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Anka Radakovich is a legendary Sex Columnist, Sex Educator, Sexologist, Screenwriter, and Author of the new book THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, PART 2, Tales from New York to Hollywood. THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, Part 2 is her third book. Her first two books The Wild Girls Club; Tales from below the Belt, and Sexplorations; Journeys to the Erogenous Frontier were both published by Crown/Random House. She was the Sex Columnist for DETAILS Magazine for 9 years and is currently a Sex Columnist for BRITISH GQ. Her writing has appeared in dozens of magazines including Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Men's Journal, Seventeen, Glamour, and Maxim. She has appeared on numerous television shows including 8 appearances with Conan O’Brien. She was a Jeopardy question under the category “Men’s Mags.” As a Sex Educator and Sexologist, she is a college lecturer at Universities throughout the country who offers her unique brand of sex education. She lives in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @ankarad. @ankarad

What Porn Did People Watch Most In 2016?

The statistics on the world’s porn watching habits are in, and to no one’s surprise, people watched billions of pornos last year. That’s 92 billion videos to be exact, according to Pornhub’s big, pulsating study.

And what what countries watched the most porn on pornhub itself? USA was first, followed by Iceland 2nd, the U.K. 3rd and Canada 4th. New Zealand was 5th, Ireland 6th, and the horndogs in Scandinavia came in 7th (Norway) and 9th (Sweden.)

If an alien landed on earth and surveyed our porn viewing habits, he would first go to “Pornhub’s most popular search terms from 2016.” To prove that men are the ones who watch porn the most, “for the second year in a row”  ‘lesbian’ was the number one search term worldwide. Apparently, men have more mommy issues than previously thought with ‘Step Mom’ second (up 1 spot from last year) followed by ‘MILF’ up 2 places from 2015. ‘Lesbian scissoring’ jumped a couple dozen positions to make the top 20 this year. Girlfriends Films told us that while they make lesbian porn for a lesbian audience, “straight males” are their biggest audience.

“An all-new term that shot into our top search terms lists” says Pornhub is ‘Overwatch’, in reference to the video game released earlier in 2016. The same guys who watch video games watch porn and those same guys don’t get out much. Which brings us to “When exactly do people watch porn?”

10 pm-1 am are the biggest porn viewing hours, but more interesting are the statistics showing that people watch it a lot from 3-5pm in the afternoon. (This explains why so many businesses put you on on hold for so long during that time.)

One of the more interesting questions asked was “Who is your favorite porn star?” In practically every country surveyed, Kim Kardashian, a reluctant/non-professional porn star, came in number one. (Her leaked sex tape is one of the most popular porn vids of all time.) Coming in second and third in almost every country was Mia Khalifa and Sarah Palin impersonator and MILF Lisa Ann.

Other random findings included the fact that  “BBL” (“Big Beautiful Latina”) was searched more this year than last, especially in America, and that the younger you are, the more porn you watch. People 18-24 watched the most porn, followed by those 25-30.

The study even found local cultural differences, including the findings that New Zealanders like “Samoan porn”, Indians like “Aunty porn”, Chileans like “Pokemon porn”, Maltese like “giantess porn”, and  Finns like “Sauna porn.”




Playboy To Feature Naked Ladies Again

Playboy Magazine will once again feature what made the mag famous: naked girls. That’s right, Playboy is going back to its nude roots with pics of nude centerfolds after a nude ban. In the March/April issue, now on newsstands, the cover headline says “Naked is normal,” the new tagline which replaces “Entertainment for men.”

In 2015 the magazine, known for its “articles,” ended its all-nude pictorials. The New York Times reported “Playboy to drop nudity as internet fills demand. Scott Flanders, the company’s chief executive, said at the time “You’re now just one click away from every sex act imaginable for free, and it’s just so passé at this juncture.”

“The print magazine’s circulation went down from 5.6 million in it’s heyday in 1975 to about 800,000 in 2015,” reported the Times. The no nude suggestion was made by Chief Content Officer Cory Jones, whose idea it was to make the website safe for work. It worked. Circulation has risen since then, and now the site boasts 16 million unique users per month, with a much younger readership reading it at work when they should be working.

