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Anka Radakovich is a legendary Sex Columnist, Sex Educator, Sexologist, Screenwriter, and Author of the new book THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, PART 2, Tales from New York to Hollywood. THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, Part 2 is her third book. Her first two books The Wild Girls Club; Tales from below the Belt, and Sexplorations; Journeys to the Erogenous Frontier were both published by Crown/Random House. She was the Sex Columnist for DETAILS Magazine for 9 years and is currently a Sex Columnist for BRITISH GQ and a writer for COSMOPOLITAN Magazine. Her writing has appeared in dozens of magazines including Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar, Redbook, Men's Journal, Seventeen, Glamour, and Maxim. She has appeared on numerous television shows including 8 appearances with Conan O’Brien. She was a Jeopardy question under the category “Men’s Mags.” As a Sex Educator and Sexologist, she is a college lecturer at Universities throughout the country who offers her unique brand of sex education. She lives in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @ankarad. @ankarad

New Study Reveals People Love Having Sex At Music Festivals

A new sex survey, conducted by the curious peeps at ticket broker tick pick says that music festival goers like to go at it at music festivals. The study, called “The most promiscuous music festivals, an overview of hookup culture at music festivals in America,” found that 50.2% of music festival attendees are “open to a weekend fling,” which means if you go to one you have a 50/50 chance of getting laid.

For cunnilingus and fellatio lovers, the survey also revealed that “46.4% of attendees have had oral sex with someone they just met.” No wonder tickets at these festivals sell out so fast.

The survey of 1,050 people found that the “top music festivals for oral sex” were Burning Man (28.2%), Electric Forest (20.9%), EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) (18.7%), Ultra (18.3%), Coachella (17.9%), Bonnaroo (17.9%), Austin City Limits (13.0%), SXSW (South by Southwest)(11.7%), Vans Warped Tour (8.4%), New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (7.8%), and iHeartRadio Music Festival (6.7%) Sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll, “licking the girl in the pink canoe,” and “sucking off the chrome from the trailer hitch.”

And if you’re wondering where exactly do people have music fest sex, the study revealed music festivals’ most romantic sex locations. The “top locations for sex, by people who’ve had festival sex” are 1) a tent (58.1%), 2) a car (48.4%), 3) “in a field” (28.4%), 4) in an RV or camper van (20.3%), 5) “in a crowd” (15.3%), in a port-or-potty” (9.4%), and 6) “in a dance tent”. (3.8%) I’m down to earth, but please, don’t ask me to do doggy in porto-a-potty.

Speaking of, position-wise, the survey asked “What is your preferred sexual position at a music festival?” Doggy style was #1 at 43.9%, “Standing Up was #2 at 20.5%, Cowgirl at 14.6%, Missionary at 12.6%, Reverse Cowgirl at 4.6%, 69 at 2.5%, and Spooning at 1.3%.

Testimonials included “I was with a girl I just met and I did her doggy style backstage during the concert.” (from one 28-year old lucky ass.) A 29-year old said “We snuck off into the field and has wild sex while people were passing by. It was fun, enticing, high adrenaline, and pure ectasy.” Forget the vacation to Disneyland; this sounds way better.

One festival go-ers sex tip said “The best place to have sex is during Bassnectar, in a hammock, hanging under the stage. The bass maximizes the pleasure.”

And for anyone planning to volunteer at such an event: “I was working as a volunteer at a music festival and had a girl flirting with me while working at the ticket booth. Later, I bumped into her and a friend at one of the sets. We sat together for the show and she started flirting with me, then rubbing on me, then eventually performed oral sex on me while the band was playing. Her friend was watching the whole time.”

Photo courtesy of tickpick.

Netflix To Air New Dramedy Series Called “Sex Education”

Gillian Anderson will star as a Sex Therapist in a new series called “Sex Education.” The coming of age series will air on Netflix in 2019. The official longline of the series goes like this: “Meet Otis Thompson – a socially awkward high school virgin who lives with his mother, a Sex Therapist. Surrounded by manuals, videos and tediously open conversations about sex, Otis is a reluctant expert on the subject. When his home life is revealed at school, Otis realizes that he can use his specialist knowledge to gain status. He teams up with Maeve, a whip-smart bad-girl, and together they set up an underground sex therapy clinic to deal with their fellow students’ weird and wonderful problems. Through his analysis of teenage sexuality, Otis realizes he may need some therapy.”

