches up.

Condoms that are too long may bunch up, leading to potential loss of sensation and condom pushing up and hanging off the penis.

“60-70% of users report this problem.”

Stormy Daniels Gets Two New Porn Jobs

Stormy Daniels, the most talked about porn star this month, just got hired for two new porn gigs, one as a performer and another as a director. She has directed adult movies for 14 years.

Meanwhile, Trump’s legal team is frantically trying to prepare to file a legal injunction to prevent her CNN interview Anderson Cooper interview from airing. It is scheduled for March 18th.

Since the revelation that Donald Trump paid her to have sex with him, she has been consistently slut shamed — and he hasn’t. But she doesn’t care, which is inspirational to anyone who has ever been slut shamed, which is like 50% of the population.

According to adult news website Trendzz, “Stormy Daniels makes her Brazzers debut in ‘Pornstars Like It Big’: Stormy’s Secret. Stormy plays a horny housewife/screenwriter seeking erotic inspiration. Her husband has no idea she finds inspiration in the memory of mystery man, Keiran Lee, a stranger who once followed her in the street. Stormy’s dirty mind takes the viewer all over Los Angeles as she fantasizes about finding him and having her way with him. Back in reality, Stormy takes a sexy shower and hops into bed with her boring husband. But her secret fantasy isn’t over quite yet.”

Stormy Daniels has over 176 acting credits to her name, including bit parts in mainstream Hollywood movies to hardcore pornosShe was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2014 and is the recipient of 28 adult film awards.

“Stormy’s scene in The Fellate Show is Stormy’s is set to release in June. Keiran Lee plays a late night talk show host who is wrapping up the final night of “Good Sex Week”, and he’s interested in more than just Stormy’s accolades. Throughout the interview, sexual tensions grow between Stormy and Keiran, prompted by a sexually-driven game of “Guess That Sensation” where the two takes turns blindfolding each other and guessing the touch/smell/taste of a specific item. The adventurous game inevitably ends with Keiran and Stormy sneaking away backstage and returning to the set for a grand finale.”

Meanwhile, the Donald Trump show continues to deny having allegedly paid her for sex, despite reports that his attorney allegedly paid off Daniels $130,000 for her silence. A scene we’d really like to see: Stormy in a Donald Trump porn parody re-enacting the alleged hilariously bad sex she had with him. In the meantime, the world awaits her interview with Anderson Cooper.

Is The Bush Back?

Is the bush back? Are hairy, hippie fro pubes really back in? Pornsite Redtube decided to find out. And what they found was that pube preference depends on how old you are. Turns out that older folks love fluffy,bushy pubes and people 18-34 like the thing shaved.

“As we get older we become more particular about whether we have bush or no bush,” redtube concluded. “Of all age groups, users 65 years and older are 258% as likely to search for “Bush” as they are to search for “shaved. Our users aged 18-34 are much less likely to search for either terms.”

“Seems as though porn preferences are not dictated by whether or not the pornstar is “Bushy” or “Shaved” for our millennial-aged users, but that bush makes all the difference once you’ve hit senior citizen status,” they say. “It is also clear that among every age group, “bush” is more popular by a long shot. It is more popular among 18-24 year olds by 891% and 982% more popular among 25-35 year olds. FOr 35-44 year olds it is 112.6% more popular and shoots to 1147% popular among sexy seniors 65 plus.”

This preference for pubes is most likely due to the fact that older Redtube users, especially those in their 50’s and 60’s, grew up watching pornos back when the porn ladies went au natural.

Redtube actually keeps tab of what their users search for. They report that their “top related search terms under hairy vs. shaved” include the number one “hairy pussy,” followed by “hairy teen pussy,” (indicating the adolescent nature of the porn user), “hairy milf”, “hairy mature” (for the Grampas out there), “hairy creampie,” and “hairy daddy.”

Lower on the list was “hairy lesbian,” “hairy ginger,” and “hairy granny.” Not judging or anything, but some people have a lot more time on their hands than I do.

Among the top “shaved” searches were “shaved Asian,” “shaved Japanese,” “shaved head,” “shaved cock,” and “shaved twink.” If an alien landed on earth and looked at redtube’s surveys, they could teach sociology.