“I’ll be the first to admit the way in which the magazine portrayed nudity was dated, but removing it entirely was a mistake,” said Cooper Hefner on Twitter, (which has suddenly replaced making statements through press releases). “Nudity was never the problem, because nudity isn’t a problem. Today, we’re taking our identity back and rediscovering who we are.” At the time, he stated that removal of the nude pictorials “was a bad idea, the whole thing.” Hef’s charming 25-year-old son took over as “Chief Creative Officer” just as the magazine needed it. The tacky pictorials taken by the same dudes in their 70’s are gone, replaced by an artier, more modern aesthetic.

Also making a return is the magazine’s Playboy philosophy column, which discusses politics and culture, and a fun, retro “Heritage” section that can make use of the decades of old photos taken in the hey day of the Playboy Mansion. There must be tons of pics with celebrities and Playmates canoodling in the grotto.

Hugh Hefner was in his 60’s when Cooper Hefner was born, but he admits that when he was 15 he would “sneak into the mansion parties before being chased away by security”, since his mother (Kimberly Conrad, Playmate of the year, 1989) lived in the house next door.

“Playboy will always be a lifestyle brand focused on men’s interests,” Hefner said, “but as gender roles continue to evolve in society, so will we. I want to represent my dad and have a hand in the direction the company goes in, and for the company to go back to that era of being cool and sophisticated.”

Photo: Gavin Bond for Playboy

Cooper Hefner, reinventing Hef.

88-Year-Old Dr. Ruth Was The “It Girl” of The Sexual Health Expo

88-year-old Dr. Ruth was the “It Girl” of SHE, The Sexual Health Expo held in Los Angeles. America’s most famous sex therapist drew a huge, pulsating crowd for her highly anticipated keynote speech at the sex ed sexpo.

Among the gems of her speech were “Tell a guy what you want,” “The more you know about sex, the more pleasure you can have,” and “There are less women who can’t reach orgasms today thanks to the message from all of these sex educators.”

She also noted “Any man who ejaculates prematurely can read books or visit a sex therapist and with just a few lessons can learn to last longer.” Amen. She was preaching to the converted, but still.

“My No. 1 sex tip is for all of you to walk out of here knowing that sex is not between the knees, it is in the brain. Secondly I want everyone to know the importance of touch even if it doesn’t lead to sexual experience.”

Dr. Ruth is known for frank statements such as “Don’t criticize in the sack. Discuss constructively later,” “Your sex life is not supposed to come to an end just because you’ve hit a certain age,” and “When it comes to sex, the most important six inches are the ones between your ears.” Another classic is “Ladies, you sold 200 boxes of Girl Scout cookies as a kid, and you can’t even sell your man on wearing a condom. Come on.”

After her speech, she was awarded the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award from Sexual Health Magazine. The new magazine debuted in September, and is written by top Sex Educators, Sex Therapists, PhD’s, M.D’s, Sexologists, and Psychologists in the field who specialize in sexuality education.

Dr. Ava Cadell, winner of SHE’s 2015 “Sexpert of the Year” presented Dr. Ruth with her award and noted that the legendary sexpert “has always been an inspiration to me.”

Dr. Ruth and Dr. Ava.

Her show “Sexually Speaking” debuted in 1980 on WYNY in New York City, and was the first call-in show that answered sex questions from listeners. Since the, she has written 35 books, continued her practice as a sex therapist, and still teaches at Columbia University in NYC.

Dr. Ruth was a rock star at The Sexual Health Expo.

“I was delighted to get the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award from Sexual Health magazine,” Westheimer told the crowd. “I’m going to put it in a place of honor in my home. I hope that as a result of this exhibit many other people pursue their dream of getting into the field of sexuality education. Sexual Health Expo is doing a very good job in providing the public with much needed information.”