According to film trade magazine Variety “The show was created by Laurie Nunn, an emerging writer-director, and will be directed by Ben Taylor (“Catastrophe”). Jamie Campbell and Joel Wilson, co-founders of British Indie production company Eleven, will executive produce. “It pretends to be a show about sex but it’s actually a romantic and funny show about love,” according to Campbell.

“It’s an antidote to shows that present the teenage experience of sex as super humanly confident and experimental. Our characters have an endless supply of sexual problems that need to be solved. Otis has the expertise to provide the answers, but has problems of his own, starting with the fact that he’s never had sex himself.”

“It’s unflinching in its treatment of sex, but it’s not gratuitous. We want to move on the conversation about attitudes towards sex and identity.” We need more shows like this!

Asa Butterfield, whose credits include Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar ChildrenEnder’s Game, and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas will star as the teenage boy. It was announced this week that Gillian Anderson, of The X-Files will star as the Sex Therapist. The series will start production this spring and will be on the air in early 2019. The X-Files will cease production with Anderson as its star. Anderson turns 50 this year and looks as sexy as ever.

Cindy Holland, Vice President of original content at Netflix said “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Eleven to bring ‘Sex Education’ – a  distinctive, fresh and witty examination of the universally awkward teenage experience – to our members around the world.”

And what the world needs now is more sex education.

World’s Largest Orgy Planned For June 2nd

Vegas baby! How about an orgy in Vegas baby? For anyone who wants to go to Las Vegas, here’s an event way more entertaining than watching a live magic show: a live, massive, magical orgy! Pass the lube.

The giant sex party is being thrown my Menage Life, a swinger’s organization and website. The invitation reads “On Saturday, June 2, 2018 join us at Sin City 8 as Menage Life attempts to break the world record for the largest orgy in human history! The current (documented) record is 500 people (250 couples) and was set in Japan in 2007.”

Couples will pay $200.00, and single women $25.00. No single men are allowed in.
“Everyone must have a partner to participate in the world record attempt, no exceptions,” they say. But they also say “You can play with just them or whoever you want, providing their is established mutual consent.” (The organization will provide “orgy monitors.”) “Anyone violating the consent of another guest will be ejected immediately along with the group.” And group sex it will be! “The more the merrier,” they say. “Bring all your favorite play partners and let’s boogie.” Instead of a wine tasting weekend, people will be “wife tasting.”

Accommodations include “22 queen size beds, designated areas for cuddle pillow piles, yoga mats available for use, over 2,000 condoms, lube, baby wipes, tissues, towels, bottled water, breath fresheners, sexy swag, and roaming supply carts.” Wow, these people know how to party.

And what if you don’t want to end up on someone’s Instagram page with someone else’s husband? “Because of possible media attention, they say “we are making the world attempt a masquerade. A very erotic masquerade. Think Eyes Wide Shut. All guests will be provided with a mask or are welcome to bring their own.”

The event is part of a larger five-day sex weekend which includes a Playboy Mansion themed pool party as a tribute to Hugh Hefner, bondage workshops, and sex toy demonstrations. Organizers say they anticipate over 1,000 people and hope to “blow” the previous attempt of 500 people “out of the water.”

A spokesperson for the Guinness Book of World Records stated that the organization didn’t want to anything to do with the massive sexfest.

“This is sin city after all,” says Menage Life. We invite you to make history for this monumental event.” We’re just wondering what the pick-up lines at this thing would be. (“Hi, take my wife please! And I’ll take yours!”)

Photo courtesy of MenageLife.


Give (Or Buy) Mom A Massage For Mother’s Day: She Deserves It!

If you have no idea what to get your mother, your wife, or your lover who is a Mother, trust me, she will love a massage. If you don’t want or know how to give a good one, you can always buy her one. “I hate a deeply relaxing, healing massage,” said no woman ever.