Redtube even figured out what the “hairiest states in the U.S.” were. They took a muff dive into preferences among viewers across the county. “The “heat map” below shows “bushy” is searched for much more among Central and Western states than the rest of the country,” they report. ” Bushy” search terms are more popular in states like Colorado (+98%), Texas (+76%) and Utah (+86%). While North Eastern states like New York and Vermont don’t need the extra layer to stay warm in the winter, opting for hairless instead.”

“Vagina Wigs” Are Now A Thing

“Vagina wigs” also known as Merkins, made their pubic public appearance this season during fashion week in New York. A South Korean designer named Kaimin paraded models down the runway in Mohawks with matching mini pube Mohawks. Nobody remembered the clothes. “We really wanted to push the futuristic punk aesthetic of this seasons’ collection and having matching hair and merkins was perfect,” said the designer. Well, at the least “It’s a look.”

Meanwhile, during the AVN Novelty Expo in Las Vegas, a giant booth of vag wigs from Lithuania made their appearance with over 300 styles on display. Apparently, fake pubic hair wigs are big in Lithania. Who knew?

Merkins go back to the 1400’s when prostitutes used them after they shaved their bushes to avoid getting lice. But who wears these things today? “Merkins are used by go-go dancers, in strip clubs, as novelty gifts, and in sex games when a genital hair piece can add to the fun,” explains the company,

So little time, so many choices: there is the cute red kitty one and the smiley face one. And the heart one and the mini pink cat mask one. So cute. Love.

Pet the pink faux kitty.

And thanks to the Lithuanian dude manning the booth at the expo who gave me the one with the arrow pointing downwards, because I can’t wait to shave my pubes, put that baby on and parade around for the boyfriend so he can have a good laugh.

The furry pube accessory says “Go down there.”

These stick-on things would also be a hit at Burning Man, for all the naked ladies who want to go naked but don’t want to show too much of the merch. They would sell out of these wacky, sexy things actually if they let people sell stuff at Burning Man.

In the “fun merkins,” section you can get a cross, fox, penis, or a heart one. In the “kinky merkins” section they have a super bushy one, a gnarly grey one, and a scary studded one. “Patriotic merkins” include an American flag, Jamaican flag, British flag and a rainbow flag. The “realistic merkins,” range from landing strips to pube wigs that look like tiny shag rugs. Their “romantic merkins” include hearts, bows, and butterflies that are sparkly or fluffy.

Get your merkin on with some strangely sexy styles of “high quality fake pubic hair” at

A Former Sugar Baby Calls “Sugar Dating” Prostitution

A former sugar baby wants to shine the light on being a “sugar baby” and thinks people are sugar coating the issue. Alex Page, who once worked for sugar baby dating sites, calls sugar dating for what it is, and from her experience, she says it is prostitution.

Page and other sex workers from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch legal brothel in Nevada are coming out of the woodwork to talk about the strong connection between sugar dating websites and prostitution.

Page, a Bunny Ranch “working girl”, says that “sugar daddies” are creepy and rapey, and demand sex on the first “date.” She says she was was a victim of sexual violence related to sugar dating, when she left the Bunny Ranch for a brief period to explore the “sugar lifestyle.”

In a post on the brothel’s blog, Page concedes that she left her position at the famous legal bordello to explore the sugar baby lifestyle via online “sugar dating” platforms that match young girls with old dudes (mostly married) who provide these with a monetary allowance in return for “intimate services”

“I spent over four years at the Bunny Ranch before I decided to sign up on a popular sugar dating website,” she says.  Although I loved working at the ranch, I found it increasingly difficult to explain the long periods of time that I was spending away from my home in the Midwest,” Page said. “The idea of maintaining a good income locally while continuing to work in an ostensibly legal manner appealed to me.”

Page recounts an encounter with a sugar daddy that was acutely distressing, where she was grabbed roughly by the hair and dragged into the bedroom non consensually. “I yelled for him to stop,” Page said. “He told me he was going to get what he paid for.” So much for certain sugar baby sites that claim “And you don’t have to have sex with the sugar daddy! He just wants a companion for dinner.”