Photo by AJ Trepanier for


Sotheby’s Will Hold Erotic Art Sale

Sotheby’s in London will hold an auction of naughty, vintage erotic art on February 16th. The sex themed art sale is called Erotic: Passion & Desire, which features “representations of love and sex from antiquity to the present day. The varied works range from 19th century furniture to fine art, photography to contemporary sculpture.”
It’s interesting to note the “male gaze” in the art created by men, including Picasso, and the LGBT perspective of gay artists such as Robert Mapplethorpe, who was ahead of his time and is now highly collected.

Bow and Arrow’ (Lisa Lyon), 1981.
Estimate £6,000–8,000.

Bow and Arrow by Robert Mapplethorpe, one of the great masters of art photography, is a highly stylized black and white nude that condenses Mapplethorpe’s search for aesthetic perfection.”

Clive Barker
BRITISH, B. 1940
signed, titled, dated 1995-96 and numbered 1/4
polished bronze
height: 22.5cm; 9in.
Conceived in 1995-96, the present work is number 1 from the edition of 4, plus 1 Artist’s Cast.
Pavel Tchelitchew, Bathers, 1938. Estimate £300,000–500,000.

Bathers depicts the Tchelitchew’s partner, the writer and publisher Charles Henri Ford – recognizable on the left wearing his incongruous pink hat – and center stage, the aggressively foreshortened figure of the New York City Ballet dancer Nicholas Magallanes. The painting once hung on the bedroom wall of one of the 20th-century’s most famous grands horizontals and a first-hand account recollects that it was occasionally hung upside down or upon the ceiling.”

Pablo Picasso, Nu couché, 1972. Estimate £60,000–80,000.

“The nude is a constant theme spanning every era and medium explored by Pablo Picasso, and this example demonstrates emblematic motifs of exaggeration of female attributes and his adoration of his numerous muses. The freedom and spontaneity of Picasso’s extraordinary drawings are testament to his natural flair as a draughtsman. This drawing was executed in 1972 when, aged 91, Picasso’s own physical stamina had inevitably waned, yet his focus on erotic subjects in his paintings and drawings only intensified.”

Marc Quinn, Maquette for Siren, 2008. Estimate £70,000–90,000.

“Marc Quinn’s depiction of supermodel Kate Moss is of the definitive contemporary Venus – the epitome of luxury and desirability elevated to the status of a goddess from antiquity. The series is one of the most recognizable examples of contemporary British sculpture, and is emblematic of the status of celebrities and supermodels. Speaking about the work, Quinn said: “It’s called Siren, because in a sense it represents everything that lures people to wreck themselves on the rocks: money, perfection, unattainable images – all these things.”

Japanese Erotic (Shunga) handscroll Edo Period, late 17th-century. Estimate £30,000–40,000.

“Free from any Christian identification of sex with sin, Japanese Shunga art was explicit about sex creating a luxurious ‘utopia of pleasure’.”

Playboy Club To Re-Open In New York City After 30 Years

The infamous Playboy Club will re-open in New York City after being closed 30 years ago. Bunnies and boobies will be bouncing at the revamped “Playboy Lounge and Supper Club.”

“The reintroduction of the Playboy Club to New York City is a huge milestone for us as we continue to reinvent our brand for new audiences all around the world,” said Playboy’s Valerie Golson in a statement. Last year Playboy magazine ended it’s all-nude pictorials in favor of more arty, less tacky topless pics, and the decision paid off. The move turned out to attract a younger audience who liked the cooler pics and were interested in the articles that they could read online at work, making the joke of why people really bought Playboy come true. (No wonder people aren’t getting any work done at work.)

This March another Playboy Club will open in Shanghai, China. In 2006 a Playboy Club opened in Las Vegas but closed in 2012. The club “was lost to lenders in 1982 after women’s lib changed the status quo,” notes the Post. Gloria Steinem, one of the founders of the women’s movement, now 83, went undercover as a Playboy Bunny in 1963 to write about the unfair conditions that the bunnies endured, including ass-grabbing and sexual harassment. After that article, conditions changed and she became a leader of what ass-grabbing guys called “women’s libbers.” The club’s opening is interesting timing in the age of renewed feminism.