Groupon is the greatest place to buy a massage, that in some cases, would normally cost $100-$200. Every city has Groupon, but check this one out on the Los Angeles Groupon for example, a one-hour massage “Swedish Deep Tissue Combination” massage is only $36.50! Perfect if you’re a cheapskate! And the combination foot massage and body massages on Groupon look heavenly! And for the mothers-to-be, there are “pre-natal” massages.

Or go for a “couples massage” like this 60-minute-Couple’s Aromatherapy massage  in New York City that usually goes for $130.00 for $56.00. Afterwards you can go to the Tokyo room, “where duos can slip into a tub brimming with rose petals and sip red wine.”


For those lovers out there who want to go the “erotic massage” route, you might want to bone up on your technique first with an online erotic massage course from Loveology University that teaches you the “art of loving rubbing,” which sounds absolutely lovely. The course covers “vulva massage” and the different types of touch. There are several massage techniques including stroking, rubbing, and kneading, and “smoothing”. And as a lover you wanna be “smoove.”

Or check out a massage technique book, like this one, called Sensual Massage for Couples.  Massage is used in the Tantric Sex, as not only a pre-sex relaxation technique, but as a bonding technique to re-connect couples emotionally. This book, Tantric Massage: Sensual Massage With Illustrated Massage Techniques illustrates specific ways to “ease stress and worry less in the bedroom with Tantra techniques”, “view 10 sensual massage techniques”, and “explore new boundaries and sensuality with tantra massage.”

Fun fact: during the swinging 60’s, the swinger’s big technique for relaxing the ladies (along with hot tubs) was the erotic massage. The swingers knew what they were doing, so if you want sexy time to be sexier, give your partner a sexy, loving massage. And if you’re lucky, they will massage you back, and give you a “Happy Ending.”

In the meantime, give the mother in your life the gift of the power of touch. Happy Mother’s Day!

Liberated: A Documentary About The College Hookup Culture

Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution is a story that needs to be told. The enlightening documentary sheds some light on the college hookup culture during Spring Break in Panama City, Florida. Available now, exclusively on Netflix, the film is making the rounds of the college lecture circuit. Hopefully, the film will lead to an open discussion of the hook-up culture, which seems to work really great for the guys, but not so much for the girls.

The film follows the journey of college students gone wild during Spring Break, and the way young guys behave in the film towards women is scary. Apparently, these guys got their sex education by watching hardcore gang bang porn.

As someone who does the college lecture circuit myself, discussing consent and the current state of dating, “non-dating”/hooking-up, and relationships, I found myself asking the whole time while watching this illuminating film, “What the hell happened to feminism?” The college boys depicted in the doc look like they have de-evolved into cavemen. Apparently, according to teenage hook-up culture, being a gentleman is no longer considered cool.

A telling comment from one of the doc’s subjects: “The more intoxicated they are,” the more likely they are to let you motorboat them,” says one clueless frat bro. (My Mother just asked me what motorboat meant, and I told her its when a drunk guy put his lips between you boobs and moves his head back and forth. “What does the girl get out of that?” she asked. Exactly.)

At one point while watching the film’s more horrifying, groping party scenes, I also found myself thinking that the only feminism we have left is telling a man on the spot to stop being such a dominating a-hole when they are acting like one, and to not do anything on their terms. Oh, and just say no to going to Spring Break.

“It is an honest and raw depiction of this casual sex environment where sexual violation has become normal,” says the director Benjamin Nolot.” Liberated widens the view of today’s hookup culture by examining the role of pop-culture in shaping conceptions of gender and sexuality.” Somewhere in the education of young men in our world, how to treat women with respect didn’t make it into the curriculum.

What I found most interesting, because I already knew that dudes on Spring Break try to bang as many chicks as possible, was the lack of self-esteem of the young women, averaging 18-21, which seemed pretty low. During one scene, a bikini contest where women twerk to get applause and beads from the binge-drinking bros, the M.C. of the contest actually sexually harasses the reluctant girls into taking their tops off, in a mass group chant of “Take it off!” Although on the surface it looks like the frat bros are having fun, its all at the girl’s expense, and looks very rapey.