Now back at the Bunny Ranch, the sex worker says she’s telling her story so that young women understand that sugar dating websites facilitate unregulated and unsafe prostitution.

“I know that there are many women who have had positive experiences as independent escorts, call girls, or as sugar babies — and that there are a lot of online resources to help connect potential clients and illegal prostitutes, like sugar dating websites,” Page said. “But ‘sugar dating’ is a euphemism for ‘prostitution,’ and prostitution is an unregulated and illegal industry throughout most of the United States.”

“Only in legal establishments like my brothels can prostitution be practiced safely,” Hof said. “We need to provide more safe places like the Bunny Ranch by legalizing prostitution in America beyond Nevada and providing aspiring prostitutes with better options than sketchy sugar dating websites.”

Lana West is the latest former sugar baby to reveal that the sugar dating phenomenon introduced her to prostitution, and lead her to become one of the most financially successful sex workers at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

In a blog post on the brothel’s website, West revealed that a friend turned her on to sugar dating after conventional dating apps yielded losers.

“Lamenting my troubles to a gal pal, she told me of a magical place on the internet where the men were handsome, polite, successful, and no-nonsense. ‘Join a sugar dating site–you’ll definitely have better luck,’ she cooed. I made my sugar dating profile the next day, and soon I was getting tons of messages from seemingly great guys: doctors, lawyers, and businessmen,” she said. It didn’t take long before West began to realize that her sugar dating experiences were just hooker/john transactions.

“It was too good to be true. It seemed that I had opened a Pandora’s Box that I could not un-open. I was drawn like a drug.” After a few months, it was clear to her that it was all about money and sex, rather than “dating” a desirable, successful guy.

Finally, she decided to just move into the Bunny Ranch and work her money maker. “‘Yes, I realized, all this ‘arrangement’ jargon is just a euphemism for prostitution,” she said. “I decided that if this is prostitution, then prostitution is awesome and I’m 100% for it.”

“There is not a social stigma for sugar baby prostitution, but as soon as you go legal and safe within the confines of a licensed brothel, there is a stigma,” she says. “I really hope I can help get the message out there that sugar dating is prostitution, and also that prostitution really isn’t a big deal.”

West is the third sex worker from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch to openly and publicly talk about the direct relationship between prostitution and sugar dating. Bunny Ranch sex worker Bobbi Besos discussed the connection in a blog post titled “Sugar Dating: Let’s Stop Sugar Coating Prostitution.”

“Perhaps the reason why sugar dating websites are so popular is because people are more comfortable with euphemistic terms such as ‘sugar’ instead of ‘transaction,’ and ‘sugar baby’ instead of ‘prostitute,’” Besos says.

Bunny Ranch brothel owner Dennis Hof considers sugar dating websites to be both a benefit to his industry and his greatest competition.

“Sugar dating websites like Seeking Arrangements are online pimps slyly teaching young women about the moneymaking benefits of prostitution,” Hof said. “These sites are grooming girls for me, and a couple of my best are former sugar babies.”

“Because sugar dating sites masquerade as dating platforms, instead of openly revealing that they are prostitute delivery systems, these sites are able to take advantage of online advertising that is not available to establishments like the Moonlite Bunny Ranch,” Hof says.

“With unregulated sugar dating prostitution, you have all of the dangers that every other illegal hooker encounters, including the potential chance that the sex worker could be the victim of a violent assault.”

Nevada is currently the only State in the USA that allows legalized prostitution in the form of licensed bordellos in certain designated counties.

Photo of Alexis Page courtesy of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

Survey Says 2 Out Of 5 Guys At Work Masturbate To Your Social Media Pics

Have you ever wondered why people at work aren’t getting their work done? Well, a new sex survey of 2,000 people taken by porn video site sugarcookie says that 2 out of 5 guys at work masturbate to your “social media photos”! Eeww. Although its creepy, its also hilarious as well as an interesting sign of our (masturbatory) times. We’re all for masturbation, just not from the quiet guy sitting next to us at work masturbating to our vacay pics.