According to The New York Post, a Brazilian based billionaire sold the former Playboy Club at 5 E. 59th St. to American real estate investors for $85 million! The store sits across from the Apple Store, one of the highest grossing stores in the world.

The new club will feature a lounge, dining room, game room, and a room full of eye candy Playboy Bunny waitresses and hostesses who will distract customers with the “Bunny Dip” as they eat, drink, and stare. The iconic Bunny costume, known as the “bunny suit”, will remain the same. It featured a fitted corset, (often stuffed for extra boobage with toilet paper in the late 1960’s before the age of breast implants), a collar, cuffs, bunny ears, and a round, fluffy tail.

The original Playboy Club opened in Chicago in 1960. This was followed by New York City’s Club opening in 1962, which closed in 1986. At one point there were over 40 clubs across the world. The Playboy Clubs  featured a “Living Room,” Dining Room, “Playmate Bar,” and a “Club Room” where famous entertainers like Sammy Davis Junior and Frank Sinatra would perform.

Today, there are Playboy Clubs in London, Hanoi, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Mumbai, Pune, India, and a café in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Playboy bunny costume endures as one of the most popular Halloween costumes of all time.

Bunnies learn the “Bunny Dip.”

Welcome to the Playboy Club.

What Features Do People Find Most Attractive?

A new study reveals what men and women and find most attractive about each other. The study was conducted by Dr. Felix, an online UK pharmacy that dispenses drugs and at-home STI tests — a great idea for online daters who wonder if their mystery date gave them Chlamydia. The study was conducted with Americans, ranging widely from 18-65.

The study asked “Have you ever wondered what makes you attractive to the opposite sex? While personality is obviously a huge factor, our survey looked at the top physical features that make us sexy. These physical preferences can change over age, location and even salary, so you can really see where your own body and your own preferences fit in.”

They study is hetero focused, but it would also be interesting to see what same-sex couples find attractive in each other. The “male response” on “most attractive feature” in a female was “face” with 46%. This was followed by “ass” with 18%. “Hair” came in third with 11%, legs was fourth with 9% and “boobs” came in a surprising fifth with 8%, so get your hair done ladies instead of your boobs.

When women were asked what they thought made a man attractive 24% said “chest”. This was followed by “hair” at 22%. As women got older, hair became more important to them and more of a turn-on, since hair becomes less as a man gets older. (Sorry for this; Mother nature sucks.)

The third most attractive body part for women was “arms” at 19%, followed by “ass” at 13%, and “V-cut” at 9% (the lower abdomen, which is the hardest part to keep in shape). My own favorite part of a man, “eyes” came in at a mere 3% and “face” at 2%. So in this study is a sex tip for guys; you can have a not so great face, but if you have a nice chest, good hair, muscular arms, a nice ass, and a hot V-cut you will get laid.

Women of higher income preferred abs and chest, while lower income women liked arms, presumably to go with those cut-off T-shirts and trucker hats. According to the study “Lower income men “preferred the ass.”

“Standing bravely alone,” they noted “Vermont is the only state with a male preference for boobs above all else – we may never know why.”

Geographically, women in California and Washington liked a nice chest while ladies in Florida were hoping for some hair. One state, Louisiana, found a man’s legs to be the state of hotness, y’all.

Have You Ever Tried A Swinger’s Cruise?

It’s a proven fact; sex while on vacation is hotter than sex anyplace else. That’s because you are excited to be away from home, you are more relaxed, and you don’t have to clean the room afterwards. But sex on a “sex cruise” while on vacation could be even more exciting.

Desire Resorts, a swinger’s cruise company that also runs the Desire Riviera Maya Resort, Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, and the Temptation Cancun Resort in Cancun offers some swinging cruises for “open-minded” couples who want to take their sex lives to a new, open level.

“Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, our seductive, clothing-optional sanctuary in the Mexican Caribbean, invites you to come with your partner to discover a world of deliciously erotic experiences,” says Dania Hernandez, sales manager for Desire Enterprises. “A paradise for couples only, this is the place to reinvent the meaning of passion, forget inhibitions and enjoy adventures that go beyond your imagination. With an architectural design that resembles an elegant villa and blends perfectly with its vibrant and tropical backdrop, our clothing-optional resort features guest rooms, suites and penthouses that have been provided with a balcony or terrace so that the only witness to those passionate encounters with your partner will be the breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.”