Afterwards the filmmakers interview the girls who participated in the archaic sexist contest, and asked them what they liked about it. The girls said that it made them feel great, sexy, and even empowered, which is so twisted considering they are being demeaned while it was all happening. One girl even said “I felt famous!” a revealing statement about valuing attention, instant gratification, and “fame” above dignity, self-esteem, and true female empowerment.

Sociologists, Psychologists, and College Professors weigh in on the social phenomena, which makes the raw footage seem even more powerful. According to them, like Instagram, the women who are twerking their asses and shaking their boobs for the bros, are mistaking attention and “likes” for female “empowerment.”

Kudos to pro-women Director Nolot for a great documentary, and for shedding light on the anti-feminist annual ritual that is Spring Break. Check out the trailer here at


Study Says Older People Still Have Sexy Sex!

Here’s something to look forward to. A study of people aged 65-80 found that 73% of they “have a romantic partner” and continue to get it on as they get older. Don’t stop we say, keep doin’ it at any age!

The University of Michigan’s “National Poll on Healthy Aging” study in association with AARP surveyed 1002 people and asked them their level of sexual activity, the quality and satisfaction level, and who they turned to for sex advice.

31% of the women surveyed said they were “sexually active,” (getting laid) while 51% of men said the same. One of the sadder findings for the ladies was that while 50% of the men said they were “extremely” or “very” interested in sex, only 12% of the women used those words.

So this might explain why “Granny porn” is the #3 most “watched and rented” genre, according to AVN’s porn purchasing data. Apparently, Grampa still wants some action. Maybe porn producers need to make some hot “Silver Fox” Older Dude Grampa porn for the ladies.

AVN’s weekly list of most purchases porn.

According to AARP magazine, “This survey just confirms that the need for and interest in sexual intimacy doesn’t stop at a certain age,” says Alison Bryant, senior vice president of research for AARP. “Although most older adults say that they would talk with their doctor about sexual concerns, health care providers should routinely be asking all of their older patients about their sexual health and not assume that bringing up the issue will offend or embarrass them.” 62% of respondents said they would talk to their doctor if they felt they had a sexual issue relating to their health, but noted that they had to bring the subject up, rather than their doctor. The survey suggests that maybe its time for doctors to start asking people how their sex lives are going.

More than half of those surveyed also report that sex is important to their quality of life. “Sex and sexual health among older adults doesn’t get much attention but is linked closely to quality of life, health and well-being,” says Erica Solway, University of Michigan’s co-associate director of the poll.

“By tapping into the perspectives of older adults from throughout the United States, we are bringing the public’s voice to matters that affect the health and well-being of older adults and their families,” said Dr. Preeti Malani,University of Michigan Professor and Director of The National Poll on Health.
The full survey results are available here.
Photo by ARRP Magazine.

May Is “Masturbation Month” And Lube Makes “Making The Gravy” More Fun

May is “National Masturbation Month,” and we encourage everyone to celebrate “a date with Mrs. Parker’s Five Daughters.” Masturbation is fun, and “spanking the monkey,” “fighting the purple helmet warrior,” “rubbing the pink canoe,” “taking your turn at the self-serve station,” and “beating the shit out of your midget friend,” is America’s most relaxing pastime.

National Masturbation Month was created to “promote sex-positive attitudes toward the practice of erotic self-stimulation.” It began in 1994, when Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders was fired from her position for saying that the kids should masturbate, rather than jump into riskier forms of sex. Good thinkin’ cuz teenage kids don’t know what they’re doing anyway.

In 1995, Good Vibrations crowned May 7th as “National Masturbation Day” as a protest and the entire month of May became National Masturbation Month. In 1999, the “Masturbate-a-Thon” was sponsored by Good Vibrations, all for charity, of course. The winner, a major wanker from Japan, not only won the coveted title, but the Guinness world record for number of hours masturbating as well. Talk about having too much time on your hands.

To make masturbation more fun, we suggest using lube. A recent sex survey conducted by Skyn Condoms found that 70% of people who used lube found sex with themselves or with someone else, to be more satisfying. Lube makes playing with yourself more “smoove.”

