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A Message From Dr. Ava Cadell, Founder of Sexpert.com

Dr Ava in Living Room

Welcome to Sexpert.com!

I created this website to share my wealth of knowledge about sex and relationships, and to offer a forum for all my fellow experts to publish their insights as well. The field of Sexology is exploding with new talent, fresh ideas, and useful information that is helping people and couples every day to live richer, more fulfilling sexual lives. I pledge to you that Sexpert.com will be at the cutting edge of this movement, publishing pieces that make you think, keep you safe, and challenge you to increase the joy and pleasure in your life.

Legendary sex columnist Anka Radakovich heads up the Sex in the News section, reporting on real world discoveries, whether it’s unusual sexual antics from somewhere around the globe, or breaking news in sexual politics. I’m thrilled to have her on board to make sure we bring you the “best of” sex news.  She will also be taking her reporting on the road when she goes on college speaking tours giving Sexpert.com an exclusive scoop from the front lines of college campuses, the current trends in sexual culture, and more!

My editor-in-chief, author and filmmaker Paula Tiberius, is deftly managing a stellar group of sexologists and relationship specialists who each have their own profile page where their writings collect. Look for the list of ‘Sexperts’ in the middle column of the home page to click on any name, and meet an expert in the field such as the renowned Annie Sprinkle or the groundbreaking Dr. Ebony Utley.

Since sex and entertainment go so well together, we’re created a ‘Sextainment‘ section that will feature movies, music, comedy and celebrity sex talk that will keep you talking about what’s sexy and hot on the screen and stage. And lest we forget about reading, we’ve got a Sexy Books section with free excerpts, reviews, author profiles and more to keep you up to date on trends in romance fiction, erotica and non-fiction books about relationships and sex. If you have a book that you’d like us to review, let us know!

Sex education is something that most sexologists are passionate about, which is why at Sexpert.com, we strive to offer a Sex Education section that answers any question an inquiring mind might have. My own Loveology University is a vast resource of education materials, so I am directing readers to e-books, courses and other materials that will be helpful, as well as offering a growing library of free content on the site itself, written by myself and many other sexologists. In this section, you can take a fun quiz with great advice at the end, brush up on sex skills and find out where to learn more.

A site about sex wouldn’t be complete without sex toys! Our Sex Toys section is a mix of reviews and tips and facts, and many links to our fabulous sponsor, www.sextoy.com, who shares our desire to see the world become more educated about sex! Vibrators, lubricants, sex furniture, BDSM gear, lingerie – we’re covering it all and looking forward to input from readers about what to review next.

Take your time exploring what we have to offer and come back often to see what’s new!

Live to Love,

Dr. Ava