In other words, get naked if you want, have sex with other couples if you want, or just watch other people have sex and have sex with just each other if you want. Desire’s resorts, Hernandez said, offer a variety of adult-friendly activities for guests. The cruise offers “theme” nights such as “Venice Unveiled,” a masked ball where the dress code is “masks and lingerie” for women and “masks and cloaks” for men.

“At Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, you will find the most exciting, adult-oriented daily activities and nightly entertainment,” Hernandez said. “This sets the perfect scene for flirtatious encounters in your partner’s company, to meet other guests, as well as unparalleled opportunities to let loose.”

THe Barcelona-Rome Cruise will take place in April 2018. After departing Barcelona, the cruise will stop in Marseilles, France and Monte Carlo, Monaco before arriving in Italy.

The Venice Cruise will depart Venice, Italy on Sept. 26 and continue through Oct. 3. The cruise, which will stop in Croatia and Slovenia before returning to Venice, will feature a spa and salon, a fitness center, Wi-Fi, dining packages and onboard shops. The only thing you need to leave at home is your inhibitions.

Desire cruises hopes you will cruise to “ecstasy on the sea.”

Desire resorts will be at the SHE expo Feb 4 & 5th as an official sponsor.

Mary Tyler Moore: One of TV’s First “Career Girls”

Mary Tyler Moore died on Wednesday, but her 7-year television show, which ran from 1970-1977, shaped many little girl’s future careers. Mary Tyler Moore’s character “Mary Richards” was one of the first single, independent “career girls” on television. Her “sex and the single girl” character worked as an Associate News Producer on the local news in Minneapolis, in the middle of the women’s liberation movement.

The “Mary Tyler Moore” show was well written and witty, produced good one liners and made fun of men, in part due to the show’s female writers. One of the butts of the show was the Ted Baxter character, a handsome, but narcissistic, stuffy, and dim-witted news anchor, one of the funniest sit-com characters in TV history. (Ted Baxter: I’ve just been handed a bulletin: “You have something on your front tooth.”)

Susan Silver, one of the writers on the show told the New York Times that she and the other female writers on the show (rare in the 1970’s) said “Let’s get her some sex.” According to the Times, “Ms. Silver said there was no particular feminist agenda for the show. There was, however, an unheard-of number of female writers on it — well over a dozen in the show’s seven-season run that started in 1970. They were encouraged, she said, to write from their own experience, and to let Mary Richards’s proto-feminism derive “organically.”

“That made “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” a laboratory for the social issues of the day,” notes the Times’ Mary Jo Murphy, “which in some cases were being reflected for the first time on prime-time television. Sex, birth control, equal pay, workplace sexism, homosexuality — all took a turn on the show, and not from the bully pulpit but from the “girl” who could turn the world on with her smile.”

Mary Richards was 30-years-old at the start of the series. By the end of the series 7 years later, she was still single. If you missed the show, which was filled with “single girl humor” still relevant today, you can stream it on Itunes, Vudu, Amazon Video, and Hulu. The “Chuckles the Clown” episode is a classic, as is the one where Mary and her best friend Rhoda go to a Fraternity party and realize they are too old to be at a college party, and another where Mary’s first date takes his shirt off in a failed attempt to seduce her. (She tells him to put it back on.) The actress played her character with charm and great comedic timing. Mary Tyler Moore was 80.

Naked Yoga For Charity!

On January 28th, the Ali Forney Center in NYC — an amazing organization that provides support to homeless LGBT youth, is holding a naked yoga benefit! The $30 (over 18) event will teach a combination of Vinyasa yoga and Pilates, followed by meditation. The philosophy of nude yoga is “First, you free your body, then you move your body, and hopefully, maybe right away or maybe with a bit of time, you will learn to love your body,” they teach.