Skyn’s “Maximum Performance,” for example is silicone based, not greasy, and lasts for as long as you do, even if that’s only two minutes, which is all good if you’re doing yourself.

According to the Wicked Sensual Xare Ultra line, “Silicone-based lubricants, such as items from the Wicked Sensual Care Ultra line, stay on the skin’s surface and are not easily dissolved or dispersed in water. Consequently, they create excellent slip-and-slide, last longer than water-based products and are ideal for intimate moments in the shower, bath, and beyond. They are tasteless, fragrance-free, do not contain glycerin or parabens, and offer an intensely luxurious, slippery smooth feel.”

There are also flavored lubes, “arousing” lubes that stimulate the clitoris with cinnamon, mint, or arginine, as well as cannabis-infused lubes, like the highly recommended Foria, which is a game changer in the lube world. I tried it and yes, it totally got “the little lady down there” stoned. The cannabis oil relaxed “it” so that is was more sensitive to the touch, heightened the sensations, and made sex with myself an even more fun experience. Next I just have to try it with someone other than myself.

6 Out 10 People Say First Time Sex With Someone New Sorta Sucks

A survey of 2,000 people conducted by Pure Romance — a company known for in-home sensual party products, found that 6 out of 10 people said that first time sex was awkward, disappointing, or just plain “bad.” Congrats to the other 40% who really enjoyed themselves!

For both men and women “bad sex” meant no orgasm, with women reporting no big O 57% of the time and men 41%. Both men and women complained about first time sex happening so fast that it was over before it even started. And no foreplay, what happened to that? About a third of men and women complained that they went downtown on the other person and their (selfish) new lover didn’t reciprocate! (Just have to point to “it” I say.)

One thing men thought made first-time sex suck was whiskey dick, while the ladies were grossed out by “dirty sheets”, something the whiskey dick dudes were too drunk to notice.

The survey asked men and women what they worried about before, during, and after sex, and what they thought made for “bad sex.” Men worried most about pleasing their partner, lasting more than two minutes, giving their partner an orgasm, whether their body would turn off the other person, and whether they would get an STD.

Women worried most about whether their body was sexy enough, whether they would please their partner, whether they would get an STD, whether they would be perceived as being adventurous enough, and whether they would feel anxious trying out new positions.

While all of these concerns are totally legitimate, once you’re actually in the middle of doing it with someone new, you have to think “relax, its just sex” — and stop sucking in your stomach so hard you can’t breath.

It’s interesting to see that men are just as worried about whether their naked body will make their new partner call the whole thing off just as much as women were.

The good news here is that both men and women were willing to try it again, at an average of 4.5 times. So for everyone who didn’t get an orgasm the first time, fifth time is the charm.

The 5 First-Time Sex Things Men Worry About 

Will I please my partner?: 55 percent
Will I last long enough?: 47 percent
Will my partner have an orgasm?: 40 percent
Does my body look okay?: 31 percent
Will I get an STD?: 29 percent

Top 5 First-Time Sex Things Women Worry About

Will my body turn him on?: 65 percent
Will I please my partner?: 45 percent
Will I get an STD?: 35 percent
Will he think I’m not being adventurous enough?: 26 percent
Will he want to experiment with different positions?: 22 percent

Top 5 Things Men Think Means Bad Sex

I didn’t have an orgasm: 41 percent
There was no foreplay: 36 percent
Partner wants guy to go downtown on them but won’t reciprocate: 29 percent
It happened too fast: 29 percent
Whiskey dick: 29 percent

Top 5 Things Women Think Makes For Bad First-Time Sex

No foreplay: 57 percent
Everything happened way too fast: 44 percent
He had an orgasm, but I didn’t: 44 percent
Two words: Dirty sheets: 37 percent
He wanted me to go down on him but wouldn’t reciprocate: 33 percent

AVN Awards (“The Oscars of Porn”) To Air On Showtime April 28th

The 2018 AVN awards will be broadcast on Showtime on April 28th. Known as “The Oscars of Porn”, (only more stimulating), the throbbing awards ceremony gives out awards ranging from “Best New Starlet” to “Best Group Sex Scene,” and yes, everyone in the “group” gets an award.

Photo by Dan Miller, courtesy AVN.