According to sugarcookie “Whether you like to admit it or not, we now live in an age where our social media profiles can say a lot about us. Lurking on someone’s social media can even be considered a part of the courting ritual for modern couples. That’s why many of us try to present ourselves at our best and most attractive in our online photos.”

And they add “Besides potential crushes, who else looks at our social media photos? It turns out, more than 50% of your work colleagues will be checking out your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. And they might be doing more than just looking.” We just hope the masturbation part happens after they get home!

In their survey, they found that “over half of your work colleagues are looking through your social media profiles. 67% of all participants confessed to checking out their hot colleagues’s social media profiles.”

But wait! Just as you were thinking guys are pervs, the survey showed that more women than men masturbate to their co-worker’s social media photos!

“When it comes to Facebook stalking, UK women lead the way, with 67% admitting they look at their hot colleague’s photos. Only 38% of American women admitted to doing the same.”

So what are people checking out exactly? No, its not the pic of you with your dog. 2 out of 5 guys admitted they masturbated to the hotter pics of their co-workers. 51% of women said they thought guys at work were wankin’ it to their photos, while only 21% of guys thought maybe their female co-workers would masturbate to their photos. It’s time to get out more, people.

And one more thing: We wonder what the guy was doing when he came up with the survey question.

And finally, there is nothing wrong with fantasizing about someone, “maybe because it’s taboo to fantasize about someone at work,” they say. “But you’re not breaking any laws by looking at public social media profiles.”

Just don’t touch yourself at the office while you’re looking, and we’re good.

pics courtesy of

You Can Now Order “Post Orgasm” Pizza

Ever crave pizza right after sex with someone–or sex with yourself?

Camsoda, a webcam site, has announced the debut of RubGrub, “a vibrator that orders food following an orgasm.” I’ll have large orgasm and a medium pizza please.

The new delivery service is made possible with a Bluetooth button (similiar to the Amazon Dash Button), designed to fit on a Lovesense Nora vibrator. The button has payment/delivery info, which is programmed into it at the time of purchase and connects to Domino’s through its pizza-ordering app, when the user is “done”.

According to Daryn Parker, VP of CamSoda,”Masturbation, while ultimately enjoyable, can be a strenuous physical activity during which someone exerts a lot of energy and burns many calories. Inevitably, once someone has climaxed, they feel lethargic and hungry. That, couple with the fact that we live in a society where people want everything at their fingertips, led us to the development of RubGrub.” (In other words, everyone is masturbating constantly to porn and web cams, and they want pizza delivered because it has rendered them a temporary veg.)

“Now, he says “in order to enjoy your Saturday night, all you need is your RubGrub device. Get off and get stuffed, with a click of a button.”

According to studies, the average masturbation session takes approximately 10-15 minutes and burns 60-90 calories. During such time a person’s heart rate increases, their skin may begin to feel flushed, and their junk will swell with blood, all while muscle tension is building up. Once a climax happens, muscles relax and a cocktail of feel-good chemicals are released. After stimulation and a happy ending, the body naturally begins to focus on other primal need, one of which is food.

Rubgrub is a collaboration with Lovense, “a high-tech sex toy company whose tagline is “Use teledildonics to improve your sex life!” The Nora sex toy is $119.95 and the rubgrub button is $19.95. While initially launching with the ability to order pizza, the adult entertainment company plans to add additional restaurant chains, including Mexican and Chinese food.

“Rubgrub is a programmable bluetooth button that fits on the Lush sex toy and pairs with your favorite pizza app. Save your address and payment details in the app and choose your pizza. After that, your pizza will magically appear at your door.” Enjoy some sausage, an orgasm, then a sausage pizza. And when the delivery person shows up, you can both thank each other for coming.

The Dating App Debate & The New York Times “Modern Love” Column

Daniel Jones, editor of the New York Times’ “Modern Love” column, has read more than 80,000 essays on love over the past 14 years. His conclusion? There are two types of people: those who give up on love after heartbreak and those who keep their hearts open. He discussed the subject, as part of a new Intelligence Squared U.S. debate called “Dating Apps Have Killed Romance.”

The big question that unified everyone who submitted essays, he said is “How happy do I have a right to be?”

“Everyone is trying to determine if this person is right for me. What is happiness? Is this person enough for me? That is what people want to know.”