Don’t even think of taking the class with your clothes on as “Nudity is mandatory,” they say. “But women have the option to wear bottoms for any reason. Please note that having your menstrual cycle doesn’t necessitate wearing bottoms, as we don’t want menstruation to limit your attendance. For transgender participants: please make use of anything you require to affirm and support your gender, as we’ll defer to whatever “Naked!” means to you.”

Naked In Motion is an organization that “seeks to provide safe, inclusive spaces where people can exercise in the nude. NiM offers Naked! Yoga and Pilates classes in New York City to encourage body positivity and offer participants a unique experience of freedom. However, it’s about so much more than just getting naked in front of strangers. It’s an immersion in a counter-cultural social movement that challenges three important aspects of the status quo: a society that tells us our naked bodies are inherently shameful; media imagery and messages that asserts that only certain kinds of bodies are beautiful; and a patriarchal culture that values whiteness, heteronormativity, and cisnormativity.”

“And we’re challenging the very definition of “Naked!” in favor of equity, allowing women to wear bottoms for any reason and transgender participants to make use of anything they need to affirm their gender. Your body, just as it is right now, is awesome and deserves care and love. Not the body you used to have or the one you hope to achieve, but the one you’re in right this moment. And if you are trying to change parts of your body, that’s okay too, but we think that change will happen most effectively with an attitude of self-compassion, rather than the typical self-judgement we often adopt when trying to meet “fitness goals” in this modern age of exercise fanaticism.”

But there is still the burning, boning question: What happens if you have a penis and pop a boner? Their advice is to put a towel on it. “Whether they occur randomly or are sexually inspired, erections are almost always interpreted as the latter. If you get an erection during a group exercise, just ignore it, or take Child’s Pose. If you get an erection during social times before or after a class, please don a towel or clothing for coverage.”

And if you live near the Brooklyn, NY area and want to attend a fitness event and keep your clothes on, they have a soulcycle event on January 28th.

Lady Gaga shows some love by bringing gifts and leading the kids in group meditation.

New Dating App Uses LinkedIn To Get Laid

If you’re single and prefer to date people who actually have a job (as opposed to people “looking for work” who troll dating websites) check out BeLinked. The new dating app uses LinkedIn to hook you up. The new dating app weeds out the unemployed in favor of professionals who won’t send you a Venmo request to pay for half of your first date after the date. (The worst millennial dating trend of 2016, btw.)

“Tired of your date ‘accidentally’ leaving his wallet at home when you go out to dinner?” the app asks. “Not all men are created equal,” they note. “BeLinked focuses on matching high-quality people, and the dating app offers one simple requirement: Members must be employed, have a professional resume, or at least a job deserving of LinkedIn profile and work history.” BeLinked founder Max Fisher says “If you think we’re raising the bar too high, you may want to ask any fathers of daughters what they think.”

The CEO of the Brentwood, CA-based app believes that there should be at least a minimum bar of entry into the dating pool: Sure, attractiveness is important — and plenty of middle-of-the-bell curve dating apps let you find a mate based on looks — but BeLinked believes that gainful employment and a professional resume are more substantial than a pretty face. “We simply exclude the jobless and non-professionals of our society.”

Fischer explains: “We don’t care about some snobby Ivy League education, and we’re not trying to cater to creepy ‘sugar daddies’. Our mission is to provide a place where single professionals can meet and date other single professionals. Period. By leveraging the LinkedIn API, we can offer the world’s best dating pool. Unemployed = undatable.”

From a female perspective, the app is less creepy than many other apps where guys avoid the “What do you do for a living?” question, always a red flag when you’re trying to weed out the losers. And since everyone googles everyone anyway before the first date, you might as well put it out there. (Keep in mind, however, that anyone can put whatever they want on their LinkedIn profile. Like the “filmmaker” I met whose LinkedIn profile says he “went to Yale”, but admitted that he actually dropped out of Hoftra after one semester and went to a 2 week directing “intensive” during Yale’s summer school.)

“Let’s face it”, Fisher says: If you are unemployed, or “between jobs,” you really shouldn’t be spending your time dating.”