As someone who attended the show, I can say that its totally worth watching. Its an interesting peek into the world of porn, and I am always reminded of the refreshing lack of sexual shame porn performers have. When the “Best Comedy” award went to Joanna Angel for her movie Jews Love Black Cock, she accepted the award with “Thank you. I’m a Jew and I like black cock.” 

Photo by Rick Garcia/IndustrybyRick, courtesy AVN.

This guy, Markus Dupree, who looks like the cute boy next door, is now a major porn star with 22 AVN nominations and a win for “Best Male Performer of the Year.” The 29-year-old native of St. Petersburg, Russia, “who lived with his grandmother as a teen,” notes Dan Miller of AVN,  started his porn career in 2007 and thanked his director Chris Streams, saying that no one wanted to shoot him when he first landed in LA in August, 2015.

Porn legend/”Italian Stallion” Rocco Siffredi won for “Best Foreign Performer”, and told me that he accepted the spokesman gig for the Satisfyer– a sex toy that “guarantees” women’s orgasms, because he has been “in 1,800 movies, been with 5,000 women, and knows how to give a woman an orgasm.” Thank God someone knows what he’s doing. 

Photo by Rick Garcia/IndustrybyRick, courtesy AVN.

If you want to watch some smokin’ hot sex, watch these two performers perform. Aussie Angela White swept the awards with 14 wins, and when she won “Female Performer of the Year she thanked she thanked Manuel Ferrera for “allowing me to be vulnerable,” which strangely turned me right on sitting there in my seat.

The handsome Ferrara, according to AVN, “is from Gagny, France, was studying to be a physical education teacher when he found porn, and has performed in more than 1900 movies in his 20-year career.” Wow, I wish my phys ed teacher looked like this stud.  

Check out the show’s trailer on featuring porn stars Mick Blue, Katie Morgan, Allie Haze, Aspen Ray, Elsa Jean, and Gina Valentina who all comment on various sex toys. One toy looks like a cross between a dildo and a drill, and not only looks like it could give someone orgasms, but could install a couple of shelves.

The show will air on Showtime on April 28th, and on Showtime’s On Demand after that. It’s perfect for a night on the couch with someone you want to get it on the couch with.



Seattle Erotic Art Festival Celebrates The Sexy

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival celebrates the sexy, the erotic, and looks like our idea of a good time! From spoken word and live erotic performances, to live drawing classes and parties at night, the fun fest will be held April 27th-29th.
Aerial and bondage performances will give you a few thrilling ideas to try later at home, and you can even get naked and get your body painted, if you dare. And there is an masked event where people feed each other chocolate truffles that looks interesting. And a “sex and weed” lecture” by sexpert Chelsea Cebara. 
Tickets are available for purchase online in advance or at the door. Check out the schedule below…

Thursday, April 26th, 2018 | 8PM–10PM

Artists’ Reception – by special invitation only for Artists, Art Activists, and Sponsors

FRIDAY, APRIL 27TH, 2018 | 6PM—1AM

To be enjoyed all hours: Visual Art Gallery, Interactive Installations, Audio Erotic, and the Festival Store.

6:30-7:00PM Guided Art Tour & Lecture with Andi S.

Exploring masculine body image from a non-binary perspective.

6:30-7:30PM Accepted Literary Artists’ Presentation – Reading

Accepted artists read works accepted into the 2018 Anthology.

6:30-8:00PM Song Bird – Interactive Performance

For the price of a pretty bauble, a Song Bird will sing to you, and only you, drawing you in with a song to stir your spirit before releasing you back into the crowd.

7:00PM Guided Art Tour with Festival Director, Sophia Iannicelli

Hear the stories behind why the art was chosen.

7:00PM-8:00PM  Alyssa Taubin – Interactive Performance

Pole instruction and demo Aerial & Bondage Stage.

7:00-11:00PM  The Mistress Is In – Interactive Installation

Mistress Matisse and the other beauties of Velvet Swing answer your questions and sex advice. Near the Bar.

7:30PM-8:30PM Lowa De Boom Boom presents: The Nearly Naked Truth: KINKED

Featuring: Briq House, Magnoliah Black, Tas Deville, Lowa De Boom Boom.