But back to the debate question “Have dating apps killed romance? Four other people weighed in on the topic, including Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist who is “for” dating apps, and an adviser to She said that “Apps can’t change brain chemistry” and says that 30% of relationships start online. “Apps will not kill the brain chemistry for romance,” she added.

Tom Jacques is V.P. of engineering at OK Cupid. He is also “for” apps and said that you can meet people on a dating app that you wouldn’t meet otherwise. “Apps expand your options,” he said, and thinks its a numbers game.

Arguing “against” dating apps, and feeling that they kill romance, was NYU professor of sociology Eric Klineberg, who studies mating rituals and thinks that people who use dating apps are always “looking for something better out there.” He is skeptical of the “true romance” that people think they are having, especially when they haven’t even met each other yet. “Romance is impossible without face to face contact,” he said.

Also arguing that “dating apps destroy romance” was Manoush Zomorodi, a journalist and Note To Self podcast host, who brought up the idea that women  have to deal with insults, (along with chauvinism, misogyny, and really bad male behavior) before they even “get” to the romance part. Because men act so spoiled and act even jerkier when they’re not courting someone in person, her argument was that “Apps are killing romance.” Even Jacques admitted that “People fall deeply for the fake person online.”

Yet a quick glance of The New York Times wedding announcement section will tell you that at least a third of the happy couples met on a dating app; and admitted it.

Jones concluded with “I adore people who have opened themselves up to love after they have been crushed,” he said. “Bitterness vs. openness. If you can be on that right side, you can have a chance for happiness.”

And the big debate continues…watch the full debate here.

How To Have A Passionate High

With over 2/3 of the United States allowing some level of legal cannabis, Sexologists and Sex Therapists are recommending that people get high before  getting it on. Part of the ancient ritual of Tantric Sex, cannabis is now being used by people of all ages sex for a more amazing, exciting, and sensual sexual experience. Now that it’s so legal, the time is right to have fun with this exciting, magical plant that can make sex better. And “budder.”

Dr. Nick Karras, a California sexologist from San Diego, has published a new, sex educational, infotaining mini e-book called The Passionate High. Karras, who is a practicing couples counselor, told me he has seen the “intentional use of marijuana actually save people’s marriages.” Bringing people closer on many levels, he says it’s about “incorporating the unique cognitive and physical effects that cannabis provides to cultivate deeper connections and greater creativity.” For only $2.99 his e-book tells you what you how to effectively do it right with the help of the “fun bud”.

The book offers one of the first “sex with cannabis for beginners” guides, explaining the strains of marijuana; (Sativa for a more giggly, cerebral high and Indica, which provides more of a relaxing, body stone.) He explains exactly how to ingest it (smoke it, don’t eat it as edibles can get you so stoned you won’t be able to locate your penis or vagina.) “The secret is micro-dosing” he says, “Start low and go slow.” 

It’s also important to create a “ritual” he says, such as music, which can have a powerful influence, and soft lighting, which is important, especially when you’re stoned. “Cannabis heightens the senses,” he says, creating incredible tactile sensations and increased blood flow and circulation. He recommends a slow, sensual massage after smoking, with along with the relaxing effects of marijuana, lets your worries and stresses “fade to the background to let you more fully experience the present moment.” He also notes that cannabis “creates a deeper empathetic understanding of the other person needs,” a groovy side-effect.

So how does cannabis actually work? It “lights up” the pleasure centers of the brain, so that you relax and feel less distracted, which helps you to “let go”, be present, and be “in the moment.” “One of the most amazing features of cannabis”, says Karras, “is that is slows down time, allowing you to focus in on each moment. People often express to me the way cannabis “lights up” their senses and helps them relax.” Although alcohol can relax people, it can also have a numbing effect and impair judgement. “Cannabis, he says “focuses your awareness, eliminating past and future thoughts and keeping you focused on the amazing sex you’re in the middle of having.

Recent studies have also shown than people preferred the sexual effects of pot over alcohol, and reported that cannabis lowered inhibitions and increased the quality and frequency of orgasms. Karras notes that “Cannabis is a truly amazing gift that can be used to strengthen or awaken passion.”