8:30PM-11:30PM Ambient Performances

Look for intimate and surprise performances throughout the venue.

8:30PM Writers Wanderlust – Spoken-word Guided Art Tour

Spoken word performances by Festival 2018 and Guest Literary Artists, inspired by the exhibition art. Starting at the Literary Lair.

8:30-9:00PM  Endza and Jesse Sparkles – Performance

Using needles, impact, and a tie, this performance is a meditation on the suffering of the individual as the rise of the technocratic class makes Seattle unlivable for everyone else.

8:00-9:15PM  Painting Parlour – Body Painting

Experience the erotic thrill of painting the naked human form. Paint by numbers or paint a pattern. The truly daring can become a canvas themselves! In Aaaahz!

9:00PM-10:00PM  The Luminous Pariah presents:Ascending from the Aviary

Featuring: The Luminous Pariah, Valtesse, Imani Sims, Shanghai Pearl.

9:00-11:00PM  From Drawing to Sculpture by Ronnie Werner

Watch the artist sculpt a nude model, live. Orders for the finished art available exclusively in the Festival store.

9:00PM-12:00AM  Aerial & Bondage Performances

Featuring: Shelby; Don; Stellaxluna & Paisley; BlkStar & Hummingbird.

9:30-10:45PM  Aphrodesia

Sample a tasting menu of sensual aphrodisiacs that you can succulently savor with a partner. Try it without looking. And please, play with your food! Requires additional activity ticket available here.

10:30-11:30PM  The Black Tones – Live Music

A goody bag of BLUES, PUNK and BLACK POWER!

10:45PM-12:00AM  Hot Chocolate – A sexy ice breaker

Our newest event is a sexy, anonymous, “ice breaker.” In Hot Chocolate, as masked participants find a new, or old, friend and feed them a chocolate truffle in any one of a number of creative ways. Use consent and your imagination.

11:30PM-1:00AM DJ

Featuring Mariu5. On the DJ Stage.

1AM Doors Close

SATURDAY, 28TH, 2018 | 12PM—2AM

To be enjoyed all hours: Visual Art Gallery, Interactive Installations, Audio Erotic, and the Festival Store.

Noon-6PM Gallery Hours 18+ Valid ID required.

1:00-3:00PM Rope Art Salon – with Life Drawing

A Beyond Nude life drawing session, a la Rm. 1618. Drawing supplies provided or bring your own. In the Studio.

2:00PM  A Kink In The Cure – Performance

A performance piece centered in the world of sexual trauma, kink, and BDSM in the style of “The Vagina Monologues.”

2:00-2:30PM Guided Art Tour & Lecture with Andi S.

Exploring masculine body image from a non-binary perspective.

2:00pm  What is erotic? – Jessica Lee

Conversation Corner in the Literary Lair.

3:00PM-6:00PM  Bondage Performances

Featuring: Panda & Subtlybound; Nick & Paisley; Agent 99 & Jesi.

4:00PM Guided Art Tour & Lecture with Guest Curator, Claire Koenig

A History of John-Franklin Koenig and how his travel and sexuality influenced his art.

4:00-4:45PM Song Bird – Interactive Performance

For the price of a pretty bauble, a Song Bird will sing to you, and only you, drawing you in with a song to stir your spirit before releasing you back into the crowd.

5:00PM Writers Wanderlust – Spoken-word Guided Art Tour

Spoken word performances by Festival 2018 and Guest Literary Artists, inspired by the exhibition art.

6:00PM-7:00PM  Alyssa Taubin – Interactive Performance

Pole instruction and demo Aerial & Bondage Stage.

6:15-7:15PM Dr. Bettina Judd and Briq House – Guest Speakers

Briq House and Dr. Bettina Judd will discuss Black Feminism, Black women in Sex work, and dimensions of Black Female Pleasure.

6:30-8:00PM Song Bird – Interactive Performance

For the price of a pretty bauble, a Song Bird will sing to you, and only you, drawing you in with a song to stir your spirit before releasing you back into the crowd.

7:00PM Writers Wanderlust – Spoken-word Guided Art Tour

Spoken word performances by Festival 2018 and Guest Literary Artists, inspired by the exhibition art.

7:00PM-8:30PM  Aerial & Bondage Performances

Featuring: Don; Christina; Shay & BathTubSiren.

7:00-11:00PM  The Mistress Is In – Interactive Installation

Mistress Matisse and the other beauties of Velvet Swing answer your questions and sex advice.

7:15-8:30PM  Painting Parlour – Body Painting

Experience the erotic thrill of painting the naked human form. Paint by numbers or paint a pattern. The truly daring can become a canvas themselves.

7:30-8:30PM  Alyza DenPan Monley presents:A Mouthful of of Mouthfeel

Featuring: Mother Tongue, Princess Bubblecum, Virtue of Sin, Salty Licks.

7:30-8:30PM Kamari Bright – Spoken Word & More

Join published poet and 2018 Jack Straw Writer, Kamari Bright, as she enlists the help of special guest, Chef Tarik Abdullah, to delve into the intimacy of food. Kamari will be reading from her book, “Emergence,” as well as performing new poems written to complement Abdullah’s sultry surprise dish which will be composed live.

8:00PM Photography- is it art anymore? –Guided Art Tour & Lecture with John Santerineross

A discussion on the changing world views on photography as a fine art.

8:30PM-11:30PM Ambient Performances

Look for intimate and surprise performances throughout the venue.

8:30-9:00PM Aerial & Bondage Performance Showcase

Featuring: Myles Higher; Shay Tiziano and Bath Tub Siren; Panda and SubtlyBound.

8:30-9:00PMLove & Lust in the Jade Pavilion – Art Lecture with Doreen Russell

Expand your cultural perceptions and indulge your wanderlust. Madam Mings returns to SEAF this year with tantalizing Asian erotic pleasures and curiosities.

8:45-10:00PM  Aaaahmazingly Racy

Season 2 of Aaaahmazingly Racy is coming Saturday night only. Once again, you will perform challenges to earn clues that take you on a tour throughout SEAF. Become part of our “ambient experience” as you race to the finish line where treats await.

9:00PM  Guided Art Tour with Jim Duvall

Join SEAF founder and Master of Erotic Art, Jim Duvall to hear their thoughts about their creative process and the art of the festival.

9:00PM-10:00PM  Namii presents:Bois of a Feather

Featuring: Namii, TAQUEET$, Britt, Dom, Lanette, D’Dynasty, Anastacia Renee, Danni Cassette.

9:00-11:00PM  From Drawing to Sculpture by Ronnie Werner

Watch the artist sculpt a nude model, live.

9:00PM-12:00AM  Bondage Performances

Featuring: TheAdmiral & Agent 99; Stellaxluna & alittlespicey; BlkStar & Hummingbird.

10:00PM-11:00PM Vamp and Sole Shoe Contest Registration

A friendly “best dressed below the knees” with multiple prizes & different categories of footwear.

10:30-11:30PM  Carnival of Delights – Sensation Play

Push your inner erotic being to the edge with some toys designed to get you going with a collection of sensations. And, don’t let your clothes get in the way!

11:00PM-2AM Dance Party

Featuring: Nark, DJ Sharlese, Arson


To be enjoyed all hours: Visual Art Gallery, Interactive Installations, Audio Erotic, and the Festival Store.

1:00-2:00PM Visual Art Jury Discussion Panel

Festival Director, Visual Art Jurors and Curators share the process of assembling the art to make up the exhibitions.

2:00PM Guided Art Tour with members of the Visual Art Jury

Continue the conversation of the jury’s thoughts on the selected art.

2:30-3:00PMLove & Lust in the Jade Pavilion – Art Lecture with Doreen Russell

Expand your cultural perceptions and indulge your wanderlust. Madam Mings returns to SEAF this year with tantalizing Asian erotic pleasures and curiosities.

2:30-3:00PMCannabis & Sex – Lecture with Chelsea Cebara

Combining sex and weed is certainly nothing new, but the recent wave of legalization has relaxed the stigma around cannabis and vastly expanded the options for incorporating it into your sex life. Learn about various strains, products, and safety tips.